50 Beautiful Mehndi Designs and Patterns to Try!

mehndi-designsMehndi designs, known as Henna in the west, are temporary, superficial skin decorations that were first practiced in the Middle East and North Africa a few millenniums ago. The leaves of henna plants were used to create various colors of dyes for this traditional art. Mehndi is typically painted on the hands and feet for artistic or ritual use. The designs are usually elaborate patterns with multiple motifs. Different cultures have their own distinctive styles and methods of application. Fine lines, geometric patterns, bold shapes – mehndi is undoubtedly an art worth preserving.

Due to globalization, nowadays, mehndi designs are appreciated worldwide. Mehndi designs are beautiful on anyone and, because it’s not like a tattoo, you can continuously change your style whenever you get tired of your old one.

Mehndi Designs for Hands


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Mehndi is often applied on the hands and feet. The hands are the perfect place to paint your mehndi design because they’re the most exposed part of your body.


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Painting your hands were traditionally done for festivals or special events (like weddings) but nowadays it’s a common practice to apply mehndi designs on your body on a regular basis, like make-up.


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There are numerous designs for the hands. Intricate ones that coat almost the whole hand are usually reserved for wedding ceremonies and special functions. Simpler ones are more casual, more common, and fit for everyday use.

Arabic Mehndi Designs


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Arabic designs typically use one color. They differ from Indian designs because Arabic designs are largely influenced by the bold symmetrical lines and shapes developed by Africans. The patterns are simple but are painted with meticulous care.

Bridal Mehndi Designs


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Muslim brides paint their hands and feet with mehndi designs. Their designs are more elaborate and full compared to normal mehndi designs. The painting of mehndi is an important function before the marriage and is often held like a festival.


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It’s also a great way for the bride, her friends, and soon-to-be family to bond. In some cultures, grooms also have mehndi painted on their hands and feet.

Latest Mehndi Designs


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With the rising popularity of this traditional art, mehndi designs have flourished rapidly. Different styles and patterns are used. Elegant and flowery designs are the latest trend.


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The latest designs are combinations of two colors. Black and red are the most popular. It’s also common practice nowadays to paint mehndi on the body as well as the hands and feet.

Indian Mehndi Designs


Indian mehndi designs pay close attention to delicate lines. The dramatic shapes and patterns make Indian designs distinctive. They also use solid, distinctive colors for their designs to stand out.


Peacock patterns are commonly practiced in Indian mehndi. The elegant strokes make peacock the best subject for mehndi designs.

Pakistani Mehndi Designs


Traditional flower and paisley designs are the distinctive appearance of Pakistani mehndi style. They usually use


Striking lines and shapes are preferred. Pakistani designs are often more intricate and unique.

Mehndi Designs for Kids


Simple designs suit children better than intricate and complex designs. Flower patterns look great on them especially if they’re not too detailed.


It’s also recommended that the design doesn’t extend too far from the hand. It should be limited to the palms and/or the outer surface of the hand.

Mehndi Designs for Wedding


Whether you’re the bride or simply a guest in a wedding, having mendhi painted on your hands and feet will really set the mood. It is said that a wedding isn’t complete without mendhi. For weddings, elaborate designs are great. You can really go all-out with your designs. Celebrate the happy day with mehndi designs!

Easy Mehndi Designs


Most mehndi designs might look difficult but, with practice, they are actually quite simple. It’s all a matter of filling in the gaps and combining shapes and lines. There are plenty of easy motifs to experiment with. Just take it slow and easy.

Simple Mehndi Designs


Simplicity is beauty. This is all too true when it comes to mehndi. Meticulously designed mehndis have a striking and gorgeous quality that makes them ideal for special occasions. Simple mehndi designs have their own lovely and humble charm. The more simple the design, the better it will stand out.

Mehndi Designs for Beginners


For those who are new to the art of mehndi, it is recommended that you try to make your own designs to really get the hang of the art. Practice makes perfect! Beginners should learn how to manipulate the cone or pencil properly before moving on to more complicated designs.

