22 Magnificent Rangoli Designs for Diwali

Laying rangoli in the floor is one of the oldest customs that many people practice as part of the celebration of Diwali. Basically, diwali rangoli designs are drawn using colored rice flour to create magnificent shapes and patterns. Artists can use different elements of Diwali like flowers and diyas to accentuate their rangoli designs. Here are some of the best rangoli designs for diwali that you can try your home.

Rangoli Designs for Diwali #1


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Rangoli Designs for Diwali #2


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Rangoli Designs for Diwali #3


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Rangoli Designs for Diwali #4


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Rangoli Designs for Diwali #5


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Rangoli Designs for Diwali #6


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Rangoli Designs for Diwali #7


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Rangoli Designs for Diwali #8


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Rangoli Designs for Diwali #9


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Rangoli Designs for Diwali #10


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Rangoli Designs for Diwali #11


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Rangoli Designs for Diwali #12


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Rangoli Designs for Diwali #13


Rangoli Designs for Diwali #14


Rangoli Designs for Diwali #15


Rangoli Designs for Diwali #16


Rangoli Designs for Diwali #17


Rangoli Designs for Diwali #18


Rangoli Designs for Diwali #19


Rangoli Designs for Diwali #20


Rangoli Designs for Diwali #21


Rangoli Designs for Diwali #22

Collection of hundreds of Free Rangoli Designs from all over the world.

20 Awesome Rangoli Designs for Competition

Whether you’re looking for inspiration of rangoli design competitions or simply want to be amazed to these wonderful rangoli creations, this collection of rangoli designs are perfect for you. Here we collected some of the best and most wonderful rangoli designs for competitions, for special occasions like Diwali. Enjoy!

Rangoli Designs for Competition #1


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Rangoli Designs for Competition #2

Rangoli Designs for Competition #3

Rangoli Designs for Competition #4

Rangoli Designs for Competition #5


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Rangoli Designs for Competition #6


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Rangoli Designs for Competition #7


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Rangoli Designs for Competition #8


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Rangoli Designs for Competition #9

Rangoli Designs for Competition #10


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Rangoli Designs for Competition #11


Rangoli Designs for Competition #12


Rangoli Designs for Competition #13


Rangoli Designs for Competition #14


Rangoli Designs for Competition #15


Rangoli Designs for Competition #16


Rangoli Designs for Competition #17


Rangoli Designs for Competition #18


Rangoli Designs for Competition #19


Rangoli Designs for Competition #20


18 Very Simple Rangoli Designs For Beginners to Start With

If you are just starting to make your very first rangoli design, you may want to work on designs with simple and less intricate patterns. Most of simple rangoli designs comprise less complicated shapes and colors. So for beginners and for kids who want to try their very first rangoli, here are some simple and easy rangoli designs for you to try!

Simple Rangoli Designs #1


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Simple Rangoli Designs #2


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Simple Rangoli Designs #3


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Simple Rangoli Designs #4

Simple Rangoli Designs #5


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Simple Rangoli Designs #6


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Simple Rangoli Designs #7


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Simple Rangoli Designs #8


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Simple Rangoli Designs #9


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Simple Rangoli Designs #10


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Simple Rangoli Designs #11


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Simple Rangoli Designs #12


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Simple Rangoli Designs #13


Simple Rangoli Designs #14


Simple Rangoli Designs #15


Simple Rangoli Designs #16


Simple Rangoli Designs #17


Simple Rangoli Designs #18




30 Spectacular Nail Design Ideas and Nail Arts with Pictures

Nail designs aren’t just simple little mood-boosters that women do in their spare time. It is an art. Women have been passionate about keeping their nails up to fashion since the modernization of man. From simple enamel to dye from Henna plants, nail art has gone a long way.

Women have given their nails color and style either as an indicator of their social status or as a symbol to communicate between subcultures. Nail polish is relatively inexpensive compared to other cosmetics so anyone can apply some flair to their nails. Since women have lovely long fingers, adding a splash of color will enhance them. The nail design that you choose will speak volumes of your personality.

Cute Nail Designs


Image source: oh-elle.com

Bubbly gals who want to add a special cutesy touch to their nails should remember to go for bright colors. Consider soft colors too; solid colors are too overpowering. You want your nails to look tastefully feminine or even flirty and fun. Think pink for the classic design. Using a variety of colors is also recommended if you want to add some more spice.

