Top 10 Facial Hairstyles Ideas

Some are born to great facial hair, some achieve great facial hair, and others have great facial hair thrust upon them – either way, it is unarguable that mankind has developed some great facial hair styles over the years. Facial hair is a clear indication of a guy’s manliness. Oftentimes, a man looks more rugged with a little bit of stubble. Bushier styles tend to give a man a more mature look, though this would depend on how the facial hair is styled and the facial features that compliment it.

Facial hair also symbolizes a person’s social standing and maturity. The modern man has realized the importance of looking good and keeping clean. Although many young men prefer to shave off their five o’clock shadow, there are still a many males who favor a little (or a lot) of hair on their face. Facial hair styles give a man character and enhances their facial structure if done right.

Types of Facial Hair Styles

  • Five O’clock Shadow – or stubble. Basically just really short hair that is a result of one or two days of not shaving.
  • Moustache – hair on the upper lip.
  • Horseshoe – known as biker moustache because it is largely favored by leather-wearing men who ride big bikes. It’s a long moustache that forms a horseshoe shape starting for your upper lip down to the sides of your mouth.
  • Handlebar – a flared out moustache
  • Pencil Moustache – a thin line of hair on the upper lip
  • Beard – hair on the chin, upper lip, and cheeks
  • Van Dyke Beard – chin hair and moustache aren’t connected
  • Neck Beard – hair grown under the jaw and/or on the neck
  • Mutton Chops – hair on the sides of the face that do not form a complete beard. Not to be confused with sideburns. Mutton chops get larger down the chin.
  • Goatee – tuft of hair on the chin
  • Soul Patch –hair just below the lower lip
  • Chin Curtain – long hair grown along the jaw line
  • Sideburns – hair that extends from the hairline down the sides of the face
  • Chinstrap Beard – sideburns that connect to form a beard

Best Facial Hair Styles


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If you’re planning to sport some facial hair, you should take into consideration what type of face you have. Different types of facial hair styles suit different face shapes. Not everyone is meant to have a full beard or a funky moustache. Determine what the shape of your face, its angles and curves, and also the best hairstyle that will compliment your facial hair. That way you’ll be able to recognize what type of facial hair style is best for you.

Facial Hair Styles for Men


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Men usually grow facial hair to look more manly and rugged. The type of style depends on what the man wants to look like. Generally speaking, all types of facial hair styles make men look more muscular and rough compared to boys with bare faces. But if you really want to have that alpha-male presence, it is highly suggested that you go for full but groomed beards.

Cool Facial Hair Styles


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While thick and bushy styles are wild and spontaneous, they’re not particularly trendy. They’re eccentric and look good only on those with a equally unconventional personalities. Cleaner and simpler styles like the round beard, the five o’clock shadow, or the neat moustache are much more fashionable. They’re easier to manage and gives the wearer a more calm and casual appearance.

African American Facial Hairstyles


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For African American men, gruffier and thicker styles look good on them. Full beards, in particular, are popular among dark-skinned men. Goatees are also recommended for these men. They’re edgy but not over the top.

Facial Hair Styles for Bald Men


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Men who don’t have much hair on their head are recommended to compensate with facial hair. Of course, one shouldn’t go for full facial hair styles. It would mess up the person’s facial symmetry. Lighter styles are more suited. The humble circle beard is an example of such style. They could also go for the modest five o’clock shadow. Just keep in mind to even out everything.

Popular Facial Hair Styles


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The obvious stubble is a popular facial hair style. It gives the man a more refined look yet subtly emphasizes his boldness. Other clean but masculine hair styles have also gained popularity. The goatee, for instance, has been around for centuries but continues to be a favorite.

Modern Facial Hair Styles


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Full beards, groomed and styled properly, are perfect for any modern man wanting a sharper, sexier look. Beards are often associated with virility. The overall scruff is for younger men with something to prove. It makes the man appear more creative and cool. Goatees, on the other hand, give a man a more mature air.