Dulhan Mehndi Designs


Dulhan is the Hindu word for bride. Hindu weddings have a mehndi festival, the first and most important day of the three-day event, where the dulhan and all the other girls attending the wedding apply mehndi designs on their hands and feet.The dulhan needs to have mehndi designs on her hands and feet otherwise she’ll be incomplete. Mehndi designs make the dulhan look and feel more beautiful and confident.

Bridal Mehndi Designs for Full Hands


To enhance the bride’s beauty and elegance, the mehndi designs on her hands have to be very prominent. They should cover her hands completely.


The design should be full and heavy but not too intense. It should be just enough to beautify the bride perfectly.

Mehndi Designs for Full Hands


For getting a more dramatic look, applying full mehndi designs to your hands should be considered. It will enhance the hands’ delicate fingers and slender wrists. Full designs give the wearer a more eccentric but very stunning look.

Mehndi Designs for Legs


Recently, mehndi designs aren’t just applied on the hands and feet. Some women like to paint them on their legs. Mehndi designs make the legs appear longer and more gorgeous. It also adds an exotic charm to the woman regardless of the occasion.

Mehndi Designs for Feet


You can get really creative with the mehndi designs on your feet. Detailed floral patterns are the most popular for feet. Fine lines and Arabic-inspired styles and shapes are also great.

Latest Bridal Mehndi Designs


The latest trend in bridal mehndi designs is combining traditional mehndi designs with contemporary designs. Colorful mehndi designs are also gaining popularity.

Image Source

Image Source

To make your design even more gorgeous, strategically place colorful crystals on your mehndi. Thin and thick lines also give the mehndi design a very modern look.

Latest Mehndi Designs


Black Mehndi Designs


Black is a prominent color. It’s strong and bold, perfect for mehndi designs. Black mehndi designs are sharper and simpler. These can be used in special occasions and in casual events. It’s stylish but also elegant.

Traditional Mehndi Designs


Traditional designs include common motifs such as paisley shapes, leaf shapes, scallop lines, delicate lines, and more. They’re more elaborate than the mehndi designs used for casual wear. Oftentimes, they cover the whole hand or the whole foot.

Mehndi Designs for Eid


Eid is any Islamic religious festival that Muslims fervently observe. A great way to celebrate the feast day is by applying mehndi designs on your body.


Medium strokes are preferred for Eid mehndi designs. They’re not too thick but not too fine either. Express your emotions and your personal style!

Best Mehndi Designs


There are numerous combinations of motifs and styles for mehndi designs. It’s difficult to say which is the best design because all of them are beautiful and incredible in their own unique way.


However, the best designs should have even and careful strokes, elegantly meticulous details, and a touch of the wearer’s personality.

Beautiful Mehndi Design


This beautiful, intricate mehndi design is perfect for every auspicious occasion like wedding, engagement and Eid. The design features beautiful patterns, some with fine lines while some have full color.

Elegant Round Mehndi Design


Round patterns for mehndi are quite popular. In above photo, the designer focuses the main design in the palm by creating a round, intricate pattern, covering most of the space. The design in the wrist that served as bangles make the design even more elegant.

Latest Mehndi Designs for Wedding


This design features intricate, detailed pattern covering almost all the spaces at the back of the hand, extending towards the arms. The floral patterns, plus the swirls and dots make this design distinctive and unique.


This is quite simple for a bridal mehndi. However, most of the latest bridal mehndi use simple and easy to make patterns. This kind of design is also used for engagement and mehndi functions with family and friends.

Simple and Easy Mehndi Design


For beginners, simple and easy patterns for mehndi are best to start with. Designs that have simple swirls and outline is best to choose.

Simple Arabic Mehndi Designs

Image Source

Image Source

But if you just want a design that covers only the fingers of your hand, the above design is the best option for you. With its simple yet elegant patterns, this will surely make you stand out in any function.