Easy Nail Designs


Image source: zhila.net

If you’re pressed for time or not particularly artsy, simple and easy nail designs are for you. Gentle tones like lavender or jade look great on their own, though adding your own personal touches would be better. Bolder colors are perfect if you want to accentuate your nails. Fiery red or jet black are ideal for punky-cool girls on the go. While the simple but classic French tip is perfect for ladies looking for a neat and simple design with a touch of elegance.

Nail Polish Designs

If you really want to stand out, try adding in some intricate designs on your nails. Simple shapes or complex little caricatures will look great if done carefully and steadily. Try setting a theme to balance the designs. Your nails will have that extra “oomph!” that will get you through the day.

Acrylic Nail Designs


Image source: pinterest.com



Acrylic nail polish is more convenient than regular nail polish. It has a significantly less offensive odor, it dries faster, and it is easier to clean up. Because of its advantages, you can try out more elaborate patterns with acrylic nail designs.

Nail Designs for Short Nails


Image source: naileditnz.com

Gals with short nails often think that they’re not suited for colorful and chic nails. Not true. Short nails can be designed in a number of ways. You can have just as much fun with short nails. Just remember to keep the spacing on the pattern of your choice even. That way your nails won’t look cramped and shorter than it is.

Toe Nail Designs


Image source: pinterest.com

Love to wear open-toed sandals and flip-flops? Flaunt those toes confidently with vibrant nail art! Sweet colors make your feet look darling while dark colors add a certain allure to your toes.

Gel Nail Designs


Image source: nhave.com

The thing to love about gel nail polish is its sturdiness. It can last for weeks at a time without chipping or breaking. These are great for hardworking girls who love seeing some color on their nails. You won’t have to worry about your nails with this kind of nail design. Active and glamorous gals won’t have to miss on the action anymore! Be sure to get a style that you won’t mind wearing for a while though. Gel nail polish lasts a long time and, consequently, is also quite difficult to remove.

Christmas Nail Designs


Image source: homyfashion.com

Whether you’re naughty or nice, Christmas-themed nail design will strengthen your holiday cheer. Green, red, and white are the traditional colors of Christmas. You don’t have to limit yourself to Christmas trees and Santa hats and snowmen though. Remember that Christmas is a very colorful time of the year. Lights and music and laughter! Make your nails glow by trying out all sorts of combinations.

Summer Nail Designs


Image source: imgkid.com

Who doesn’t love summer? The sun, the sea, the endless days of fun and excitement. Paint those nails with summer colors to really get into the season of glam! Go for light greens or perky pinks and yellows and oranges or refreshing whites and blues. Even if it’s not summer you can still try out these summer nail designs to look cool and energized.

Halloween Nail Designs


Image source: pinterest.com

If you want to spruce up your spooky Halloween costume, try adding some flair to your fingertips. Creepy-crawlies, hollow skulls, dripping blood, get into the Halloween spirit with spook-tacular nail designs! Or if you’re an avid fan of the strange and you just want to have deliciously bizarre or macabre nails, these nail designs will be perfect for you.

Pink Nail Designs


Image source: icarenails.com

Feeling girly and quirky? Consider painting your nails with graceful hues of pink. You can add sparkles or delicate ribbons or even sassy patterns. Everything looks great with pink. You’ll look and feel stylish and classy with this timeless design.

French Nail Designs


Image source: topnailideas.com

French nails have a distinctive clean cut, great for those looking for a more conservative but feminine look. Your fingertips will appear more lithe and refined. With its subtle tone and precise motifs, anyone can pull off this design.

Nail Art Designs for Beginners


Image source: paulinaspassions.com

Beginners should always start with simple designs. To those who are unfamiliar with balancing the right colors, one type of polish should be enough. But if you really want to try something more creative, you can add a neat and basic pattern, preferably on the tips of your nails for a start. Nothing too fancy. You don’t want to overdo it and muddy your nails.

French Tip Nail Designs


Image source: flickr.com

Nothing beats a classic. If you want to add some zest to your fingertips but don’t want them to look too packed, French tips are the way to go. Only the tips are coated with color, the rest of the nail should remain clean and colorless. You’ll achieve a mature and sophisticated look with these nails.

Black Nail Designs

Gorgeously mysterious, black is a color that can suit anyone. Plain black is daring and sexy. If you add some dabs of lightness or some sassy streaks, it will give your fingertips a more playful appearance.

