Are you getting tired of making the same and dull smoothies over and over. Make a delightful shake that will give your taste bud some pleasurable experience, as well as boost your health. Check out these healthy protein smoothie recipes that can be your partner in attaining the well-tone muscles. These collection of healthy protein shake creation will surely make you want for more.


Make a healthy protein shake after your work out at the gym. Mint extracts and leafy vegetables like spinach can add a cool flavor for your shake. Turn on the blender and let it grind the ingredients.

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Shift your drinks from bloody mary cocktail to a healthy bloody orange smoothie. Toss some slices of peaches and shake it with blood orange and orange juice. Flavor it up with vanilla yogurt and your ready to raise your glass.

High Protein Smoothie Recipes


Cool yourself this summer with healthy banana strawberry smoothies. Strawberry is pack with fiber and Vitamin C, which helps in improving your immune system. Blend it with peanut butter for a creamier smoothie.


Put in some more protein in your life and remove the fats in the wrong places. A frosty protein shake will help you to improve maintain the nutrients in your body. Grab two scoops of your favorite chocolate protein shake and banana. Place it in the blender with milk, xanthan gum and vanilla extract and let it grind until smooth.


Blueberry contains a nutrient called Manganese. Manganese protects our body from osteoporosis and anemia. Mix it with banana, spinach, butter, coconut, almond milk and ice cubes.

Whey Protein Smoothie Recipes


Slice the avocado into halves and place it unto the blender. Add a few drops of lime zest, a scoop of protein, flavor it with vanilla, coconut shreds, almond milk and stevia. Blend the smoothies and place it in a nice glass with a straw.


Relax and enjoy the sun bathing on the beach. Drink a refreshing Pina Colada protein shake for your desire. Top it with sweet cherry that matches your red lips.

Protein Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss


Pineapple Kiwi Mint Smoothies looks so delectable for this season. Bring on the pineapple chunks and mint leaves unto the blender. Finish it with coconut milk in the blender.


Look at that protein shake it is so tasty. It’s a combination of orange, pineapple and banana. Blended until it becomes oh so delicious.

Low Calorie High Protein Smoothie Recipes


Blackberries have low caloric content. In fact, it’s only 62 calories but it’s rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin K. So drink up with Blackberry ginger smoothies blended with apple, banana, spinach, ginger, oats and orange juice.

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To make a mint melon smoothie, spill a cup of almond milk unto the blender. Drop the slice bananas and avocado with any frozen fruit. Add spinach, flax seeds, protein powder and Stevia. Shake until it smoothens.

Breakfast Protein Smoothie Recipes


Do you want to munch your eggnogs in a different way? Grind and sprinkle them in a smoothie with adding milk, tofu, a few drops of lemon juice, a dash of salt and sugar, stevia packet, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger. Blend until ready to serve.


Cleanse your body toxins with healthy smoothies. This smoothie has blueberries, which are good antioxidants for the body. Mix it with banana, apple and yoghurt and shake it until it smoothens.

Healthy Protein Smoothie Recipes

14. It’s siesta time! Enjoy one of the tasty smoothies this summer. They call it the Banana Cherry high protein smoothies and it will entice your taste buds.


Ohhhh lala! It’s getting hotter and hotter this season but this Vanilla lime protein smoothie will keep you fresh and cool.