Latest Pakistani Mehndi Designs


Image source

Gone are those days that mehndi colors are limited by one or two colors. Today, many designers can enjoy creating their patterns using different colors and accessories. Pakistani mehndi designs feature the combination of color brown, blue and green plus some gems and jewels in their  designs.


Floral Mehndi Design for Full Hand


Elegant Henna Mehndi Tattoo


Henna Mehandi Designs for Palm


Beautiful Eid Mehndi For Hand


Round Pakistani Mehndi


Simple Mehandi Design for Feet


Elegant Mehandi Designs



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15 Creative Wedding Favor Ideas

Tying the knot is always completed by a group of loved ones and friends attending as witnesses to the celebration of marriage. Their presence is an integral part not only in rejoicing, but in attesting to the love expressed, and the vows exchanged by newlyweds. Guests form a huge part of all nuptial preparations, no matter how small they come in numbers.

Of friends and flowers, a wedding is a day of happy and beautiful things. Extending gratitude to wedding attendees is done mostly by verbally thanking them during reception speeches. Traditionally, however, it is also gestured by giving tokens of appreciation or souvenirs. In addition, they would be a good reminder of that day of unison, the start of forever.


Source: etsy.com

This wedding memento is not just personal for being handmade, but is also very unique and tasteful – literally. Coffee never goes out of fashion. Wrapped in a beautiful paper packet and bound by a string, twine, or ribbon or choice, these coffee beans surely will make any guest perked up with excitement.

Preparing wedding favors does not require spending too much to me memorable. This homemade souvenir suggestion is simple but iconic – and drinkable. A mixture of lemon juice and vodka on a pretty clear jar is both appealing to the eye, and quenching.

Cap your wedding celebration by giving your guests this very classy token. An antique, old-fashion styled key would be remindful of a large mansion or castle. A symbol of a fairytale-like wedding. It can also be used as a bottle opener. A symbol of merriment. Just add a thank you tag and you will be thanked in return.

The most remembered gifts are those which can actually be used. These personalized water bottles are not just unique wedding favors. They are also very useful. They may come in a classic variety of silver or white. Have them printed with you and your spouse’s initials, plus the wedding date, and all that is lacking are the thank you tags to go with them.

Your wedding keepsakes may be uniform in material but each guest will receive a 4-letter message apart from the rest in this Scrabble-tiles wedding favor idea. Just glue each tile with a magnet and have the letters stick in a tin container. There will certainly a buzz from comparing guests. The day ends up poetically.

Spread the love and the sweetness of your wedding day by giving your guests edible remembrances. This idea is a cool layering of sugar, cocoa powder, powdered milk and salt in a clear pint-sized jar. Before capping, add crushed peppermint candies and marshmallows. Supply with ribbons and tags of choice. No guest would not smile in this token of appreciation.

Source: Evermine

Source: Evermine

“Sugar, spice and everything nice” literally comes in these bottled wedding favors. For “sugar and spice,” a bottle can be filled with a sweet and spicy rub while you can use curry for the “everything nice” bottle. Two bottles of flavorful and colorful spices, boxed together, designed, and tagged for each guest.

This wedding favor idea is definitive of how grateful you are to your guests. A labor of love, they are of classic and elegant quality. Porcelain is always precious. Especially if made out of scratch. They can be personalized my metallic ink and stamps and may be pierced for a ribbon to hang it with.

These boxes of souvenirs contain both elegance and fragrance. It makes use of the grand peacock feathers and personally-made soap. House them on boxes of same stylishness and adorn them further with studs and ribbons, and you guests will surely not forget your wedding.

This organic idea of a wedding favor is very colorful, inexpensive, and easy to do. Birdseeds give a rustic palette of colors. Mix them together with binding agents of flour, water, gelatin, and corn syrup. Mold them in heart-shaped cookie cutters and you are ready to let dry your one-of-a-kind wedding favor.


Source: elli.com

Ignite fire on your wedding favors by giving out matches labeled personally. Theming on chalkboards, you may circle on them when printing out your designs. Being the “perfect match” that you and your spouse are, these keepsakes will definitely make your guests smile.