Black and White Nail Designs


Image source: naildesign2014.com

Black is the absence of color while white is the presence of all colors – let these two opposites collide and you’ll get a tasteful blend of light and dark. Symmetrical but with an edge of severity, this look is trendy and audacious. Any fashion-forward gal should consider this design if she wants to stand out.

Unique Nail Designs


Image source: smioss.com

Want to have distinctive nails? Experiment with color, texture, and stability. Add glitter or mix up clashing colors or get creative and stencil your own design! But for those who are truly brave, tiny beads or chains or bows are the trend right now. See how unique you can make your nails look.

Do It Yourself Nail Designs


Image source: blog.needsupply.com

Get inspired and start painting and decorating your own nails. You can personalize your design as much as you want. Make your nails match your character and lifestyle.

Spring Nail Designs

Spring is the season for fresh beginnings. Floral patterns with soft colors are best for getting the feel of spring on your fingertips. Vibrant hues, like the wings of a spring butterfly, will also look gorgeous. The trick is to use relaxing colors and soft patterns.

Glitter Nail Designs

Dazzle the crowd with glittery nails! Using only hints of glitter will give your nails a sophisticated but funky appeal. Coating your whole nail with glitter, on the other hand, will make your fingertips sparkle like the stars in the sky, very chic and glamorous.

Hello Kitty Nail Designs


Image source: bodistyles.com

You can never be too old for Hello Kitty. This charming pink and white feline will make your nails look quirky and very girly. Great for the child-at-heart who just can’t get enough of everyone’s favorite kitten.

Stiletto Nail Designs


Image source: nhave.com

Sexy and dangerous, these nails are meant to impress. The sharp tips screams for attention. If you want to look wild but classy, consider getting stiletto nails. Because of their unique shape, you’ll have great fun designing them as well. Just be careful with those sharp ends!

Zebra Nail Designs


Image source: checkmynails.com

The zebra print is a classic favorite. With its simplistic but gorgeous pattern, what’s not to love? It’s also easy to apply so anyone can try it.

Purple Nail Designs


Image source: hoestrends.com

For those who want their nails to have a touch of royal elegance. Rich but soft, you can try on different patterns with this design. This style is great for girls who want to look girly but at the same time stylish and clever. This nail design is easy on the eyes and a delight to behold.

Easter Nail Designs


Image source: paulinaspassions.com

Use lots of eye-catchingcolors for this design. This style will give your nails a pleasant childlike charm. Cute and dainty is what you’ll want to go for. Just remember all those colorful Easter eggs you once (or still continue to) hunted for. Make your nails look magical!

Funky Nail Designs


Image source: naildesignmagz.com

Think of angles and odd shapes and dazzling colors. You want your nails to look unconventional without being tacky. Experiment with lots of patterns and colors. Be as creative as you want.

Winter Nail Designs


Image source: allfashionweek.com

Cool and frosty, that’s what comes to mind when you think of winter. It’s a season of soft, light color. Make your nails look pleasantly chilly by dabbing on some snow or ice patterns. Snowflakes are great inspirations for this style.

Leopard Nail Designs


Image source: packapunchpolish.com

Show off your wild side with this look. Leopard print is very stylish and saucy. It goes great on any background color too. Your nails will look fierce with leopard prints.

Nail Designs for Kids

Go for cute little patterns on delicate colored backgrounds. Stay away from the daring styles, there will be time for that in the future. For now, stick to the simple joys like sweets or flowers or stuffed animals. Overly complicated nail designs won’t suit kids. Those will ruin the child’s natural humble charisma.

4th of July Nail Designs


Image source: pinterest.com

Red, white, and blue are the national colors. You can mimic the national flag with its stripes and stars, or you can make your nails pop with a striking fireworks pattern. Display your patriotism on your nails!

Easy Nail Art Designs for Christmas

According to studies, Christmas is the most celebrated holiday in the world. This is evidently true as seen on how much people pour their efforts in preparation of the holiday. Every facet of this special occasion is something to prepare for. That is why, no doubt, Christmas is such an important celebration for many.

Parties, events and other gatherings will always be there as the Christmas season sets in. Most of the times, these are not just your ordinary get-togethers. More often than not, these are annual events that require everyone to look and be at their best game.


Make sure you got everything perfect, including your nails too with these easy-to-do nail art designs. The styles are all apt for the holiday season. These designs are not just fitting the Christmas theme – they are lively and cheerful. Give your nails the trendiest of colors and party with a style.

