50 Fabulous Christmas Nail Art Designs

Christmas decorations, all set and decked! Christmas menu, checked! Your Christmas outfit, ready to be rocked! You’re all set and ready for the holiday then, but it seems like you’re missing something. Don’t forget to dress up your nails too to match with the upcoming festivity.

Get yourself totally prepped for the holiday by having these cool and festive Christmas nails arts. There are so many Christmas nail designs available that you can paint on your nails – even you’re a beginner! Among the most popular nail designs are Santa, polka dots, glittered, stripped, Rudolph, dotted and snowflakes. Whatever theme you want for your nails, you can find some inspiration here.

Candy Cane French Christmas Nail Art


Have those cute and sweet Candy cane pattern on your nail with this Christmas nail art. The red and white stripes mimic the candy cane design. Plus the holly design, this nail art is truly breathtaking!

Via: Seize the Nail

Black Outline Christmas Tree Nail Art


You can also keep your nail art sweet and simple. Paint the tips with black nail polish, with one Christmas tree design on one of the nails. Then sprinkle some white nail polish for snowy effect.

Via: Fairly Charming

Holiday Cheer Red and Green Nail Art


Wow, this is so cute and festive. The combination of green and red is so fabulous with this one.

Festive Holly Nail Art Design


The holly nail arts are so beautiful against the white nail base coat. This is perfect for those who want to have a simple christmassy look on their nails.

Via: Paulina’s Passion

Pretty Heart and Reindeer Christmas Nail Art


If you’re a little fed up with traditional Christmas colors which are green and red, you may also try neutral colors. You can still achieve the holiday feel by having Christmas designs like snowflakes and reindeer.

Santa Hat Christmas Nail Art


A Santa hat for each nail is so cute! This is a perfect design to put you in a holiday mood this Christmas.

Creative Christmas Nail Design


Here’s a two-toned Christmas nail art. A white base coat and black pixel Christmas designs make this nail art rock!

Santa Christmas Nail Art


Awww, this is totally adorable! Have two nails with plain red nail polish, then Santa’s face on one nail and Santa belly with belt on the other.

Festive Glitter Nail Art


Make your Christmas sparkle with these glittered nails. The green and red glitter combo, plus some splash of silver and white dots is totally fabulous!

Via: Glitters and Nails

Cute Santa Nail Art


Here’s another cute Santa christmas nail art.

Santa and Rudolph Christmas Nail Art


Or you can also include Rudolph, Santa’s red nose reindeer, on your nail design. Then, paint some polka dots on the other nails.

Via: the Crafty Ninja

Cute Christmas Nail Art Design


As beginner, you can try this two-toned Christmas nail art. Paint your nails with red base coat. Then, put different designs like polka dots and Christmas tree on each nail using white nail polish.

Red and Green Ribbon Nail Art


This is totally Christmassy!

Santa Minions Nail Art


Who wouldn’t want to have these adorable little creatures dressing up as Santa on their nails? These Santa Minions are so adorable!

Patterned Christmas Nail Art


Simple Matte Christmas Nail Art



Via: Nail up

Winter Snowy Nail Art


A cute penguin on a winter, snowy Christmas…

Via: Paulina’s Passion

Let it Snow Nail Design


Let it snow, snowman on your nails and a snowflake on the other.

Christmas Light Glow Nail Design


Is it just my eyes or these Christmas light design seems glowing? Then, this nail art is awesome having these almost realistic glow on it.

Gold and Green Nail Art


Via: Sonalicious

Sweet Snowflakes Nail Art


Via: Cuded

Frozen Forest Winter Nail Art


Via: Sassy Shelly

Cute Penguins Nail Art


Christmas Pudding Nail Art


Oh, a Christmas pudding on your nails. This will totally rock your holiday – will make it a delish one!

Snowy Christmas Nail Art


Holly and Garland Nail Art


Have a little accent of garland and holly on your nails. This is perfect if you want to keep your nails simple yet festive. The green and red nail polish combo is perfect to achieve this look.

Festive Christmas Nail Art design


Glittery Ornament Nail Art


Christmas Characters Nail Art


Via: Pinterest

Stardust Christmas Nail Art


This is one of my favorite nail art design. The black glossy nail base coat perfectly showcase the golden star dust on the french tip, giving it elegant and fabulous look.

Checkered Holiday Nail Art


Via: Hannah Rox Nails

Pink Snowflake Nail Art


Via: Debbie

Retro Christmas Nail Art


Via: Sensationails4u

Dotted and Christmas Tree Nails


Via: Lifeisbetterpolished

Red and Gold Tree Christmas Nail Art


Night Before Christmas Nail Art


Via: Rina Alcantara

Colorful Glitter Nail Art


Ice and Snowy Nail Art


Red Holiday Cheer


Christmas Tree Nail Art


Via: Handtastic Intentions

Simple Christmas Nail Art


Via: topinspired

Christmas Light Nail Art


Red French Nail art


Via: Lizana Nails

Red, Gold and Green Nail Art


Candy Cane Nail Art


Snowflakes and Dots Christmas Nail Design


Purple Delight Nail art


Christmas Festivity

Christmas Nail Art Designs Tutorials

Via: Fashionisers

Red and Snowflake Nail Art



Breathtaking Christmas Centerpiece Decorations

Christmas is one of the most-awaited holidays of the year. Decorating for Christmas is one good way to prepare for the holiday. And our dining table, where the family gathers on the night of the Christmas Eve, should never be left out when decorating for the holiday.