Source: showcse.com

You can handmade your wedding favors by preparing bath soaps. Lavish and fragrant as they are, satin ribbons tying them steps it up further. Tags, twines, and other decorative add-ons can set the theme similar to the rest of your wedding.

Stuff your favor boxes with covered almonds. This wedding favor makes uniform colors for the boxes and the almonds depending on your motif. Not just pleasant to the eyes, these edible goodies will surely be a hit to your guests. Bind them with sailor strings where you can hang your thank you tags.

On your wedding, you may give out mini wine bottles. They may represent your love growing only sweeter with age. You may personalize them by labeling them with your lovely couple photos captioned with the date of your wedding or any message you wish to extend to your guests.

Message in a bottle is what this wedding favor is all about. But the message is actually on the tequila bottle, not inside it. You may commission bottle printing services with thank you messages and designs of choice. Seal it up with cork and embellish it with a ribbon that suits your motif.

14 Cool Rose Tattoo Designs For Girls


Since time immemorial, roses have always been a beacon of love, romance, sweetness, sophistication, and beauty.

As such, roses give a strong standpoint and excellent statement as a timeless tattoo design. It never fades nor fails. Just like a tattoo, the great rose does not simply charm without stinging. It has thorns – doubling its symbolic value as a design.

The rise in the popularity of roses as a tattoo needed no promotion. Largely contributing to the affection for the design is the fact that well-loved celebrities are inked with all kinds of roses. Cher, Mary J Blige, and Lady Gaga are just some of the female artists having a rose tattoo. And it was never exclusive to femininity. We are talking about Vinnie Jones, Richie Sambora, and Ricky Martin, to name a few.


Source: uulov.com

A red-and-black tattoo design inked on the ankle. It has a main rose and a smaller bud next to it. The stem dramatically curls and branches out, giving more black stems with leaves. Only the roses and the leaves are shaded red.

If you are looking for a grand rose design, this foot tattoo is a perfect fit for you. It is solidly colored in black with impeccable shadings and a lone, huge rose as a centerpiece. It gives a corsage feel to it. It is further adorned by rose vines and leaves.


Source: whicdn.com

Accentuate your left shoulder with a bouquet of roses. This design will not give you a hard time making that impossible. A ball of vividly red roses with green leaves and is seemingly being pulled afloat by a flying bird (of great details too), this tattoo is hard to miss.

The classic red rose. The text surrounding it, inked in black, summarized what roses really are. They are a combination of gentle and fierce. This is as suggested by their thorns. This back tattoo makes a nice statement and is pleasant to the eyes as it is, because of the cursive text font used.

These roses are so realistic that they look freshly handpicked from the garden. The shading is beautifully made including the different hues of green in the leaves. Aside from a red rose, the design also has a pink and a white one which symbolizes admiration and purity respectively.

Roses for a tattoo often incorporate add-ons to accentuate them further. This design makes use of another iconic and staple tattoo symbol, the skull. Situated just behind the right shoulder, the skull is surrounded by roses in red ink which cascades further down the back.

Two beautiful symbols of color and grandeur are roses and peacock feathers. This massive side trunk tattoo design combines the two complementarily. The rose is shaded in a pale hue as to not overwhelm the bright colors of the peacock feather.

Everybody loves a blue rose as much as everybody loves music. These two favorites are united in this great tattoo design. The single blue rose stems out a blue stem which curls to form a G clef. An ingenious and attractive design.

This arm tattoo is composed of a beautiful dream catcher adorned by surrounding pink roses. The net inside the dream catcher is weaved ,forming another flower-pattern. The “bead work” and feather elements add up to the beautiful elements this tattoo design has.

Three huge roses surrounding a leg are what this tattoo design is offering. The three large roses in full bloom are shaded to give an old rose effect. The roses are connected by flirty vines. In addition, a beautiful butterfly sitting atop in a sideways position caps this body art.

