Decorating your bedroom with a limited space can be daunting if you have several items that you would like to keep. The first thing you need to think when decorating your room is how to make your room look bigger. Shades of white is the safest hue to make your room bigger. Pastel colors or bright hues can also add the illusion of a big room. The ideal design for a small room is minimalism. The lesser and the smaller the items the more space you can gain.

You’ll also be able to appreciate the beauty of the room if there are lesser items in it. Built in cabinets, beds and iron boards, mirrors and other stuff can save space. For a room with less items the best item you can use for decorations are picture frames or paintings hanging on the wall, a single plant or floral to accentuate your room, a lampshade and a carpet. A small room does not limit a person to decorate it.


Paint your room with color blue which is pleasing to the eyes. Instead of buying a head board for your bed install a cabinet. Customize it with your preferred head board design.


Use a double deck bed for sharing a room with a limited space. Place a curtain on your bed to create privacy between you and your room mate. Attach a mini table or cabinet on the wall to keep your book.


The room has a minimalist design which makes the room look bigger. Keep the room simple by placing one table, a small cabinet and a rod where the person can hang their clothes. This room is perfect for a bachelor.


Find unique pieces to design for your room. Decorate your room with a spherical lamp and hang it on your ceiling. Use the space beside your window for your table.


The colors of the room have earth tone shades that makes it relaxing. The bed was elevated so that the space beneath it can be use for sofa and cabinet. The ladder going up the bed is also made of cabinet which is eccentric and it also saves space.


Fill your room with cabinets if you have a lot of items or clothes that you need to keep. The space in your upper wall can be use for cabinets. You can also add a cabinet beneath your bed or sofa.


The room is looks bigger because it has a white shade. The furniture’s kept it’s natural wood color. The room is carpeted and it has a nice curtain.


Place your laptop or computer on the corner of your table to get more space. Use containers or trash bins without labels to keep the room simple. Green color can also brighten up your room.


For those who would like to maximize their floor area they can choose to install built in bed. After sleeping you can fold the bed to the wall. You can also install a built in iron board for easier ironing.


Beige, chocolate or brown color makes the room look classical. It also make the items look more expensive. Find a unique and comfortable chair to match the color of your room.


Make your room comfortable by adding a spherical lamp on the ceiling. Place a candelabra on the table so you can have a quiet moment before you sleep. A flower can add color and a nice atmosphere in your room.


You can use mirrors to cover the cabinet in your room. It would be easier to see your reflection when you use mirrors for your built in cabinets. Use a sturdy black headboard to match the mirrors on your cabinet.


Black is the safest color for a room. It makes the room look classic or edgy depending on the furnitures or accessories you decorate your room. A big black and white photo or painting posted on the wall can create a theme for the room.


Having two kids at home with a very limited space will may be difficult to arrange furniture. You can have two cabinets with a bed on top. This can give more space for your children’s playroom. A small round seat and a square shape seat may also be added.


Give your room a feel of the country side by using wood materials for your house. Place a hook or rod on your wall so you can easily hang your use clothes. Place a comforter on your bed to keep you warm.


For a children or pre adolescent room you can use lavender theme for your wall. Lavender brings out the fun side of the child. A bigger cabinet below your bed can be use to hang your child’s uniform or dress.

small bedroom design

You can decorate your walls with round frames or round mirrors. Arrange it in a unique pattern. Place a stand with a divider so you can display photos or other items.

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