Asian Facial Hair Styles


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Although some might say that Asian men don’t typically grow facial hair, that isn’t true at all. Asian men are just as able to grow facial hair as easy as western men. They are able to sport all kinds of styles and each style gives them a certain characteristic look.

Hot Facial Hair Styles


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Some women might prefer their men without facial hair. It makes them look cleaner and younger. However, many women do consider facial hair to be sexy. The hottest male celebrities nowadays have flattering patches of hair on their faces that maximizes their sexual appeal. Well-groomed facial hair styles are much more preferred than wild, unkempt styles that, although look tougher and more exciting, are a tad too outrageous and unmanageable.

Trendy Facial Hair Styles


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Nowadays, young men are getting more and more attracted to growing out their facial hairs. The latest trend is growing unique facial hair that will make them stand out from the crowd – not too much though… the idea is to be unique, not tacky. However, they’re basically just variations of the usual and common styles that the world has already seen. Combinations of different styles are tried out and modified.

Amazing Rihanna Hairstyles and Haircuts

Through the years, there have been countless head-turning Rihanna hairstyles. The R&B diva has been described as a hair chameleon for a good reason! This fashion-forward glamorous star has had so many hairstyles that it’s never a surprise if she chops off her luxurious locks and sports a spunky pixie, or if she goes from formal wavy to funky curly. Rihanna constantly reinvents her look and she’s never afraid to try out a completely different style.

Whether it’s just a simple hair color change or a drastic full-on cut, the famous celebrity is as bold and daring as her musical performances. It’s obvious to anyone that one of Rihanna’s favorite accessories is her versatile locks. Despite her constantly changing hairstyle, one thing is persistently certain: no matter what style she chooses, be it a bob or a pixie or an updo, Rihanna always manages to don her dos glamorously. Nothing ever looks dull on this star. She expresses herself not only with her music but also with her hair! It’s no wonder trendy gals are always rushing to copy the latest Rihanna hairstyle.

Rihanna Bob Hairstyles


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This sexy do gave Rihanna a very chic but casual look. With blunted edges and straight bangs, Rihanna’s bob definitely turned heads. This is one of Rihanna’s tamer cuts. Easy to style and easy to manage, anyone can sport this style.

Rihanna Long Hairstyles



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Flowing tresses can give any woman an extra girly appeal. On Rihanna, long and luscious locks look absolutely fabulous. Whether she gives her locks some curls or a few waves, her long hair is always dazzling. To recreate the Rihanna look, you need to work on the texture of your hair. Remember how Rihanna often goes for full styles. And you should consider dying your roots to really get her look.

Rihanna Curly Hairstyles


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Gorgeous curls can really make a difference. The R&B queen seems to have a certain affinity for curls as she can rock them in any kind of style. Bouncy curls, corkscrew curls, finger curls – this girl looks glamorous in them all! If you plan on copying her curls, you first have to determine whether your hair is up to the task. The density and texture of your hair needs to be efficient enough to carry the curls properly. That said, just keep in mind that complimenting those ringlets with a touch of color on your face (particularly on your lips) is definitely recommended.

Rihanna Red Hairstyles


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Rihanna once admitted that one of her all-time favorite hairstyles was her fiery red do. Nearly everyone will agree that those daring locks definitely gave the fierce star an edge. Her red hair garnered a lot of attention. Red is hot and daring and sexy – just like Rihanna! Stylish followers should always keep in mind to get the shade of red that suits your skin tone. Do your homework first, ladies!

Rihanna Mohawk Hairstyles


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A Mohawk is indeed such a powerful hairstyle. Only the brave can manage a Mohawk with ease. Punky and edgy, Rihanna gives a whole new meaning to the do. Again, Rihanna’s style is all about the texture. Swayed to one side or teased upwards, this style can be experimented with greatly. This bold do is perfect for both casual and special events.