White hand-painted snowflakes intricately drawn on glistening blue background is definitely of Christmas. The snowflakes stand out on the blue black draft. It’s simple yet gorgeous. It’s glittering but yet trendy.

This simple nail art design shows all the classic colors of Christmas. The stripes of red, green and gold are definitely apt for the holiday season. To make it more pleasing, choose the rich vivid ones. It’s definitely the perfect combination of nice and simple.


Image source: pinterest.com

This Santa Claus nail art design is absolutely suited for the holidays. The glittering colors are nothing short of a sparkling beauty. The main theme is that of Santa’s belt. You could also turn those fresh French tips into this easy nail art piece.


Image source: pinterest.com

This Christmas nail art design is definitely made just for the holidays. One finger of different style complements the rest of the designs. The sparkling red color is truly astounding. The gold ribbon embellishment definitely stands out.


Image source: the-nail-network.com

Bring the Christmas spirit on right on your fingertips with this stunning nail art. It’s a mix and match of different iconic Christmas figures – Santa, Rudolph and Snowflakes. Opt for the light base polish. The glittering green tip and the red spots underneath are the perfect décor.


Image source: polishpedia.com

Reindeers as your nail art for those holiday parties are definitely awesome. Make your own Rudolph by using red polish as the nose. The rest of its glittering colors are definitely festive. It’s cute and adorable both at the same time.


Image source: pinterest.com

This cartoon-inspired nail art design absolutely sings the Christmas tune. The variations in style in each of your fingernails arenot just trendy but also hip. The white designs on the red base background are absolutely lovely. It is definitely easy to do with just some few steady strokes.


Image source: beautyttt.com

This elegant holiday nail art is such an easy theme to recreate. The white snowflakes are in sync with the festivities. The velvety look of the base polish connotes style and elegance. Add some white dots for a more stunning effect.


Image source: pinterest.com

Those cute and cuddly minions are not just for the kids to enjoy. These nail art inspired by these lovable creatures are just too delightful to look at. The red and yellow colors of it are lively. It’s casual yet so trendy.


Image source: pinterest.com

Make your nails your friend’s envy this holiday season with this charming nail art suited just for the holidays. The alternating colors and design on the lollipops are definitely hip. The glittering colors of these lollipops complements with the festive mood. The contrasting hue and tint of the background polish makes it stand out more.


Image source: ink361.com

The iconic gingerbread house makes your nails a whole lot brighter this holiday season. The white bottom part with those colorful mini circles is positively jolly. The door drawn from the tips definitely made the catch. Color the rest of the house with some beige polish.

Nothing says “It’s Christmas” than those Christmas trees! Use your fingernails to create the perfect tree with this unique nail art design. Some velvety polish for the tree would do the trick really well. Add colors by putting pieces of studs on it and star topper to complete the tree.


Image source: kelsiesnailfiles.com

Red polish is always the staple color for manicures. Make this classic choice more cheerful this yuletide season with this easy to do nail art theme. Use some glittering silver polish to draw the stars. Some glistening swirls on them make the difference.


Image source: polishyoupretty.com

This nail art piece is absolutely festive for the yuletide cheer. Some chocolate shade on the bottom part makes the perfect contrast for the white tips. The red dots on the tip resemble the Christmas hollies. It’s positively attractive and yet so easy to make.

Red and green are definitely the perfect colors fit for Christmas. Instead of using the good old red color, give it that soft feminine touch by using pink background. Use some glistening green polish to make the tree. Silver polish makes the best star topper and ball ornaments.


Image source: chosefashion.com

This easy to make nail art is definitely of the yuletide theme. The sparkling red tips are astounding. The lone Santa hat design sure stands out. It’s minimalist yet still captivating.


Image source: nailgirly.com

The red and green colors of this nail art are definitely suited for those holiday parties and events. The varying design on each of your nails makes one chic design. It’s easy to do yet it is just simply wonderful. The different Christmas symbols and figures are just completely likeable.


Image source: pinterest.com

This astonishing nail art design is definitely just suited for the holiday cheer. The deep blue shade is just marvelous. The white tips and dots aims for the snowy effect. The lone Christmas tree design is definitely enticing.


French tips always connote style and elegance. Add some Christmas spirit to your nails with this quick fix. Place small circles on the edge of the white tips with red and green polish. Use some nail art accessories to make the Christmas hollies.