This leg tattoo design comprises a large red rose with outlined leaves. The red shading on the petals of the rose is so realistic it looks like a photograph of a real rose. To give contrast to the softness of the flower, its leaves are inked black and outlined without any shading.

Music and roses both relate to romance, and are both featured in this design. Musical elements such as notes, the G clef, and staff with some written lyrics house the centerpiece which is a grand red rose. It is not a linear design as the icons are playfully angled.

This very detailed red-and-green sleeve tattoo is hard to miss. The contrast of the colors demands attention. Moreover, the green does not come from the leaves alone. Alongside the red ones are green roses too.

There are several key (literally) elements in this tattoo design. It is composed of a bird, a rose, a banner, a statement, and yes, a key. The whole art is outlined in black giving it a sleek kick to it.

14 Delightful and Healthy Protein Smoothie Recipes

Are you getting tired of making the same and dull smoothies over and over. Make a delightful shake that will give your taste bud some pleasurable experience, as well as boost your health. Check out these healthy protein smoothie recipes that can be your partner in attaining the well-tone muscles. These collection of healthy protein shake creation will surely make you want for more.

Make a healthy protein shake after your work out at the gym. Mint extracts and leafy vegetables like spinach can add a cool flavor for your shake. Turn on the blender and let it grind the ingredients.


Source: hungryhannahs

Shift your drinks from bloody mary cocktail to a healthy bloody orange smoothie. Toss some slices of peaches and shake it with blood orange and orange juice. Flavor it up with vanilla yogurt and your ready to raise your glass.

High Protein Smoothie Recipes


Source: bhg.com

Cool yourself this summer with healthy banana strawberry smoothies. Strawberry is pack with fiber and Vitamin C, which helps in improving your immune system. Blend it with peanut butter for a creamier smoothie.


Source: dailyburn.com

Put in some more protein in your life and remove the fats in the wrong places. A frosty protein shake will help you to improve maintain the nutrients in your body. Grab two scoops of your favorite chocolate protein shake and banana. Place it in the blender with milk, xanthan gum and vanilla extract and let it grind until smooth.

Blueberry contains a nutrient called Manganese. Manganese protects our body from osteoporosis and anemia. Mix it with banana, spinach, butter, coconut, almond milk and ice cubes.

Whey Protein Smoothie Recipes

Slice the avocado into halves and place it unto the blender. Add a few drops of lime zest, a scoop of protein, flavor it with vanilla, coconut shreds, almond milk and stevia. Blend the smoothies and place it in a nice glass with a straw.

Relax and enjoy the sun bathing on the beach. Drink a refreshing Pina Colada protein shake for your desire. Top it with sweet cherry that matches your red lips.

Protein Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss

Pineapple Kiwi Mint Smoothies looks so delectable for this season. Bring on the pineapple chunks and mint leaves unto the blender. Finish it with coconut milk in the blender.

Look at that protein shake it is so tasty. It’s a combination of orange, pineapple and banana. Blended until it becomes oh so delicious.

Low Calorie High Protein Smoothie Recipes

Blackberries have low caloric content. In fact, it’s only 62 calories but it’s rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin K. So drink up with Blackberry ginger smoothies blended with apple, banana, spinach, ginger, oats and orange juice.

To make a mint melon smoothie, spill a cup of almond milk unto the blender. Drop the slice bananas and avocado with any frozen fruit. Add spinach, flax seeds, protein powder and Stevia. Shake until it smoothens.

Breakfast Protein Smoothie Recipes

Do you want to munch your eggnogs in a different way? Grind and sprinkle them in a smoothie with adding milk, tofu, a few drops of lemon juice, a dash of salt and sugar, stevia packet, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger. Blend until ready to serve.


Source: bhg.com

Cleanse your body toxins with healthy smoothies. This smoothie has blueberries, which are good antioxidants for the body. Mix it with banana, apple and yoghurt and shake it until it smoothens.