A perfect centerpiece can create whatever atmosphere you want for your table. Be it sweet, elegant, romantic or festive, the right choice of Christmas centerpiece can set your preferred mood. There are so many options you can choose for your centerpiece. You can use different materials and ornaments to achieve the centerpiece you desire for your table. But what should you actually get?

First, you have to decide what kind of mood you want to set for your table. You can start your decorating from there. And to give you more inspiration, here I’ve gathered some of the most beautiful Christmas centerpiece. Hope you enjoy this collection.

Beautiful Christmas Centerpiece Ideas


The combination of red and silver Christmas baubles, beaded garlands and red candle, arranged in a three-tiered glass cake stand complete this beautiful centerpiece. This can give your dining table a festive and jolly atmosphere on the holiday.

Candles and Berries Centerpiece


You can also use cranberries in decorating your centerpiece. Simply arrange your votive candles in a platter and fill it with cranberries. Put some pine leaves on the side and you have this stunning centerpiece.

Via: Midwest Living

Winter Wonderland Christmas Table Decorations


Create a winter wonderland atmosphere in your dining table this Christmas. The frosted and snowy tree ornaments complement well with the red place mats and plate.

Via: Lady Behind the Curtain

Rustic Christmas Table Setting


Christmas decoration is never complete without hollies, candy canes and pinecone. Create a rustic table setting by creatively arranging these Christmas ornaments on the center table. Complete the set up with a chunky candles with ribbons.

Via: Lisa Takes Six

Simple Christmas Centerpiece


You can keep your centerpiece nice and simple. Gather a handful pine twigs, wrap the bottom part with burlap fabric and secure it with ribbon and you have this cute centerpiece.

Via: The Golden Sycamore

Floral Christmas Centerpiece


Rose flowers plus holly wreath made this centerpiece a unique craft. Put some rose inside a clear glass and let it sit on a crystal plate. Put the holly wreath around the bottom of the glass to accent.

Via: Midwest Living

Easy and Simple Christmas Centerpiece Idea


Christmas baubles and ornaments are not just for Christmas tree. You can also use them for your centerpiece decor. Fill those clear jars and glass with brightly-colored bulbs and baubles and arrange it on a white cake stand.

Via: Pinterest

Painted Mason Jars Christmas Table Centerpiece


For frugal diy Christmas centerpiece, you may try creating your own luminary made of painted mason jars. Put candles inside and arrange it on a cake stand. Accent it with pine twigs and presto!

Via: The Frugal Homemaker

Candle Centerpiece with Fresh Ornaments


Candles and flowers usually complement with each other. Arrange some flowers and evergreen leaves in a red platter. Then, put your clear glass with candles on it on the middle part of the floral bedding. This is a perfect centerpiece of romantic dinner.


Cinnamon Stick Floral Christmas Centerpiece


Push your creativity to the fullest with this inexpensive Christmas centerpiece. Create a vase of made of cinnamon sticks by simply wrapping it with yarn. Then put some greens on it. Accent it with dried pine cone to complete the arrangement.

Via: A Cowboy’s Wife

Rustic Christmas Table Decorations


If you want a country-style Christmas table setting, you can arrange pillars of white candles in a wooden plant box. Then add some pine twigs and cones to complete the setting. This is perfect especially if you use wide burlap ribbon for table runner.

Image: Etsy

Shabby Chic Christmas Centerpiece


Oh, this one is so cute and clever I can’t help it but to share.

Via: Shanty 2 Chic

Garden Christmas Centerpiece


Greens and wooden plant box are a perfect combination for a rustic centerpiece. Arrange your candles in a wooden plat box. Throw some pine twigs and cones on it and it’s perfect!

Via: Far Above Rubies

Balls, Candies and Hollies


You can make a beautiful centerpiece with almost anything. Clear jars and glasses are a perfect basin for candy canes, natural ornaments and Christmas balls.

Via: Pinterest

Rustic Christmas Candle Holders


You can make a candle holder with a log. Carve a hole on each log and set your teacup candles on the top of each. Arrange the holders in a rustic platter and accent it with red berries and pinecones.

Via: Rustique Art

Red and Silver Candle Centerpiece


Red and silver is the traditional colors for Christmas. Use those red and silver balls and set them up in a two-tier cake stand. Complete the set up with candy-wrapped candle on the center.

Via: This and That Creative

Pretty Balls Centerpiece


This one is so pretty. The colors of Christmas balls create elegant feel on the platter.


Felt Flowers and Twigs Centerpiece


Red and white felt pom-poms plus twigs, set in a clear cylinder glass can make a stunning centerpiece.

Via: Northpole

Ornamental Christmas Centerpiece


Here’s another beautiful ornamental centerpiece. The red baubles sitting on the top of inverted wine glass is such a delight to see. The greeneries make this centerpiece even more stunning.

Via: Reinvented

Quirky and Swirly Christmas Ornaments


You can also use swirly topiary as centerpiece.

Via: Pinterest

Luminous and Sparkling Candle Lights


Candle holders with snowy and winter wonderland cut-outs is perfect for your red candles.

Via: Martha Stewart

Holiday Fuchsia Delight



Via: Midwest Living

Cranberries and Candles


Via: Like a Saturday

Cute Christmas Table decoration



Via: Mama Papera

Simple Cranberry Centerpieces


Fill a glass with a layer of salt, cranberries and evergreen leaves to create this simple yet enticing centerpiece.

