Mehndi designs for feet symbolize a divine intervention between human and earth. During wedding and other festivals in India or Arab they also put Mehndi designs for feet. In Bengal, they add another type of dye which is called Alta or Mahur. Alta or Mahur is combined with red Mehndi to stain or decorate the feet. Alta reddish tone while Mahur is a bit pinkish in color. It is usually seen on Durja Purja Festival.

In Pakistan, they decorate their hands and feet during EID celebration. Their pattern of their Mehndi designs are darker than it’s shading. Africa’s Mehndi designs are more linear and combined with geometric shapes. There are different meanings for each decorations in every part of the body. There are also different types of designs and elements included in Mehndi designs for feet. It varies depending on the occasion.

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1. Here is one beautiful bridal mehndi design for feet. This design incorporates complex elements and strokes. Covering most part of the feet and toes, this one is mostly used for Pakistani and Arabic weddings.

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2. Floral designs and swirls are also popular mehndi designs. Most designers use darker shades of henna to create this kind of design. Not just on the feet, the mehndi can also be applied to the upper leg.

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3. There are also simple mehndi designs for feet that one can use for everyday fashion style. Flowers and some swirly strokes are perfect for this.

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4. This is one of the most complicated mehndi designs for feet. This is usually worn for special events like weddings. This one includes very intricate patterns and strokes. This kind of design covers most part of the feet including the toes, ankle and leg.

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5. This design can make anyone stand out in any event or occasion. The solid strokes of the dark shaded henna make the feet beautiful and extravagant. The dark shade complement well on the color of the toe nails, making is majestic and elegant.

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6. Here’s another elaborate mehndi design mostly used in wedding and auspicious occasions. This one mostly covered the hood of the feet, as well as the toes. The circular, floral pattern on the middle is the center of attraction of this design.

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7. For those who want elegant but simple mendi designs for feet, this pattern is for you. This one incorporates darker shades of henna. Although it covers most of the feet and toes, it doesn’t look like a messy design.

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8. Here’s another bridal mehndi design that used by many brides on their weddings. This one has beautiful patterns. The artist use darker shade of henna, creating the elegance and beauty on the mehndi. The contrasting color of henna and the nail is very striking which made this design to stand out.

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9. This is a perfect design if you don’t want to smother your whole feet with henna. This one only covers the side of your feet. The intricate yet beautiful patterns on the side of the feet will surely look fashionable to you.

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10. This mehndi is usually worn on auspicious celebrations like Eid, dulhan and weddings. This one features the circular pattern on the “hood” of the feet. the artist used two colors of mehndi for this design, dark shade of brown and some red for additional artistic feel.

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11. Not just for weddings and auspicious celebrations, mehndi designs are also used as fashion statement. This one is a beautiful and trendy design that one can wear anytime.

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12. Here’s another trendy mehndi designs worn in just one foot, while the other foot has some kind of accessories. This is perfect if you want to be unique, which can truly make you stand out from the crowd.


13. If you don’t want an ultra complicated patterns and elements for your mehndi, this design is for you. The patterns and strokes are pretty clean and elegant. It also uses light brown shade of mehndi, making it look glorious and pretty.


14. Here’s another beautiful and elegant mehndi design that any bride can wear in their wedding day. This one shows beauty and elegance of the bride. The small swirls and vine patterns on the toe and some floral patterns make this design one-of-a-kind.


15. This is one pakistani-inspired mehndi design. This design use multi-colored henna. The artist used black, light brown and violet color of mehndi, which results to this beautiful Mehndi design.


16. Since vines and leaves represent long life, most of mehndi uses this kind of patterns. Well, this is quite perfect to cover most of the upper part of the leg, as well as the toes.


17. If you want a trendy and clean mehndi design for your wedding. This design is for you. This one speaks off minimalist pattern, mostly vines and flower, covering the entire feet up to the lower part of the leg.


18. Animals have symbolical meaning also in Mehndi designs for feet. Peacock represents the beauty of a bride. That’s the reason why most bridal menhdi designs use peacock as the main element or pattern.


19. While most of the mehndi designs for feet cover the entire foot, one can also choose the designs that only covers the sides and toes.


20. Here’s another traditional mehndi design for feet that any bride can wear on her big day.


21. Most of the mehndi designs use vines and leaves. This is perfect for those who want to have a longer life. Well, who wouldn’t want that?


22. Any bride wants to be the center of attraction on her wedding day. Well, you can be. Here’s an elaborate and eye-catching mehndi design that you can wear on your wedding. This one involves intricate patterns that will make your feet glorious and beautiful!


23. Want a minimalist mendhi design? This one totally rocks! This is best worn in any casual event.


24. For those who don’t want to spend a lot of time on drawing a mehndi on their feet, this design is for you. This one is quite simple and doesn’t involve too much complicated patterns.


25. Are you getting married and want to have a unique yet traditional mehndi design? This one is totally for you. Surely, your feet will be beautiful and elegant on your wedding day!