Healthy Protein Smoothie Recipes

14. It’s siesta time! Enjoy one of the tasty smoothies this summer. They call it the Banana Cherry high protein smoothies and it will entice your taste buds.


Source: yummly.com

Ohhhh lala! It’s getting hotter and hotter this season but this Vanilla lime protein smoothie will keep you fresh and cool.

13 Homemade Wedding Favor Ideas To Personalize Your Favors!

The “wedding somethings” of old, new, borrowed, and blue can also be applicable in coming up with great wedding favors. “Something old” can be a classic giveaway symbolic to the love of the newlyweds. “Something borrowed” can be keepsake ideas of others, tweaked a little for personalization and variety. Depending on the motif, they can definitely be “something blue.” The following wedding favor plans will definitely give something new.

This simple wedding favor idea makes use of Coca-Cola bottles (with contents). Simple, sweet, inexpensive, but very unique, these giveaways are adorned with red ribbons, red-and-white striped straws, and “cheers” tags. Definitely a sweet household treat your guests would love to have anytime.


Source: marthastewart.com

This is a very cute and delicious wedding favor idea. All that is needed to be done are baking and stacking. Bake cookies the shape of buttons (with holes). Pile them up and bind them together by letting a ribbon sew through the button holes. This is a thoughtful treat to grace your wedding day.

Silverwares can be good wedding favors. Using measuring spoons the shape of hearts, your gratitude to your guests for their presence can never be measured. So is your love for your better half. Keep them on their box and add tags with messages suitable to the occasion. And every guest will go home with a beautiful wedding favor which is also very useful.


Source: pinterest.com

Classic, fragrant, and useful (in its nature or as a decoration), these candle wedding favors are hard to ignore. They come in transparent so a flower inside can be a beautiful addition. You may house them on a glass-like clear plastic box. All that is left to be done are knotting a ribbon and attaching tags.

Share your most favorite recipes as a couple to your guests by giving recipe books as wedding favors. You may design your own cover by layouting it with a couple picture and the date of your nuptials, and other relevant captions. You are spreading the love through the dishes you enjoyed together.

Coaster can make great wedding favors. Simple but decorative and useful, they also come with statements. And they are not hard to find. You may personalize them by adding laces, ribbons, and tags where your thanksgiving remarks are written.

These silver place card holders are screaming LOVE. The perfect word to summarize your perfect wedding day. You may make use of them as wedding favors by holding a card indicating table assignments for each guest. That way, it becomes extra personal.

A cool wedding favor can come in the form of a wooden spoon. Classic, iconic, and actually useful, wooden spoons even are not hard to find and not tedious to craft with. Wrap them with a ribbon of preference and a tag and you have a souvenir dear to everyone.

Here is a great idea for a wedding favor. It is unique because it is a living souvenir. A small plant. You may choose from aloe vera to basil and lavenders, there is quite a wide array of pot plants. They are only sure to grow as your marriage progresses. Don’t foget to label them up, so your guests would know which date their garden has start.

There are definitely strings attached in this milestone event. And that can be perfectly symbolized by your wedding favors of strings. These colorful string bracelets would really be remindful of your wedding day. Since they come in different colors, delegate to your guests the act of choosing what they prefer. You can set up a wedding favors nook in this regard.

If you want a unique wedding favor which is depictive of your wedding, you may consider these wine bottle stoppers. They are household useful, and their designs are a groom’s tuxedo and a bride’s wedding gown. You may sort them into the gender of your guests. A sure smile bringer.


Source: fabmood.com

Sunglasses are great wedding favors. That is something new and functional especially on a midday garden or beach wedding. If that’s the case, party favors should be handed on the first part of the celebration. The uniformity in your guests would also look good in pictures.


Source: fabmood.com

A box of sweet meringue can make a good wedding favor. It is summarily descriptive of how a wedding should be – sweet, colorful, and well-prepared. You may choose colors according to your motif, and what could be complementary to your box, ribbon, and tag. Newlyweds may surely melt with overwhelming love on their wedding day, but at least their sweet, edible party favors do not.