Via: Madigan Made

Floating Candles and Cranberries


Or, you can fill a clear jar with water (you can also use scented oil), pine twigs, cranberries and floating candle.

Via: The DIY Playbook

Tiers of Holiday Delight


You can create a tiers of happiness by arranging a layer of Christmas balls (red and white) on a three-tiered bowls. Put some greens on the bottom and nuts on the middle.

Via: Midwest Living

Sparkling Gold and Silver Centerpiece


Golds and silvers speak elegance. So if you want elegant table setting on the holiday, here’s an idea for you.

Via: Style at Home

Topiary Holiday Centerpiece


Via: Madigan Made

Floating Candles on a Mason Jar


Here’s another version of floating candles with cranberries in mason jars.

Via: Better Homes and Gardens

Floral Delight


Reds will never go out of style when it comes to Christmas decorating. In this one, the bright colors of red Christmas balls against the white platter is truly majestic.

Frosted Votive Centerpiece


Via: Garden Mama

Christmas Baubles and Clear Jar Centerpiece


Throw some Christmas balls in a clear jar and you have this frugal centerpiece.

Via: Crazy Adventures in Parenting

Simple Christmas Table Decoration


Here’s another easy-to-make Christmas centerpiece.

Via: The Idea Room

Santa Hat Centerpiece


Santa hat centerpiece is perfect for a festive atmosphere for your table. Add some colorful baubles on the platter.

Via: A Thrifty Decor Chic

Painted Bottles and Evergreen Branches Centerpiece


Paint unused bottled with white and use it as a vase. Put some evergreen twigs on it and complete this serene centerpiece arrangement.

Via: B Lovely Events

Wineglass and Floating Candles


Here’s another floating candle centerpiece. But this time, you can use wine glass.

Via: Flickr

Enhanting Mason Jar Luminaries


These enchanting luminaries can create a magical atmosphere in your dining hall on the holiday. Put some sparkling Christmas light inside the clear jars. Arrange them in a wicker plate. Add some pine cones and twigs to complete the look.

Via: Hometalk

50 Easy DIY Christmas Decorations That You Can Actually Make

Christmas is probably one of the most-awaited occasions of the year. Who wouldn’t love Christmas? Aside from those delicious, lip-smacking desserts and treats, the gifts we receive and the happy moments we share with our family, Christmas is also a perfect time for our creative prowess to take over. This Christmas, let your creative side shine in doing these easy and simple Christmas decorations. You won’t just enjoy the bonding moment with your kids (if you happen to do these with them), you could also find yourself saving some bucks from buying new Christmas decors.


You can use old Christmas decors or other recyclable materials to give your home a new look. You can make your own ornaments and decors – be it for your Christmas tree, your door, your porch or dinner table. This is a good way to have a bonding with your kids too. You can let them learn some ways to craft easy and cheap yet beautiful Christmas decorations. Here are some of the easiest and simplest DIY Christmas decorations that you can try.

Lighted Nativity Ornament



Via: I Can Teach my Child

Star Wire Ornament


Create a beautiful star ornament for your Christmas tree using wires. With these simple material, you can give your tree a new look.

Via: Alyssa and Carla

Botanical Ornament


If you have old, clear Christmas baubles from your last year’s Christmas tree decor, you can turn it into something unique and new. Just add some fresh greenies and berries inside it.

Via: The Crafted Life

Quick Christmas Ball Decor


No need to be a craft genius to create this DIY Christmas decor. All you need is a clear jar, Christmas balls with different colors and voila! Just throw them all inside and you’ve got this colorful Christmas decor.

Via: My Invisible Crown

Mason Jar Christmas Tree


You can do a lot of things with mason jars. One is to turn it into a magical, glassy Christmas tree. Stack those jar in a form of Christmas tree, put Christmas lights inside and there goes your mason jar tree!

Via: Dvenik

Paper Ornament


Via: Nalles House

DIY Luminary


Here’s a simple yet beautiful Christmas centerpiece that you can make yourself. Get a cylinder jar, washi tape and candle and you’ve got this beautiful Christmas table decoration.

Via: Midwest Living

DIY Ping Pong Ball Lights


Give your ordinary Christmas light a magical touch. Just poke a hole in a ping pong ball, insert each light bulb inside and there goes your magical Christmas light.

Via: Say Yes

Star Decor


Oh, this one is very simple, cheap and clever. Who would have thought that you can turn those simple twigs into cutesy! Now I know what I’ve got to do with those excess twigs I cut from my latest Christmas tree.

Via: Spalvotas Dryzuotas

Santa Logs


Can’t afford to have those magnanimous and expensive Santa inflatables for your outdoor decor? You can still have your Santa with these cute logs. Just cut the log in slant style, pain it with red and white. Tie them all together with checkered red ribbon and presto!

Via: Smart Girls DIY

Cinnamon Stick Tree Ornament


Awww, this is so cute! I’m going to do this together with my niece. We’ve got a handful of colorful buttons and I might as well pick some leaves from our previous Christmas tree.

Via: Consumer Crafts

Bottle Cap Ornament


Oh my, another cutesy. Grab all those bottle caps you accumulated from those soda pop and turn them into these cute little ornaments.

Via: Make Great

DIY Glitter Ornaments


A sparkling, bright Christmas ornaments, with those meaningful single word.

Via: Create and Babble

Tissue Paper Christmas Tree


This may look a little difficult and time consuming but I can tell that this one is easy and doable. Just need patience, which I don’t have so I might skip this one. But I’m telling you, this is sure one cute craft!