Rihanna Shaved Hairstyles


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This is one of Rihanna’s most shocking hairstyles of all. Not only did she prove that she can part with huge sections of her beautiful hair in the name of style, but also that she can look just as fabulous and girly with a shaved hairstyle. Generally, there are two ways one can go about with a shaved hairstyle. There’s the short shaved hairstyle and the long shaved hairstyle. Rihanna has tried both styles and looked, unsurprisingly, beautiful in both. Short styles can be played around with a lot assuming you have the right equipment and hair styling products. Swept up or wavy wonders or even straight and swayed – short hair is very flexible. But for those who want to try out this style but can’t bear to chop off those elegant tresses you’ve worked oh-so hard to grow, you can try the long shaved hairstyle. Basically you just shave one side of your hair and leave the rest as is. This glamorous style can be experimented with a lot so you’ll never get bored with it.

Short Rihanna Hairstyles


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Undoubtedly, Rihanna is one of the celebrities who started the short hair trend that has swept the fashion world by storm. Short and super short hairstyles look stunning on this beauty because it highlights her gorgeous face. Rihanna has tried out countless short hairstyles from the wicked pixie cut to the quiet pageboy and hasn’t failed to impress us all.

Rihanna Updo Hairstyles


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Updos are one of Rihanna’s specialties. With her gorgeously voluminous hair, updos are not only practical for the beloved energetic celebrity, they’re also very chic and sassy. Curls with side bangs are Rihanna’s favorite complements with her updos. They softly frame her face while giving her do an extra zest. If you want to get an updo like Rihanna, make sure to accessorize. Scarves worn as headbands, in particular, are very distinctive of Rihanna. They’re cute as well as functional!

Rihanna Medium Hairstyles


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Not too short but not too long, medium length hair is the glamorous “in between” hair length that can be styled in numerous ways. Rihanna’s usual approach to mid-length hair is lots of volume and lots of bounce. We’ve all been enchanted by her wavy locks and stunned by her rich and explosive curls. Her straight and medium length hairstyle is very formal and full. This girl definitely knows how to catch people’s attention regardless of the length of her hair. The possibilities are absolutely limitless with her hair!

Rihanna Weave Hairstyles


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Rihanna’s weaves are undeniably enviable. The Barbados beauty can sport her weaves glamorously both with her long hair and her short hair. To achieve a Rihanna-like look, try weaving only one side of your hair. Add a few waves to the rest of your tumbling locks and dye your roots a bit darker and you’ll look as cute and spunky as Rihanna.

Latest Short Hairstyles for Women 2014

short-hairstyles-for-womenShort hairstyles for women are not new. There have been countless women sporting short but sassy locks for years but it has only just recently become a popular trend. No longer do people associate long hair with femininity.

And why should they? A woman’s hair may be her crowning glory but that doesn’t mean that she has to have a particularly cumbersome crown.

Short bobs, pixie cuts, pageboy style – these short hairstyles accentuate a woman’s features and shows a confident woman not afraid to hide from attention. Easy to manage and fun to style, short hairstyles for women is a trend that’s here to stay.

so if you’re tired of your long hair and want to try something new and fresh, here are some of the best and latest hairstyles for short hair that you may want to try to yours.

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Latest Short Hairstyles for Women


Short Hairstyles for Black Women


What better way to highlight black beauty than with short locks? African American women are known for their striking features and self-assured appearance. Short hair can be styled simply or sassily.



You can even add personal touches that will suit your personality. With a variety of ways to don their dos, women will never get tired of keeping their hair short.

Latest Short Hairstyles for Black Women

Cute and sassy or fierce and sexy, there are many styles to choose from with this trend. Bangs are in fashion nowadays and they look great in short hair.



Curls, though incredibly difficult to maintain, are simply luscious on short tresses. Pixie cuts are also quite trendy; like its namesake, it gives the wearer the mischievous but girly appearance of a pixie.

Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Women


Though not for everyone, short and curly hairstyles are very stylish, especially for black beauties. Curls add personality to your hair. It gives volume and frames your face beautifully.