Image source: pinterest.com

Some nail art decals would do just fine for this theme. The reindeer faces on your nails utter nothing but Christmas. Use white polish for the base and background. This allows the design to be highlighted just fine.


Image source: pinterest.com

Gum drops glittering brightly on your nails will sure make the holidays a lot more stylish. The light tint of the base polish allows the gumdrops to be perfectly emphasized. Colored textured glittering polish would be the perfect lollipops. Add further adornment by drawing some white small circles and a line for the stick.


Image source: pinterest.com

The different styles on each of your fingers are sure trendy. Each finger designed with different iconic figures. It is colorful and definitely cheerful. To make the figures stand out more, use white polish for the base.


Image source: etsy.com

This nail art theme is definitely cool and fun. The different styles on each of your nails are definitely awesome and splendid. The rich deep blue color of the base paint makes these winter symbols stand out. This one fine piece is definitely a show of art.


Image source: pinterest.com

This nail art theme definitely shows the Christmas spirit. This beautiful design can be easily recreated right at the comfort of your own home. All you need is one light polish for the base. Then, stick some black Christmas sweater nail decal once it dries out.


Image source: pinterest.com

This easy-to-do manicure piece definitely has that positive tone. The different symbols make it more attractive. The light neon green polish as the back draft emphasizes the drawings wonderfully. It’s fine, attractive and light.

50 Beautiful Mehndi Designs and Patterns to Try!

mehndi-designsMehndi designs, known as Henna in the west, are temporary, superficial skin decorations that were first practiced in the Middle East and North Africa a few millenniums ago. The leaves of henna plants were used to create various colors of dyes for this traditional art. Mehndi is typically painted on the hands and feet for artistic or ritual use. The designs are usually elaborate patterns with multiple motifs. Different cultures have their own distinctive styles and methods of application. Fine lines, geometric patterns, bold shapes – mehndi is undoubtedly an art worth preserving.

Due to globalization, nowadays, mehndi designs are appreciated worldwide. Mehndi designs are beautiful on anyone and, because it’s not like a tattoo, you can continuously change your style whenever you get tired of your old one.

Mehndi Designs for Hands


Image Source: Pinterest

Mehndi is often applied on the hands and feet. The hands are the perfect place to paint your mehndi design because they’re the most exposed part of your body.


Image: Pinterest

Painting your hands were traditionally done for festivals or special events (like weddings) but nowadays it’s a common practice to apply mehndi designs on your body on a regular basis, like make-up.


Image: Source

There are numerous designs for the hands. Intricate ones that coat almost the whole hand are usually reserved for wedding ceremonies and special functions. Simpler ones are more casual, more common, and fit for everyday use.

Arabic Mehndi Designs


Image: Source

Arabic designs typically use one color. They differ from Indian designs because Arabic designs are largely influenced by the bold symmetrical lines and shapes developed by Africans. The patterns are simple but are painted with meticulous care.

Bridal Mehndi Designs


Image: Pinterest

Muslim brides paint their hands and feet with mehndi designs. Their designs are more elaborate and full compared to normal mehndi designs. The painting of mehndi is an important function before the marriage and is often held like a festival.


Image: Pinterest

It’s also a great way for the bride, her friends, and soon-to-be family to bond. In some cultures, grooms also have mehndi painted on their hands and feet.

Latest Mehndi Designs


Image: Google

With the rising popularity of this traditional art, mehndi designs have flourished rapidly. Different styles and patterns are used. Elegant and flowery designs are the latest trend.


Image: Source

The latest designs are combinations of two colors. Black and red are the most popular. It’s also common practice nowadays to paint mehndi on the body as well as the hands and feet.

Indian Mehndi Designs


Indian mehndi designs pay close attention to delicate lines. The dramatic shapes and patterns make Indian designs distinctive. They also use solid, distinctive colors for their designs to stand out.


Peacock patterns are commonly practiced in Indian mehndi. The elegant strokes make peacock the best subject for mehndi designs.

Pakistani Mehndi Designs


Traditional flower and paisley designs are the distinctive appearance of Pakistani mehndi style. They usually use


Striking lines and shapes are preferred. Pakistani designs are often more intricate and unique.

Mehndi Designs for Kids


Simple designs suit children better than intricate and complex designs. Flower patterns look great on them especially if they’re not too detailed.