Via: Curbly

Glitter Christmas Tree Decors


This one I might try this year. I want those sparkling and glittery tree for my Christmas dinner table.

Via: DIY Network

Snowman Christmas Candles


Oh my, this is so cute and fairly easy! This will totally hit this Christmas!

Via: Fox Hollow Cottage

Holiday Centerpieces


Reinvent your Christmas table centerpiece this year by using fresh materials. Floral Christmas centerpiece has made a huge wave last year so you might as well do the same this year.

Via: Ocean Front Shack

Winter Snow Globes


Turn your simple mason jar into these beauties! You just need brush trees, faux snow and glue dots.

Via: Whipper Berry

Rustic Advent Calendar


A unique, rustic-style advent calendar…

Via: Woman in Real Life

Ninja Turtle Ornaments


This is so clever! Who would have thought that you can give your Christmas balls with awesome character with just ribbons and googly eyes? I am so doing this!

Via: The Crafting Chicks

Cranberry Glow


Here’s another easy Christmas centerpiece that anybody can pull off this holiday.

Via: Midwest Living

Ice Cream Ornaments


Oh, I love this. Not just as ornament, I’m a sweet-tooth and by just looking at these colorful decor makes me happy.

Via: Lines Across

Candy Cane Vase


Tie those candy canes and together, put some ribbon and stick those roses into it and voila! You’ve got this beauty.

Via: Katie Brown Workshop

Glowing Gift Boxes


What a beautiful spectacle! This can give your yard a magical touch.

Via: Martha Stewart

Felt Ball Christmas Garland


Via: My Sparkle

Santa Hat Chair Covers


Give your dining a room a festive feel with these simple and easy-to-make Santa Hat chair covers.

Via: Diply

Mason Jar Snow Globes


Via: Make Haus

Candy Pane


Via: Good Housekeeping

Cut CD Sparkle Ornament


Old CDs plus clear bauble equals beauty!

Via: Creme De la Craft

Easy Centerpiece


Via: Midwest Living

Pinecone Garland

DIY with the Sweetest Occasion

Via: The Sweetest Occasion

Paper Straw Snowflakes


Via: Echoes of Laughter

Snowball Wreath


Another beautiful spectacle for your door this holiday season.

Via: DaisyMaebelle

Star Bright Star Light Garland


Via: Mon Makes Things

Glittering Luminaries


Via: Crafts by Amanda

Giant Snowflakes


Craft huge snowflakes using Popsicle sticks.

Via: Crafty Nest

Easy Star Decor


And if you’re really into frugal Christmas decorating, you can just simply shape a star using a red ribbon.

Via: Beyond the Picket Fence

Rustic Snowflake


Here’s another way to re-invent your Christmas ornament.

Via: Little Things Bring Smile

Pinecone Christmas Tree


Via: Adventures of Mel

Snowman Cork


Awww, this is soooo cute!

Fair Light Globe


Button Wreath


And if you still have left over buttons from doing the craft I’ve mentioned above, there’s another way to turn them into beauty.. You can also make a wreath using them.

Via: Our Family World

Peppermint Lollipop Decor


Via: Mom Endeavors

Tactical Ammo Ornament


Whoa! This is definitely a must-try by those army wife. Strong!

Via: A Thrifty Mom

Christmas Spirals


Via: Happiness is Homemade

Glitter Pen Stars


Via: Powerful Mothering

Snowman Ornament


Snowman Sticks



Via: Saved by Love Creations

Bell Jar Ornaments


Via: My So-called Crafty Life

Glitter Candles


Give your ordinary candles a festive feel on them by gluing red glitters on the bottom.

Via: Two Sisters Crafting

Ornament Display Tree


Don’t have Christmas tree to hang up your ornaments to? You can actually create a “tree” using those Christmas balls.

Via: Remodelaholic

44 Creative and Festive Christmas Wreaths for Holiday 2015

Next to the Christmas tree, my favorite holiday décor is the Christmas wreaths. I just love seeing Christmas wreaths in different parts of the house, festooned with all kinds of shining baubles and sparkling lights. There’s something so simple yet so elegant with a tastefully decorated wreaths, don’t you think? And they’re really flexible, too.

Christmas wreaths don’t belong to just the door exclusively. You can hang them on walls, on windows, and on fireplaces. You can dress them up with all kinds of ornaments, from the really small to the really big ones. Here we have a great selection of fun and creative ways you can spruce up your homes with these Christmas wreaths. Each one is a sight for sore eyes, that’s for sure! We love everything in this list, and we hope that you will, too. So read on, have a look, and bookmark your favorites!


This one may look simple but can be a center of attraction for your door. The white ornament complements well with the red wreath circle.

Image: Etsy


This Christmas wreath decorating idea is sure to give your door that ultimate holiday feel with all the colorful mesh ribbons, elf figure and meaningful word as a focal feature.

Image: Etsy


Add festive feeling to your door with this burlap Christmas wreath accentuated with brown ribbons and silver pinecone accessories.

Image: Pinterest


Join me as we take a deep sigh of awe and appreciation for this exquisite holiday wreath. The elegant mesh ribbon, intertwined with berries and greenies is such a sight to behold. Not to mention the classy red Christmas balls that further accentuate the wreath.

Image: etsy


The holiday feeling is very much alive with this one. Christmas wreaths always add a festive feel to any home, no matter how lavish or how simple the ornaments are. Like for this one, the monogram creates simple beauty with the twigs and greeneries.