Short Bob Hairstyles for Black Women


Short bobs crown the head gorgeously. If you’re looking for a low-fuss but fashionable cut, consider going for a short bob. African American women have distinctive features so a short bob will be perfect for enhancing them.

Short Hairstyles for Older Women


Of course short hairstyles aren’t just for young women. There are many and more styles that look chic and savvy for the established, confident woman. You can go for a sweeter look with short locks and bangs. Or if you prefer to make a statement, opt for a bolder do with spikes or curls. Don’t think that just because you’re older, you have to settle for boring old hairstyles. You can never be too old to be fabulous.

Short Hairstyles for Women Over 40


Women in their forties are at their prime. Nothing can stop them. An edgier but very chic cut will look glamorous on these women. There’s the simple short cut, sexy and sporty, perfect for those with high cheekbones. Layered bobs are ideal for women looking for a spot of elegance. However, one should always do their homework before opting for short hairstyles. Consider the texture of your hair as well as the shape of your face.

Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50


For women who’ve seen the world and aren’t about to stop soon, a shorter, more refreshing hairstyle will be just the thing. You can get a simple, straight cut with a few strategic flourishes here and there, great for flattering your eyes and cheeks. Going short and spiky is also an option, albeit a more daring one. Short hair is great for those looking for a hairstyle that isn’t too maternal but still classy enough to show the world that this gal is not about to give up on glam.

Short Hairstyles for Women Over 60


Afraid of having to settle for the “grandmother look” and perpetually having to tie your hair in a bun tamed with numerous hairpins? Banish the thought! Short hairstyles are timeless so you need not fret. A short and shaggy hairstyle will make you appear more youthful but won’t diminish the graceful maturity that comes with age. Soft and wispy short hair will draw attention to your soft facial features, great for looking lovely and stylish.

Very Short Hairstyles for Women


For sporty and daring gals who want to be in style but are pressed for time, close-cut hairstyles are perfect. Look spontaneous and sexy with a fashionable pixie cut. Or try the fun and funky close crop, great for confident beauties not afraid to flaunt. Or if you’re a fashion-forward gal, try going for a spiky crop. Boys aren’t the only ones allowed to lather on some gel on their hair.

Short Spiky Hairstyles for Women


Want to look cool and edgy? Recognize the power and glam of spikes! Consider styling your hair short, much like a boy cut, and whip out some spikes using hair gel.


You can go for the wild look by letting your spikes jump out in random directions. Or you can comb them to one side, achieving a cleaner but sassier look. Spikes can look punky and cool or daring and sexy.

Short Hairstyles for Women with Thick Hair


Having voluminous hair is a blessing. Women with thick hair can easily sport short hairstyles. You don’t have to worry about having limp hair when you chop off your locks if you have thick hair; it’ll be able to carry itself fabulously. The short and messy look is quite trendy nowadays. Wavy hair also suits those with thick hair because with so much texture you won’t have to worry about your hair looking flat on one side. Thick hair will give you a lot to work with so have fun trying out different styles!

Short Hairstyles for Women with Thin Hair


Those with thin hair shouldn’t worry though. The sexy straight cut will look awesome on you. Blunt tips and strategically styled bangs should keep your hair full. You can also try the simple but gorgeous lob. This will look great with wispy and subtle layers. The thing to always remember in cutting thin hair is to minimize layering if you want to keep the hair in shape.

Short Hairstyles for Women with Fine Hair


What is the difference between fine hair and thin hair? Unlike thin hair, which is hair that doesn’t have much texture or volume, fine hair is glossy, has a flimsy texture, and doesn’t necessarily have to be sparse. For those with fine hair, short hairstyles are recommended. Pixie cuts, which can be styled in a variety of ways, often do the trick. You can also consider getting long side bangs for a trendier look. The pageboy look will also grab people’s attention.