It’s also recommended that the design doesn’t extend too far from the hand. It should be limited to the palms and/or the outer surface of the hand.

Mehndi Designs for Wedding


Whether you’re the bride or simply a guest in a wedding, having mendhi painted on your hands and feet will really set the mood. It is said that a wedding isn’t complete without mendhi. For weddings, elaborate designs are great. You can really go all-out with your designs. Celebrate the happy day with mehndi designs!

Easy Mehndi Designs


Most mehndi designs might look difficult but, with practice, they are actually quite simple. It’s all a matter of filling in the gaps and combining shapes and lines. There are plenty of easy motifs to experiment with. Just take it slow and easy.

Simple Mehndi Designs


Simplicity is beauty. This is all too true when it comes to mehndi. Meticulously designed mehndis have a striking and gorgeous quality that makes them ideal for special occasions. Simple mehndi designs have their own lovely and humble charm. The more simple the design, the better it will stand out.

Mehndi Designs for Beginners


For those who are new to the art of mehndi, it is recommended that you try to make your own designs to really get the hang of the art. Practice makes perfect! Beginners should learn how to manipulate the cone or pencil properly before moving on to more complicated designs.

Dulhan Mehndi Designs


Dulhan is the Hindu word for bride. Hindu weddings have a mehndi festival, the first and most important day of the three-day event, where the dulhan and all the other girls attending the wedding apply mehndi designs on their hands and feet.The dulhan needs to have mehndi designs on her hands and feet otherwise she’ll be incomplete. Mehndi designs make the dulhan look and feel more beautiful and confident.

Bridal Mehndi Designs for Full Hands


To enhance the bride’s beauty and elegance, the mehndi designs on her hands have to be very prominent. They should cover her hands completely.


The design should be full and heavy but not too intense. It should be just enough to beautify the bride perfectly.

Mehndi Designs for Full Hands


For getting a more dramatic look, applying full mehndi designs to your hands should be considered. It will enhance the hands’ delicate fingers and slender wrists. Full designs give the wearer a more eccentric but very stunning look.

Mehndi Designs for Legs


Recently, mehndi designs aren’t just applied on the hands and feet. Some women like to paint them on their legs. Mehndi designs make the legs appear longer and more gorgeous. It also adds an exotic charm to the woman regardless of the occasion.

Mehndi Designs for Feet


You can get really creative with the mehndi designs on your feet. Detailed floral patterns are the most popular for feet. Fine lines and Arabic-inspired styles and shapes are also great.

Latest Bridal Mehndi Designs


The latest trend in bridal mehndi designs is combining traditional mehndi designs with contemporary designs. Colorful mehndi designs are also gaining popularity.

Image Source

Image Source

To make your design even more gorgeous, strategically place colorful crystals on your mehndi. Thin and thick lines also give the mehndi design a very modern look.

Latest Mehndi Designs


Black Mehndi Designs


Black is a prominent color. It’s strong and bold, perfect for mehndi designs. Black mehndi designs are sharper and simpler. These can be used in special occasions and in casual events. It’s stylish but also elegant.

Traditional Mehndi Designs


Traditional designs include common motifs such as paisley shapes, leaf shapes, scallop lines, delicate lines, and more. They’re more elaborate than the mehndi designs used for casual wear. Oftentimes, they cover the whole hand or the whole foot.

Mehndi Designs for Eid


Eid is any Islamic religious festival that Muslims fervently observe. A great way to celebrate the feast day is by applying mehndi designs on your body.


Medium strokes are preferred for Eid mehndi designs. They’re not too thick but not too fine either. Express your emotions and your personal style!

Best Mehndi Designs


There are numerous combinations of motifs and styles for mehndi designs. It’s difficult to say which is the best design because all of them are beautiful and incredible in their own unique way.


However, the best designs should have even and careful strokes, elegantly meticulous details, and a touch of the wearer’s personality.

Beautiful Mehndi Design


This beautiful, intricate mehndi design is perfect for every auspicious occasion like wedding, engagement and Eid. The design features beautiful patterns, some with fine lines while some have full color.

Elegant Round Mehndi Design


Round patterns for mehndi are quite popular. In above photo, the designer focuses the main design in the palm by creating a round, intricate pattern, covering most of the space. The design in the wrist that served as bangles make the design even more elegant.

Latest Mehndi Designs for Wedding


This design features intricate, detailed pattern covering almost all the spaces at the back of the hand, extending towards the arms. The floral patterns, plus the swirls and dots make this design distinctive and unique.