Image: Pinterest


If you’re not into bright colors, this rustic Christmas wreath is for you. The woody and natural color of these ornaments will surely suit your taste.

Image: Pinterest


You can go for simplicity with this year’s holiday wreath with this one. A evergreen leaves shaped into star and accented with gold-colored star ornament. This is a perfect way to greet your guest on the holiday.

Image: Midwest Living


Go different and be unique with your Christmas wreaths this year. Instead of using your regular Christmas ornaments, why not use fresh fruits as accent?

Image: Midwest Living


We still can’t get over how fabulous this holiday decoration is! The splash of Christmas colors is so lovely and merry.

Image: A Card a Day


A musical Christmas wreath. Turn those old music sheets into something festive by folding into cones and putting together in a wreath. Add festive feeling on it by attaching red ribbons and green poinsettia flower.

Image: Wonder Woman Creations


Image: DIY til we Die

DIY Christmas Wreaths

If you’re feeling extra creative this Christmas, you can make your own Christmas wreath. It’s a perfect time to put that precious creativity to use. Here are some of the stunning DIY Christmas wreaths that I’ve come across the internet as I browse. You might get some inspiration from these.


A Festive Candy Wreath

Image: BHG


Simple yet Classy

Image: Freckle and Wulff


Let it Snow Wreath

Image: Making Homebase


Burlap Christmas Wreath

Image: Love of Family and Home


Winter Snowball Wreath

Image: Addicted to Decorating


Festive Button Wreath

Image: BHG


Snowman Wreath

Image: Sweet Little Blue Bird


Rustic Winter Wreath

Image: Setting For Four


Felt Holiday Wreath

Image: Craftivore


Whimsical Paper Wreath

Image: BHG


The Gift Wreath

Image: Consumer Crafts


Cinnamon Stick Wreath

Image: My Home Ideas

Creative and Unusual Christmas Wreaths

Nothing beats the charm and elegance of a beautifully assembled Christmas wreath. Just a few Christmas ornaments here and there and some holiday elements are enough to turn an ordinary wreath into something whimsical and stunning. Get your inspiration from this prettily decorated Christmas wreath. It’s so easy and inexpensive to do, too!



Image: Better Homes and Gardens


Image: Martha Stewart


Image: BHG

Fresh Christmas Wreaths

If you’re going for bright, festive, and fresh this year, get inspired by these wonderful Christmas wreath decorating ideas. Adorn your Christmas wreath with bright colored fruits and greenies. Dangle vibrant Christmas ornaments for a more festive and jolly feel. I promise, there’s not going to be one morose face going inside your home as they see these Christmas wreaths.


Image: Country Living


Image: Midwest Living



Nightmare Before Christmas Wreaths

Nightmare before Christmas is one of the most popular Christmas movies of all time. So I am not surprised if some of you would like to use this theme in your Christmas decorating or for your Christmas party. When it comes to wreaths, you can also use the same theme. Here are some inspiration for your Nightmare before Christmas wreath decorating.




Image: Pinterest

More Christmas Wreath Decorating Ideas

Whenever I see fabulous houses with even more fabulous decorations, I get inspired to beautify my own house, too. These elegant Christmas wreaths on the doorway and windows are easy enough to recreate. They’re so simple and easy to decorate with. They look lavish but they won’t cost you a fortune, either. Why not start making these jolly Christmas wreaths?



Image: Pinterest


Image: Etsy


Image: Etsy


Image: Midwest Living


Image: Pinterest






Image: Midwest Living

40 Oh So Cute Christmas Treats and Desserts

Christmas is not just about exchanging gifts with your loved ones and friends. It is about sharing the love and rekindling the bond within the family and to people who are important to you. This is a perfect time to get together and reminisce old memories.


Everyone seems to love Christmas. Well, what not to love about Christmas? It is a time when all people seem to be having fun, with the gifts and foods, with the laughter and moments spent with their family and loved ones. And not to mention those scrumptious Christmas desserts flooding our dining table. Oh, how I love Christmas time!

If you are one of those sweet-toothed peeps like me who love desserts and treats – errr Christmas – then you will love to see these delightful and sweet desserts. Most of these Christmas treats are easy to prepare and too cute to eat!

Christmas Tree Cupcake


This is sure one creative Christmas cupcake! The green icing created the background for the “tree” and the m&ms are the “ornaments”.

Via: Amanda’s Parties to Go

Santa Hat Cheesecake Bites


If you’re addicted to Cheesecake and want to create a Santa treat, this dessert is definitely for you.

Via: Cooking Classy

Christmas Cheesecake Cookies


Yum! Those little, yummy cookies look so delightful I’d love to have a bite too!

Via: La Receta de la Felicidad

Santa Claus Cupcakes


Want to decorate your own cupcake? Why don’t you try this cute Santa cupcakes. With just some store-bought items like frosting, fruit rolls and marshmallows, you can also have this little piece of heaven.

Via: Catch my Party

Cupcake Wreath


Awww, this looks so cute and pretty to eat. But surely, I’ll grab a bite when I have a chance!

Via: Delish

Oreo Ornaments


For those who couldn’t get enough of decorating their home for Christmas, here’s a treat that will definitely hit. With just some oreo cookies, dipped in Vanilla frosting, sprinkled with M&Ms and sprinkles and you’ve got this edible ornament treats!

Via: Candiquik

Santa Face Cookies


This looks a little bit elaborate, but surely, this looks so cute and – of course – yummy!