Short Hairstyles for Women with Round Faces


For those with cherubic faces, there are tons of styles that will look fabulous on you. Never forget that the trick here is to add and balance just the right amount of angles on your face. Short crops with deep side parts will give your hair texture and alluring asymmetry. Curls with lots of layers are also worthy of note. You’ll look gorgeous and charming with your curls framing your cute, round face.

Short Wavy Hairstyles for Women


Add some dimension to your hair by trying out some waves. Subtle or flagrant, waves give your hair rhythm and beauty. Think about sporting an adventurous look by going for a short cut with vivacious waves. Or for a more cutesy but graceful appearance, try out some ruffled ringlets, perfect for most face shapes and for those wanting to go casual but not afraid to be messy. But if you want to give your hair some texture, choose a basketweave bob. The tiny swirls will look great on anyone.

Short Layered Hairstyles for Women


Layers give life to hair. In short hair, layers will add volume and personality to any kind of hairstyle. Going for multiple layers will make your hair look thicker and will achieve a very chic and sassy look. Minimal layers with clean sides is perfect if you’re looking for a more classy look. Make sure your layers will blend perfectly and add personal touches carefully. You don’t want to make your hair appear too heavy.

Short Messy Hairstyles for Women


The messy look is easy to achieve and fun to experiment with. Deliberately tousled hair looks cute and flirty but also casual enough to wear anywhere. Carefully make sure your messy hair looks natural as you style it. Make sure it’s not awkward and dull. Do this by using as little hair gel or mousse or any other hair product as possible. Less is more.

Short Shaggy Hairstyles for Women


Unlike most short hairstyles, shaggy hairstyle is short on the crown and gets longer near the neck area. This layered do will look gorgeous on anybody. Great for gals who want to look stylish but don’t have enough time to tame the tresses every morning. You can pull off sexy and elegant with a shaggy hairstyle.

Modern Short Hairstyles for Women

The fad nowadays is showing off the real you. Short hair shows off more of your face and accentuates your best features. Whether you’ll opt to get luscious bangs or sporty spikes or girly bobs, short hairstyles will bring out the bolder and more self-assured you.


Fun and comfortable to wear, you won’t regret chopping off your hair. Short hair is low-maintenance and very versatile. Spend less time styling your hair and more time being glamorous!

Beautiful and Easy Braided Hairstyles for Different Types of Hair

Braided hairstyles have a long and wild history. Dating all the way back to ancient civilizations, braids have unfailingly been a style that’s both practical and fashionable. Men and women alike wore their hairs in braids. Our ancestors weren’t just concerned about getting their hair out of their eyes either. Their braided hairstyles were an expression of their status in their group, their age, family, even their religion. Now that’s what I call multifunctional!

You can style braids in countless ways. Simple braid hairstyles are functional and cool but elaborate braids are just fierce. There’s just no stopping braided hairstyles. Whether it is for prom night to wedding ceremony, from a casual get together to formal event, braid hairstyles are a perfect choice. It’s astounding to imagine just how long braids have been around. The fact that its power to move and impress only gets stronger as decades pass is even more incredible! Here are some of the best braided hairstyles to look and browse.

Best Braided Hairstyles


Black Braided Hairstyles

Black is indeed BEAUTIFUL. African American women have naturally voluminous and curly hair. Over the centuries, to keep their hairs tamed, they’ve developed elaborate braids that are stunning and gorgeous even until now.


Braids are distinctive to African American men and women. The classic cornrow, which has spawned many variations over the years, is particularly great for thick and luscious hair.

Cute Braided Hairstyles

Braids are great for girly girls who like to keep their hair in check.

Source: Cutegirlhairstyles

Source: Cutegirlhairstyles

A simple braid will look cute on anyone especially if you add your own personal adjustment to suit your style. Laced buns are perfect for either casual or formal events.


And let’s not forget the fishtail braid. It’s been rapidly getting more and more attention nowadays. And for good reason! Fishtails are ultra stylish with its elaborate-looking design. It’s easy to weave too.

Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair

Source: Bebexo

Source: Bebexo

Women with long hair look great with braids. The humble French braid is perfect for those long locks. It’s a simple style that anyone can do by themselves. People might tell you otherwise but you really can French braid your own hair.


Waterfall braids look great for those with long hair. Just as the name implies, loose braids cascade down your hair gorgeously.


Easy Braided Hairstyles

Not so good at styling your hair? Don’t want to risk looking faux pas instead of fab-u-lous?


Go for easier braid hairstyles like the over-the-shoulder braid (you literally just have to bundle your hair over one shoulder and then braid) or the inverted braid (under instead of over, remember!) or the trustworthy two braids (double braids, double fun!).


Braided Hairstyles for Short Hair

Short-haired gals don’t fret! Braids will also look fabulous on you. Sure there are some styles that your vertically-challenged locks simple can’t do, there are also tons of fun and creative styles that you can try out.


The side swept braid looks great in short hair. There’s also the milkmaid braid, a clean and refreshing style that will give you so much freedom.


Mini braids for perky gals who have an eye for detail.

Braided Wedding Hairstyles


Here comes the braid! Strut down the aisle with lovely braids under your veil. The reliable updos are gorgeous with braids. Loose braids will make you look like you’re in a fairytale.


Braided Updo Hairstyles


Updos and braids go well together. The wrap around braid (party in the front and the back) is a stunning example of a braided updo. Twisted braids tied up are super chic too. And what about the crown braid? Simple yet fabulous. You’ll look like a fashion princess!

Braided Hairstyles for Kids

Little girls are energetic things. The best type of hairstyle for your little princess is one that will last through the day and will keep her hair out of her face. What better way to do that than with braids? They’re adorable on children and they get the job done.

Braided Mohawk Hairstyles


Mohawks have that cool and edgy look to begin with; add a few braids here and there and you got yourself a killer hairstyle that will really express your individuality and spunk. You’ll need a lot of patience and even more hairspray for this style. It’ll be worth it though when you see your spanking, sharp new do.

Braided Prom Hairstyles


Proms are one of those really magical events in a girl’s life where she has to up her fashion game. You want to look cool and sophisticated but not to the point of looking too stiff. Braids are the perfect solution for your prom hair problems.


The updo with braids will give you that awesome look that’s both formal and fabulous. Other elegant braids such as the boho braid or the fringe braid will definitely make you own the night.

Braided Hairstyles for Little Black Girls


African American little girls look especially adorable in braids. With their nappy hair and angelic faces, they’ll look darling in elaborate braids. Touch up her hairstyle with hair accessories like hair pins or ribbons and she’ll be the sweetest girl in the block.

Braided Ponytail Hairstyles


Jazz up your plain old ponytail with braids! Lace braids are just perfect for those who love French braids and ponytails.


You can also consider rope braids. This style is basically a low ponytail with a twist – literally!

Braided Hairstyles for Men


In our modern age, especially when it comes to style, men don’t want to be left behind. Braids aren’t just for women, you know. Heck, centuries ago in China, men had to plait their hair otherwise they faced the possibility of execution. Yikes! The most popular style for men nowadays is the cornrow style. It’s clean but very effective.

French Braided Hairstyles


You can’t go wrong with French braids! Even the simplest French braid looks gorgeous on any kind of hair. Mix things up a little with pins and ribbons. You can pin up your French braids and get a chic chignon or tie some ribbons on the ends or on the weave itself and look absolutely lovely.

Short Braided Hairstyles


For gals who like to keep it short! Braids close to the scalp are usually recommended for this. Better yet – pin it up!

Braided Curly Hairstyles


Curly girls, don’t be afraid! Braids can also be your friends. Shake up those ringlets with a glorious, French braided, pompadour! Or how about some funky buns? They’re edgy and spontaneous and are great for those with wavy textured hair. There’s also headband braids to choose too. They’re incredibly stylish and they keep your hair in place.