This is quite simple for a bridal mehndi. However, most of the latest bridal mehndi use simple and easy to make patterns. This kind of design is also used for engagement and mehndi functions with family and friends.

Simple and Easy Mehndi Design


For beginners, simple and easy patterns for mehndi are best to start with. Designs that have simple swirls and outline is best to choose.

Simple Arabic Mehndi Designs

Image Source

Image Source

But if you just want a design that covers only the fingers of your hand, the above design is the best option for you. With its simple yet elegant patterns, this will surely make you stand out in any function.

Latest Pakistani Mehndi Designs


Image source

Gone are those days that mehndi colors are limited by one or two colors. Today, many designers can enjoy creating their patterns using different colors and accessories. Pakistani mehndi designs feature the combination of color brown, blue and green plus some gems and jewels in their  designs.


Floral Mehndi Design for Full Hand


Elegant Henna Mehndi Tattoo


Henna Mehandi Designs for Palm


Beautiful Eid Mehndi For Hand


Round Pakistani Mehndi


Simple Mehandi Design for Feet


Elegant Mehandi Designs



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Beautiful Rangoli Designs and Patterns

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARangoli designs are colorful patterns, sometimes made from different flowers in a variety of colors and kinds. They are the created for Indian celebrations. They also become the mood-setters for a particular occasion. In popular culture, this is one of the most explored in Indian culture because of its astounding art forms and unique geometry. Flowers and their petals, in different colors and kinds, formed to a marvelous pattern never fail to awe to the on-lookers.In the same light, a colorful geometric pattern made from colored chalks is also fun to look at. So you want great street art and graffiti?Indians culture inspired this.

Over the years, there has been quite an evolution to this artistic part of the Indian culture. These are also translated into different languages and dialects in India such as Kolam and Alpana in Tamil Nadu and Kolkata, respectively. Indian culture is always colorful, giving a sense of royalty and festiveness. Even Indian wedding dresses are exhibited in a wide variety of colours. These awesome material fibres of Indian culture also symbolize Indian values and morals that are crucial in preserving tradition.

Some design may have deities, flowers, earth elements, peacocks and the like. Indian culture has always been a heralded in modern world culture through these. Rangoli designs stretch as far as the Indian culture as adapted into the modern world, as these are also being imitated in other countries in the form of street art and graffiti.

Latest Rangoli Designs



Usually, the latest designs make use of a complex yet minimalist art form – something catchy to the viewers, but also will make them think of the concept behind the pattern. Some popular pattern includes whirlwind design and peacock design.


Modern rangoli patterns strive to move away from the usual trend of creating a colourful picture that easily becomes a give-away for the on-lookers; but rather, they force the viewer to think.


Rangoli Designs for Diwali


One good point a rangoli patterns for Diwali of this is to make your house look impressive for the guests. Some of the Diwali rangoli includes having bright colors that can put harmony in a household like red, purple, pink, green and yellow. They also make use of circular patterns that exhibit a sense of hearth and peace.

Easy Rangoli Designs for Diwali

Some find it hard to play with the color mixtures for a rangoli instead of defining the pattern even more. There are some rangoli designs, especially for Diwali that are simple when it comes to the geometric patterns, but are complex when it comes to the color combinations. This is a creative way to make a simple-patterned rangoli design look grand.


Simple Rangoli Designs

With all the extravagant colors that are used in rangoli artwork, it’s almost impossible to think that there are also simple rangoli patterns to accommodate folk who want a more eye-friendly design.



Simple rangolis are also favourable to those who are still on the process of learning to create more complicated patterns. Usually, these make use of simple geometric shapes that are simply put together in order to form a larger one.

Rangoli Designs for Competition

The objective of this design is the opposite of the simple rangoli patterns because the patterns are more complicated and more complex. In order to elevate the art form, shading techniques, as in sketching, are also used in this classification.

rangoli-designs-competition rangoli-designs-for-competition


Peacocks are one of the most favourable muses in this design because these birds are naturally colourful and are perfect for the rangoli patterns and designs.

Free Hand Rangoli Designs

Rangoli designs can be sketched but this requires drawing skills. Of course, drawing rangoli patterns can be learned. There are tips on how to draw the design – some may recommend in starting with dots to connect in order to perfectly align the geometric patterns that are also highly-dependent on precision. Some also may recommend in drawing geometric patterns to form a picture.


