With the rapid advancement of technology and the constant innovations in fashion and style, there are literally thousands and thousands of wedding theme ideas to choose from. No longer are couples satisfied with the simple, formal theme of white and beige (and a touch or two of other colors). That just won’t do anymore!

When you tie the knot with the person you love, of course you’d want to make it as memorable as possible – in a good way, that is. You don’t want people to remember your big day as a catastrophe of clashing motifs and outrageous colors. Weddings should be remembered fondly so one has to be very careful in choosing the best theme that suits the happy couple. Remember, behind every successful wedding is a great wedding theme idea.

Latest Wedding Theme Ideas

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Contemporary couples prefer to go for wedding themes that will really say something about their personalities. Colorful (literally) themes and mini menus are all the rage this year. Couple also tend to celebrate their big day the way they want to, preferring to deviate from traditional practices like white wedding gowns and holding the ceremony at a church.

Vintage Wedding Theme Ideas

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For most, the styles of the past are considered as the most beautiful, which is probably the reason why vintage is so popular nowadays. Couples who wish to be reminded of the days gone past would be delighted to have a vintage wedding. Elegant and classy, this theme is surely a blast from the past!

Beach Theme Wedding Ideas

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Who doesn’t love the beach? The sun, the sea, the sand, the absolute thrill of it all – beach themed weddings are perfect for couples who love the sea with a passion or who want their wedding to be unique and breathtaking. You can get really creative with this theme. Seashells and corals are gorgeous on most of the décor and those soft beach colors are simple but very nostalgic and lovely.

Wedding Theme Ideas for Summer

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Summer is the warmest time of the year and is often the most happiest time too. Of course couples would want a summer wedding. Bold and vibrant colors are great in summer themed weddings. They’re refreshing as well as exciting! And since it’s the warmest season, outdoor venues are perfect to stay cool.

Wedding Theme Ideas for Spring

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Often considered as the season of growth and change, spring weddings are symbolic of the upcoming changes the bride and the groom will soon accept as they say their vows and slip on their wedding rings. Pastel colors are recommended for this theme. Soft and delicate tones and motifs will really declare that it’s spring. Don’t forget the flowers though – lots and lots of blooming, beautiful flowers!

Winter Wedding Theme Ideas

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Have you always fantasized of getting married in a winter wonderland? Well then, this theme is definitely for you! Picture it: the bride in an immaculately white gown and wrapped beautifully in fur; the groom in a classy white suit; snow softly gracing the happy couple, as if heaven was sending out its blessing. Absolutely gorgeous! With its cozy styles and elegant hues, a winter wedding is great for romantic couples.

Wedding Theme Ideas for Fall

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Summer has passed and winter is coming. The air is crisp with the oncoming chill, the leaves are turning gold. Autumn is an enchanting season that’s perfect for weddings. Evoke the fall theme with golden hues and warm accents and lusciously glowing fruits.

Purple Wedding Theme Ideas

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The color purple is often associated with royalty and elegance. This theme will give your wedding a sharp but delicate appeal that will be the envy of your guests. Different shades of purple should be employed for a richer theme.

Indian Wedding Theme Ideas

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Namaste! This theme is perfect for those who love Indian culture. This exotic theme makes use of daring color combinations. Bizarre motifs are distinctive of Indian wedding themes. Don’t forget about the traditional Indian symbols like elephants and abundant jewelry.

Black and White Wedding Theme Ideas

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For a more sophisticated wedding theme, consider going black and white. Nothing screams au courant better than the classic black and white theme. It may be simple but it’s unmistakably very stylish. Anyone can pull it off!

Butterfly Wedding Theme Ideas

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Butterflies are charming and beautiful creatures that are great for weddings. Regardless of their designs, be they colorful and intricate or simple and classic, butterflies are loved by everyone and are fairly easy to put together. Butterfly invitations, butterfly table decors, butterfly candles – they are beautiful wherever they flutter!

Country Wedding Theme Ideas

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If you adore the simplicity of country life, this theme is for you. Earthy palettes and homey flavors, country themes will make your guests feel relaxed and comfortable. This theme is perfect if you’re looking to have a very refreshing and charming wedding.

Blue Wedding Theme Ideas

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The color blue is very fresh and cool. It’s modest but, if put together right, makes any wedding distinguished. Blue is easy on the eyes and is a favorite of most so you can’t go wrong with this theme.

Beauty and the Beast Wedding Theme Ideas

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Are you a Disney girl at heart? Always dreamt of a magical wedding? Get inspired by one of the most romantic classical stories of all time. Think of golden and elaborate designs reminiscent of the Renaissance era. Consider adding Belle’s favorite things, like books, as ornaments or favors or invitations. And, of course, let’s not forget the roses! Red

Cinderella Wedding Theme Ideas

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If you’ve always fantasized of having a fairytale wedding (complete with your own Prince Charming), a Cinderella theme is just perfect for you. Grand wedding decorations, a horse-drawn carriage, a beautiful ball gown – it will be a dream come true. You don’t have to worry about Cinderella’s midnight curfew though. Your wedding might be magical but it won’t wear off at the stroke of midnight. It’s all real.

Western Wedding Theme Ideas

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Going for a western theme will give your wedding a very rustic charm. This theme is simple and relaxed. Your bride can walk down the aisle in cowgirl boots, or your guests can wear cowboy hats, or you can even have an old fashioned barbeque. Be creative, partner!

Romantic Wedding Theme Ideas

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By definition, weddings should be a romantic event. Whether the couple prefers a classic romantic wedding or a more unconventional romantic wedding, a couple’s wedding day is the dreamiest day of their lives. It’s the day their love is united for good, after all.

Nautical Wedding Theme Ideas

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For couples with a love affair with the sea, a nautical wedding theme will definitely suit them. Navy colors like blue and white will set the ambience. It’s also a good idea to have your wedding somewhere near the sea. Better yet, if you really want to make a statement, celebrate your big day on a boat! Tie the knots with actual knots and drop the anchor because your love isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

Alice in Wonderland Wedding Theme Ideas

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Charmingly surreal and beautifully extraordinary, having your wedding held in a wonderland will make your guests go mad – not mad as a hatter, hopefully. Think of eccentric motifs and top hats and rabbits and coattails. Be as whimsy as you want!

Garden Wedding Theme Ideas

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Breathtaking flowers and a serene background – just the thing for garden weddings! This theme is both romantic and casual, classy and relaxed. The fresh air blowing on your face, the cool grass cozy on your feet, garden themed wedding are perfect for romantic brides who haven’t given up on their own fairytale happy ending.