Braided Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair


Most, if not all, types of braids are great for those with medium length hair. Waterfall braid updos are classy and elegant. Braided buns are also great choices.

Half Up Half Down Braided Hairstyles


This is for those gals who love braids but don’t want to totally have their hair tied up (or down). If you choose to have your braid as a crown and the rest of your hair flowing freely down, you’ll achieve a fairy-like charm. This style is great for emphasizing your soft features.

Hairstyles for Long Hair

long-hairstylesNowadays, women and men fancy having long wavy locks that can own the world; thus hairstyles for long hair are some of the highly-demanded tips in the hair and beauty industry. As the saying goes – a person’s hair is also termed as the person’s crowning glory. You are how your hair looks like. Especially today, hair care and hair styling are some of the most commercialized aspects in the industry; such that we can always notice the numerous commercials intended for hair care.

Meanwhile, hair straighteners and hair curlers are also at a float in internet sites that are shipping these particular products internationally. This only indicates that hair care is on a run in the beauty industry, especially among women and youth. Today, long lush locks or smooth flowing strands are in the trend. Although there are some who still fashion short hair, having longer ones enable a person to do tons of things with his or her crowning glory – from braids to wavy outbursts. Consequently, women and men are on the go in searching for the best hairstyles for long hair that can leave a Hollywood sparkle.

Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair

Prom is a very meaningful rite of passage after high school, especially for a girl. This is the time (and excuse) to look one’s best by literally wearing their hair down.


For this particular occasion, we don’t want something that’s too vixen because you’re supposed to look sweet and charming, as if a flower that’s still not fully bloomed, so the hair style can have a Grecian-inspired or half-up.


Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair


Having wavy curls tend to work for a wedding look because this idea leaves a lasting romantic expression. You can even topple it with a sparkling head band that will make the image look even sweeter.


If you want to put up your long locks, then you can arrange your hair into romantic swirls at the back.

Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair

Now it may be a problem when you want to imitate your favourite Game of Thrones character but cannot spend too much time curling your hair, but here are a few tips for an amateur.



Braiding can be explored at this point, and there are plenty to choose from – French braid, fishtail braid or half braid.

Cute Hairstyles for Long Hair


Image: Balaxy

Cute hairstyles can start from the simplest forms there is – a lace braided bun is a recommended pick for gals who want a clean hair pulled at the back with a bit of romantic flair.


Image: Hairromance

If you don’t want a pull-back hair, then you can also try a lace-up hairstyle that turns a simple braid into a dynamic duo.

Curly Hairstyles for Long Hair



Long hair looks romantic when curled. There’s actually a variety to choose from but if you want a public’s choice that you can check out the mid-length fancy curls and the medium long layers curl.

Formal Hairstyles for Long Hair

Again, if you’re a fan of the Game of Thrones series then I’ll bet you’re dying to have an excuse to imitate the majestic hairstyles in the show.


Look no further, for formal occasions, you can do a fancy at your long shining glory: try Roman Inspired multi-layered and multi-dimensional curls with a touch of French braid at the top.


You can also try doing the open curls wherein you part the hair in the middle and add the curls using bobby curlers.

Indian Hairstyles for Long Hair


Braided Back Bun with Swarovski crystals to ornament it with is one of the most gorgeous and elegant hairstyles for this type. It’s not bombarded with too much detail – only the essence of simple elegance tied to bun.


Another is the long curls with side bun that’s ornamented with natural orchids or any romantic flowers, which can look sweet and romantic for any occasion.

Hairstyles for Long Curly Hair


For a natural curly hair, a regal spiral curls can add to the cuteness factor. This involves adding a braid across one side to the other the other under a slight bump on the top of the hair that can be further decorated with a sparkling tiara.


Hairstyles for Long Thick Hair

Don’t panic if you have long thick hair because when it comes to styling, this can be a plus.