Via: In Katrina’s Kitchen

Snowman Christmas Cupcakes


Oh my! Can anyone give me something like this right NOW~! I so love those cute snowmen.

Via: Confessions of a Cookbook Queen

Peppermint Eggnog


This is a perfect treat for your kids. Serve this to your kids and kids-at-heart this Christmas.

Via: Martha Stewart

Red Velvet Christmas Tree Brownies


Brownies are one of the most favorite desserts that you shouldn’t miss on Christmas. But to further give this rather “common” dessert, why don’t you make it look like little Christmas “treets”.

Via: Catch My Party

Gingerbread Cookie Rings


Aside from cakes and brownies, Gingerbread is another most-requested treats on holiday. Give your gingerbread recipe a twist and make it even more Christmassy with this cookie decorating idea.

Via: In Katrina’s Kitchen

Peppermint Rice Krispies Treats Snowballs


Who want some? I do, I do! Can I have one of these, please??

Via: She Wears Many Hats

Oreo Snowman Pops


A perfect treat – a perfect gift. Here’s another Christmas treat that you shouldn’t miss.

Via: The Idea Room

Melting Snowmen Cookies


Awww, these melted snowmen cookies look so cute!

Via: Betty Crocker

Holiday wreath Cupcakes


If you are one of those who are jelly bean addicts, this treat is definitely a hit for you.

Via: Jelly Belly

Snowman on a Stick


Via: Dukes and Duchesses

Peppermint Bark Snowflakes


Via: Pinterest

Reindeer Corn Cookie Bark


Via: Your Homebased Mom

Holiday Cupcakes


Via: Sweet Scarlet on Flickr

Snowman Treats


Via: Good Housekeeping

Grinch Cupcakes


Via: Sugar Swings

Cute Cookie Cups


Via: Party Pinching

Hot Chocolate Cookie Cups


Via: The Gunny Sack

Candy Cane Mice


Via: Sprinkle Bakes

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Christmas Trees


Via: Lovely Little Kitchen

Rudolph The Reindeer Cupcake


Via: Crafty Morning

Christmas Candy Carolers


Via: Martha Stewart

Snowman Truffles


Via: BHG

Holly Jolly Jelly Shots


Via: Tablespoon

Snowflake Chocolate Spoons


Via: Chocolate and Carrots

Christmas Tree Meringue Cookies


Via: The Silly Girl’s Life

Nutter Butter Snowmen


Via: Cupcake Diaries

Peanut Butter Christmas Tree


Via: Teacher Chef

Melted Snowmen Oreo Balls


Via: The Girl who Are Everything

Peppermint Bark Cups


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O, Christmas Treats


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50 Best Magical Christmas Lanterns and Luminaries

Now that the Christmas Season is fast approaching, many people are considering how to decorate their homes for the season. Some would just want to decorate minimally, but some would be willing to go the extra mile.


By “the extra mile”, I mean taking decorating to the next level. ‘Tis the seasons to be jolly anyway—so why not make it grand and joyful as possible? And you can start with Christmas lanterns.

Christmas lanterns are one of the popular Christmas decorations for the holiday. A beautiful and colorful Christmas lanterns can give your living room, dining table, entryway or porch the ambiance of warm and inviting holiday. There are different ways to craft your own lanterns. You can use different materials – from Mason Jars to wine bottles. There are also paper Christmas lanterns that will surely brighten your holiday.

Here are some of the most beautiful and magical Christmas lantern decoration ideas that you can use for inspiration. With these whimsical Christmas lanterns, you can definitely feel the spirit of Christmas. So let’s start!

Red Christmas Delight


By simply throwing some Christmas balls in a lantern jar, mixing in with Christmas light, accessorizing with ribbons and snowflake cutouts and voila! You’ve got this simple yet stunning Christmas lantern.

Image: Pinterest

A Magical Christmas Lantern


Create a magical and cozy ambiance in your home with these whimsical Christmas lanterns. The silhouette of the popular Christmas background gives off that magical spirit of Christmas.

Image: Adventure in a Box

Christmas Ice Lanterns


Seeing this gorgeous Christmas lantern makes me want to go to a winter country just to be able to create one. Yes, this is actually a real ice Christmas lantern. You know, the one that you need to freeze. The greens and berries made this luminary a wonderful sight to look at.

Image: Practically Functional

Winter Paper Lanterns


Image: Lia Griffith

Country-Themed Christmas Lantern Decorating Idea


Image: Seasonals

Christmas Candle Lantern


Whimsical Lantern


Image: Shop Terrain

Vintage-Themed Lantern


Image: Pinterest

Cute Christmas Lantern


Image: tiny White Daisies at Tumblr



Mini-Paper DIY Lanterns


Image: The Craft Train

Mason Jars Christmas Lanterns


Here are beautiful Christmas lanterns made from mason jar.