Easy Rangoli Designs and Patterns

Simple patterns plus simple colors make a simple design. Simple designs are those that are easy to make. So if it’s your turn to make a rangoli for a festival or an occasion, then fear no more because there are easy designs that make use of flower petals with alternating colors or star shape with multiple colours.


Rangoli Designs with Flowers

The modern way of adapting a rangoli design with flowers is through abstract and mystic patterns.


The circular shape as the core of the pattern seldom disappears, but this is always prominent to rangoli designs in general. You have to make the viewer think creatively in order to see a flower from the geometric design.

Sanskar Bharti Rangoli Designs

This is a free hand rangoli from Maharashtra that is drawn with three to five fingers. The design used for this classification can be traditionally circular as well as square.


Pongal Rangoli Designs and Patterns

This rangoli design is intended for a special occasion; thus, the patterns and colours used for this classification are different from the usual rangoli pattern.


In an Indian festival that is called as Sankranthi or Pongal, this type is meant to symbolize happiness, wealth and peace in making use of additional touches to the rangoli. In particular, this adds some symbols such as birds, leaves, etc. along with dots mingled with the pattern.

Small Rangoli Designs and Patterns

Let’s go back to the logic of a simple and easy design: simple patterns and simple colors make a simple design and simple designs are easy to make – small designs are an example of easy rangoli.


It is a fact that the larger the design, the more complicated the patterns may be but the smaller they are – say three dots as a start – the easier they are to make even if the colors are bombarded because the perimeter is only small.

Rangoli Designs for Kids

As early as they are kids, they can draw a rangoli like a pro. Simply, print some pattern templates and allow them to trace this with colored sand or with colored chalks. With this, kids can practice their free hand in tracing pattern templates for a learning experience.


Having a design for kids doesn’t necessarily mean using simple designs – that would be an underestimation. As long as there are pattern templates, kid can make tremendous rangoli designs.

Peacock Rangoli Designs

Peacocks are some of the most common symbolism in Indian culture and rangolis adapt this theme.


Majestic and mysterious – these are the usual descriptions for a peacock, the same with rangoli. Usually, these artworks are patterned on the drawn image of the peacock’s feathers. Also, this type of design is also used for large designs.

Freehand Rangoli Designs

Some of the best freehand designs are floral patterns with a flower inside. Some also make use of star-inspired shapes and themes for a little grandeur.



Floral designs are some that can easily be drawn from dots, whereas star-inspired can easily stand for itself.

Dotted Rangoli Designs

Usually, dots can be added as a supplementary art form in a rangoli, but surely even putting a few specs on the design can already make a big difference; thus, careful designing is also required for this type. Floral patterns tend to work with a dotted design.


Rangoli Patterns and Designs for New Year

Even Indian culture celebrates the New Year with a bang. The designs for the New Year are accustomed to welcome another year with a flourish of prosperity and new life. The color patterns are more defined and the art form itself is grandeur.


Kolam Rangoli Patterns and Designs

Kolams are made to inhibit multiple images in a pattern. In this aspect, there should be geometric perfection to harmonize the patterns into one image.

An example of this is the peacock images circled together to form a flower. The flower stands out as well as the swans surrounding it.

Ganesh Rangoli Designs

This type of rangoli  is made to honor the Hindu God Ganesh. The modern image, however, makes use of certain abstractions to represent Ganesh. Sometimes, minimalist art is also used for this.


Indian Rangoli Patterns and Ideas

Exquisite and majestic – these are the descriptions for Indian rangoli patterns, which are intended to welcome a guest and a festival. The patterns vary from circular to rectangular to images. The colors are limitless and present unrelenting harmony.


Simple Rangoli Designs for Beginners

For the sake of a beginner, the pattern is usually geometric, taking up the shape of a star, circle or flower. In order to make the drawing easy for the beginner, the pattern starts by placing dots to connect.


It’s important that the pattern will reach precision because rangolis are reliant on the harmonization of pattern elements. Usually, the circle is the most favourable shape for a beginner, with pattern customizing done inside the circle.

Rangoli Designs with Dots

Rangoli patterns with dots are one of the most popular designs used by many artists since there are complementary dots that guide them in designing. Here are some of the best and simplest rongali designs with dots to use.


Artificial Rangoli Designs

artificial-rangoli-designs artificial-rangoli-designs-01


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