It’s advisable to put a hot oil to coat your hair cuticle before heading to the more rigorous part of the styling: a chignon style, that is. This way, the fullness of your thick hair can be maximized to the fullest extent in making your look glamorous and not haggard.

Image: Beauty and the Bath

Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Long Hair

At this point, a bridesmaid has to look sweet compared to the bride herself. A messy bun supplemented with a tiara will be perfect for this idea.


Also, a simple-centred up do will also work nicely with the help of a bridesmaid’s tiara.


1920s Hairstyles for Long Hair

To have a 1920’s look, we have to adapt those classic knots, which has always been an epitome of the classic effect.


Another is the Rosemary Clooney look that entails to give a sassy look, especially with little bangs on a side swept effect that never fails to put a classic rip-off look.


Image: Becomegorgeous

Vintage Hairstyles for Long Hair

A classic beehive long hairstyle is fittingly Vintage; and at the same time, this is also versatile to use for any hair colour and face shape.


A partial-up style that also allows the hair to look soft and sleek is also one that gives a vintage look, especially with the presence of a few curls at the side.


Hairstyles for Long Hair with Layers

If you’re familiar with the side swept hair, then this is a hairstyle that can work when you have layers to begin with. The layers of your long hair can be more obvious once everybody notices the side swept truth above it all.


With the lank of hair resting on one of your shoulders, the layers can be more obvious. Additional points go to the added sleekness that your hair may accomplish at this point.

Hairstyles for Long Hair with Bangs

Flattened straight and sleek – this tends to work if you have bangs. Although bangs always give a sense of sensibility, they can be irritating especially if it’s swept in the wrong place.


To save yourself from this, try flattening your long waves with bangs into a sleek angel’s hair. You can sweep to one side the bangs using a flattener.


Pin Up Hairstyles for Long Hair

A Half down half up pin up style is a recommended hairstyle if you want to make anyone grab a run for their money. This style is both stylish and sweet. It is also easy to fix for those who want a finish but without the hassles of doing so.


If you want retro, go for the pin up pump. After all, pin up styles are all about making retro and modern meet half way.


Hairstyles for Men with Long Hair

It may seem odd, but wavy hairs tend to work for men who want a rock star look for their hair. At the same time, messy curly hairs also work to give a sexy outlook.


It’s only important that adapting wavy and curly hairs to men with long hair also recommends that “messy” look because we don’t want him to end up like a meta-female of Goldilocks.

Black Hairstyles for Long Hair

One of the top finds for this type is the Bob and Weave – a hairstyle that can be done overnight, especially for those chicks on the go. It’s only fair and just that we maximize a black hairstyle for what it is – glamour.


Another is called the Mane Attraction, something that can give Cleopatra a run for her money. The hair is parted to one side, thereby creating a mane and then using a hair straightener to get to the smooth sleek finish.


Hairstyles for Long Wavy Hair

Having a wavy hair is already a natural bonus and you only have to add a few details in order to make yourself ready for the spotlight. In this light, you should try a sexy side braid to complement the waves.


If you don’t fancy this, then try one of Selena Gomez’s signature hairstyles: the rock bedhead hair, which can let you stop worrying about getting a messy hair because this is style is the heart of it.


Hairstyles for Straight Long Hair

Blow-waved and smooth – this can be look good for a straight long hair. Because tons of women are always lining up to get their hair straight and relaxed, why not maximize the potential of your naturally straight hair? This recommended style is to make it look more sleek and smooth.


Image: Latesthairstyles

Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair Half Up

Twisted locks with a center-pulled hair is a both romantic and sweet style – it would be just what you need for a wedding. After all, wedding celebrations are not supposed to focus on your vampy attire or hair – they’re supposed to make everyone feel the magic of the moment and in order to do that, you need a hair style that’s beautiful but not too much.


Other recommended looks are: Katya style that makes a puffed-up on top with matching curls underneath; and the Aurielle Siple style that also makes a puffed-up on top with loose curls underneath but with a bonus of a veil peeking under the puffed-up top.