Frosty Lantern


Image: Stone Gable Blog

Outdoor Christmas Lantern Decorations


Image: Lowes


Image: Homebunch

Indoor Christmas Lantern Decorations


Image: Pinterest


Homemade Christmas Lanterns and Luminaries



Image: Hometalk


Image: Me and My DIY



Image: SVG Cuts


Image: inspiredpotpourri.tumblr.com

Wine Bottle Luminaries



Image: The Real Thing with The Coake Family

Christmas Table Lantern


Image: Stone Gable Blog


Image: Pink Polka Dot Creations

Icy and Snowy Christmas Lantern



Rustic Christmas Lantern


Picture Frame Lantern


Image: That’s What Che Said


Image: Red Head Can Decorate


Image: Pinterest

Hanging Christmas Lantern


Image: Sincerely Julia at Deviantart

Reindeer Lanterns


Image: Nordic House


Image: Martha Stewart



Image: Homey Designing


Image: Atlanta Homes Mags


Image: Pinterest


Image: All Things Heart and Home


Image: This Old House





Image: Pinterest


Image: Thinly Spread

Parol – Filipino Christmas Lantern


Image: Pinterest

50 Wonderful Christmas Decorating Ideas To Make Your Holiday Bright and Merry

Decorating your home for Christmas: either you love it or you dread it. For those who have been blessed with tons of creativity and design talent, this is the time to showcase your mad skills at decorating and your ingenious way to mix and match colors. For those whose only creative talents are drawing stick figures on paper, Christmas decorating is relegated to buying store-bought ornaments and just hanging them on the tree. But there’s no need to worry.


These Christmas decorating ideas that we have gathered will help you with decorating your homes this year. Now is the time to impress your friends and family. And you don’t need to be Martha Stewart to have a beautifully decorated home! We have fun and unique ideas that will look great no matter how small or big your space is. Scroll down to find more design inspirations that will suit your tastes and budget.


If you want more sparkling yet easy Christmas decor, you can simply put greenery in a bucket, throw some Christmas balls in, accentuate with Christmas light and presto!


Image: Laughing Abi

Designer Christmas Front Door Christmas Decorations


See the above image. You will love Christmas

src: http://miss.saturdayhouse.org/door-decoration-ideas/christmas-front-door-decorating-ideas/

Make your House Brighter


Image: Minimalisti


Christmas  kitchen cabinet

You can also spruce up your kitchen cabinets this Christmas by attaching ribbons and garlands.


Image: jandaandco

Christmas Table Decorating Ideas

Prep your table for this holiday season by putting up these lovely and stunning Christmas table decorations. This will not just brighten the holiday, but will also give off that refreshing ambiance for the family Christmas dinner.


Mason jars filled with cranberries, salt and candle can make a good table centerpiece.

Image Source: Pinterest


Image Source: Pretty Handy Girl


Image: Life on Virginia Street

Easy Christmas Decorating Ideas

For those who don’t have tons of creativity on them, you can still try decorating your home using these simple ideas. By simply putting colorful Christmas baubles into a clear container can do the trick…


Add some more accent – a photo and greenery perhaps?

Indoor Christmas Decorating Ideas

Christmas decorations should also complement modern style and trends of today. Instead of using the same old décors that you have, put some flare and a quick modern touch to your loving bode.


Use those pinecones and greens for your indoor Christmas decorations.

Image: Serendipity Refined


How about a Christmas tree with a twist? Instead of using the traditional tree, you can make a Snowman out of this white artificial tree.

Image: BHG


Image: Everyday Home Blog


Image: The Swenglish Home



Who would have thought that an evergreen branch plus checkered ribbons in a vase can make a good Christmas table centerpiece?

Image: Bloglovin


Image: Pinterest


Image: Pinterest

Christmas Garland Decorating Ideas

This is one of my favorite decorations for Christmas – the garland. They are not just for staircase, garlands can also make a door or a window more apt for the holiday. Burlap, mesh and paper garlands are the commonly used material for decorating.


Image: Etsy


Image: Pinterest


Image: BHG

Banister and Staircase Christmas Decorations

And speaking of staircase, this is one part of our home that we would like to standout. To achieve it, here are some beautiful Christmas decorating ideas for staircase that you can use.


Image: On Sutton Place


Image: BHG


Image: Flickr


Image: Pinterest


Image: On Sutton Place

Outside Christmas Decors

Of course, you also want to make sure that your porch, front yard and outdoor are also ready for the holiday. Here are some outdoor Christmas decorating ideas to guide you in your quest.


Image Source: Amanda Carol at Home


Image Source: Martha Stewart


Image: HGTV

Christmas Door Decorating Ideas

Make your door bright and merry by decorating it with these breathtaking Christmas door decorations.

Framed Christmas Ball Tree


Image: Simplicity in the South

Joy to the Door


Image: An Extraordinary Day

Sparkling Garland and Ribbons


Image: Flickr

Snowman Door


Image Source: the creative stamper spot

Snowman Fridge


Image Source: Pinterest

Christmas Mantel Decorating Ideas

The fireplace gives warm to every home. It heats cold emotions and conflicts that have been left in the hands of time. That is why this is the best place inside your home to decorate accordingly.  The best place to showcase the power of Christmas over your home.


Image: Pinterest


Image: Pinterest


Image: Pinterest


Image Source: Pinterest


Image: Passion Decor

Christmas Wreath Decorating Ideas

Wreath is an important symbol of Christmas. It symbolizes that God has no beginning and no end. While most Christmas wreaths come in circular shape, as time goes by, people start making wreaths using different materials such as twigs and are of different shapes.

Christmas Twig Wreath


Image Source: designdininganddiapers.com


Image: Etsy


Image: Craftaholics Anonymous


Image: Etsy

Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas

Start turning your lawn, front yard and porch into a holiday paradise using these outdoor Christmas decorations. You can either make your own Christmas decor, recycle old Christmas ornaments, or buy Christmas inflatables and lighting.


