christmas-candle-decorating-ideasFor most people going through the hassle of modern life, Christmas is the season that allows you to enjoy quality time with people close to your heart. It is the perfect season that brings cheer and joy to those who wander too far away from the happiness life has to offer.

With Christmas, also come the decorations as well – the Christmas tree, the balls, the wreaths, the garlands and the candles. The decorations does not just serve its aesthetic cause but to also reflect your personality, emotions and points of view. It does not merely symbolize your love of beauty but the passion you have for the special occasion.


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Christmas candles are always a mainstay décor whether it is outside the house or inside your home. The burning wick gives that soft warm feel that always hits home. So get your fire burning and create your own unique Christmas candle.

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The chunky size of the candle gives the whole ensemble volume. The candy-like sticks surrounding it give it life and texture. The red color of the candle allows you to place anywhere inside your house. This Christmas candle is a perfect match for those silverwares you seldom used.

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Christmas candles sitting on the birch of pine leaves say nothing but lovely. The spherical white candles have been adorned with cute little stars to go with the burning wick. This piece does not take too much space and can be placed on almost any furniture tops. This stunning design gives off warmth and peace.

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The white candle on the center of the silverware is the perfect highlight of this piece. The vivid red hue of the decorations on the tray gives the focus to the candle. The whole idea is simple yet one of a kind. There is definitely no need for expensive items just to prove the point.

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Take those bottles out of the storage that you seldom use and turn it into something magnificent. Fill the bottle with right amount of water that will make sure to fully encapsulate the red berries. Then let the candle float by itself. The finished outcome is certainly something that you can be proud of.

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Snow and candle gives the perfect balance between warmth and coolness. This snow candle can be easily made right at the comfort of your own home. The candle does not have to be pricey as those affordable ones on your local store would do the trick. Place the candle on a plate with pine cones and leaves and you sure to have one stunning piece.

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When looking for a candle as a centerpiece for your dining table, make sure it is safe and would not cause trouble.  This Christmas candle has been safely placed one big glass together with the other garnishments.  The ornaments inside like the pine cones, red berries and Christmas balls makes the simple white candle stand out. Wow your guests with this easy to do Christmas candle.

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Turn those excess kitchen ingredients into something wonderful this Christmas season. Pick the right size of white candle that would suit you. Garnish the candle with some leftover cinnamon sticks then place it on a white saucer plate. The piece is just one tasty eye-catcher.

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The combination of red balls, gold decors and neon green candles makes this Christmas décor a class of its own. Place each item on a separate glass making sure they are just the right size. Put the glasses on one nice neon green plate and make it as your dining table’s centerpiece. The gold trimmings add a nice touch of sparkle too.

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This Christmas candle can be easily made from materials that are already inside your home. Pick the tallest of your glasses to start with.  The candles will then be placed inside. Now garnish the glasses by encircling it with wire garland. The pearl beadings give it appeal and style.

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Transform those big glass jars into something captivating to match the Christmas spirit. Fuel this piece with scented oil or whatever your preference is. Let the floating pieces of ornaments swim inside the jar for that authentic look. Light the wick on the lid and you have one striking Christmas lamp.

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Cranberries are not just food but can now also be used with to decorate your tabletops. Pick the right size of bowl on your cupboard, making sure of the depth. Select the reddest of the berries that you have and three of your small vigil candles. Let everything float on the bowl half-filled with water and you are done.

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This dining table centerpiece represents your spirit of giving this holiday season. The sweet treats on the table are not just for kids but for everyone who remembers what Christmas is to a child. The glass wares of different design works best with the concept. The red candles definitely add warmth and color to everything.

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Wine glasses are one good place to put your candles on. The bottom part of the glass can be filled with sand, salt or even small pebbles depending on your taste. The golden Christmas balls give it shine and glitter. The suspended burning candles give it magic.

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Turn those old wreaths into something useful instead of just throwing them away. Put cute little ornaments on it like berries, mushrooms even cinnamon sticks would do the trick. Carefully place three cylindrical candles on it and you now have one lovely Christmas candle. This piece goes well on fireplaces too.

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Christmas candles that are ready made would definitely cost quite a handsome amount. However, no need to purchase when you can create your own with materials that can be easily found inside your house. Any tall and big jar would do the trick. Get some red berries to float with the white candle. The leaves would then sink at the bottom.

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Looking for something to light your doorstep is not a problem with this piece. Fill the jar with a small amount of salt or pebble, and then carefully lay the small white candle on it. Cover the jar with a sturdy plastic. Ornament the lid with pine cones and you have one sure stunning piece.

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Metal tea lights are a perfect fit as Christmas candles. Individually wrap each piece with colored lace or ribbon. Place it on a fruit tray with earth-colored ornaments. This Christmas candle can turn something simple into something nice.

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Getting ready for the Christmas dinner but you still do not have the Christmas candle on the center. Not to worry, this last minute Christmas decoration is easy to do with small jars, pines and red and white candles. Just place the candles inside the jar and use the pines as outside garnishment like a Christmas basket.

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No need to spend dollars on those ready to use Christmas candles when you can make your own. Just pick the right size of the candles to start with. Encircle it with red wide ribbons to finish the job. This amazing do-it-yourself job is sure an eye-catcher piece.

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Give your table one holiday jolly spirit with this snowman jar topped with red candle. The purple berries give a colorful contrast to the black cloth hat of the snowman. The materials used in this piece can be easily found on your home. Make your table livelier with this Christmas candle.

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White candles on the small potted makes the right centerpiece for your Christmas feast. The pink and red berries give accent and color to each pot. The greens make it livelier and more appealing. You can also place red ribbons on the plant as trimmings.

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Red candles on your favorite sweet treat make your dining table a lot nicer to look at. Place them on small glasses on top of some cute cutout placemats. It is of a minimalist approach but still encapsulates the Christmas joy. This piece would sure not take their eyes off it.

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Make it more like a nativity scene with this ingenious Christmas candle idea that would sure make your dining table one lightened area. The red jumbo candle stands out in the middle. The pine leaves makes a more natural look. The white flowers and red berries give it more hue and color.

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One simple piece of chopped log can be the center of attention on your dining table with this lovely Christmas candle idea. Lay it with some fresh fine leaves and some complementing trimmings. To make it more appealing, choose three candles with varying sizes and length. Complete the whole look with a golden ribbon and this décor would sure not disappoint.

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