Image Source: designrulz


Image Source: All Things Heart and Home


Image Source: nestofposies-blog.com

Christmas Light Decorating Ideas

Christmas lights are such a wonderful item that can make a certain place warm and cozy. While most of us use Christmas lights to further beautify our Christmas trees, we can also use lights alone to create a holiday ambiance.


Image: Nest of Posies


You can also turn a simple jar into magical lantern…

Image: Fairy Lights and fun


And a simple branch into stunning indoor decoration…

Image: Old City Hall Shoppes


And empty bottles into beautiful Christmas decor…

Image: Flickr

DIY Christmas Decorating Ideas

Christmas is one of those times that you can practice your creativity. With some household items and recyclable materials, you can give your home a fresh look by creating ornaments. This is a great way to have bonding with your family, especially those who have kids. Here are some DIY Christmas decorating ideas to use.


Image: Baby Rabies


Image: Pinterest


Image: Pinterest


Breathtaking Outdoor Christmas Decorations For Some Holiday Cheer!

Don’t you just love passing through streets with houses and buildings beautifully decorated with Christmas ornaments? Don’t you just love the grand decorations of the buildings in town, and the simple but equally beautiful decorations of the smaller shops? Even the biggest Scrooge will have to feel light and happy with all that holiday beauty!

Outdoor Christmas decors provide a lot of holiday cheer to anyone who sees them, but they need not be big and ostentatious. You will be surprised how a simply decorated cardboard can look so beautiful and festive! It doesn’t matter whether you have a small garden or a spacious lawn.

We have picked out the best outdoor Christmas decor ideas suited for all kinds of spaces. They are very easy to set up or assemble, and very easy to stow away, too, when the holidays are over. No need to dig or drill holes! Scroll down and pick that one that’s perfect for your home!


Image source: ballklick.com

The reindeers are ready to deliver their gift without Santa on them… this is a fun outdoor Christmas decorations.


Image source: thegreenhead.com

These lovely Christmas decorations took the phrase “the bigger the better” very seriously. And to very awesome results, too. Spruce up your front yard this Christmas with these colorful giant Christmas baubles. They’re so big and bright nobody can miss them!


Image source: forwallpaper.com

There’s a certain kind of holiday cheer that only a perfectly placed Christmas garland can bring. This one right here is definitely a showstopper. All the holiday wreaths look so striking against the wooden beams and posts. They really make you want to go inside the house and begin the merrymaking.


Image source: homes-house.com

This is a lovely Christmas decor for outdoor. Huge baubles wrapped with red ribbons for festive atmosphere.


Image source: pinterest.com

There are gifts to be opened on Christmas day. There are gifts that are strictly for decorative purposes only. These babies truly are a delightful holiday décor that will sprinkle good cheer right at your doorstep. Who would’ve thought a simple bush like this can look so festive and bright?


Image source: thehappyscraps.com

Here’s another creative and unique outdoor Christmas décor that you can do this year. Have some wooden directional signs painted in the colors of the season. Put words like “Santa’s Workshop”, “Candy Cane Lane”, or “Reindeer Crossing” on the signs. Anything Christmas-related will do. Lastly, add some festive bows for that really Christmasy feel.


Image source: pinterest.com

The harsh cold winter days can be bleak and heavy. Add that instant holiday cheer and pop of color to the colorless outdoors with these giant red Christmas baubles. Just hang them on a large tree in the park where everybody can see. You’ll be amazed how these giant balls can transform a cold-looking place to one that’s so cheerily warm!


Image source: worldcupvalle.com

This outdoor wicker sleigh with reindeers is such a beautiful piece of Christmas décor. It looks even more beautiful against the background of white snow. Even without a snowy Christmas, this wicker sleigh will still look breathtaking on your lawn. You can add a Christmas-themed pillow, or more holiday trinkets for a prettier sleigh.


Image source: pinterest.com

You can also make use of small wicker baskets to hang outside your house. Fill the baskets with snow and decorative snowflakes. Wrap a string of Christmas lights for sparkle. They truly are so pretty and simple that add so much holiday cheer to your space, don’t you think?


Image source: amazon.com

Words can also be fantastic outdoor Christmas decors. And by words we mean like this pretty Christmas-themed cut-out word ‘Joy’. Paint it with the colors of the season. Add accents like the silhouette of baby Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, or a golden star on top.


Image source: milbergs.com

Paper bag Christmas lanterns? We had no idea they would look so pretty as outdoor Christmas decors! And they’re so easy to make, too! All you need are paper bags, sand, and tea lights!


Image source: potterybarn.com

Here’s another example of a wicker sleigh as an outdoor Christmas décor. It’s just a sleigh in the snow, but instantly you know that it’s Christmas. Setting it up and storing it away are so easy, too! You can have this wicker sleigh as a standalone, or you can add reindeers or elves, even Santa Claus and his big sack of goodies!


Image source: thegardenglove.com

Wicker balls and Christmas lights are always a magical combination. They’re so simple and understated, but pack a lot of Christmas feels. You can place them on your doorstep, or along the driveway. Anywhere you put them will be perfect and beautiful, we guarantee.


Image source: pinterest.com

This intricate-looking outdoor Christmas décor is sure to delight Christmas and snow fans! You don’t see a lot of giant snowflakes with built-in lights that much. This one is definitely a stunner! If you’re quite good with your hands, you can easily recreate this pretty holiday décor.

If you want a unique outdoor Christmas décor, why not get this charming outdoor Christmas tree made of wooden slabs? You will need a couple of wooden slabs of different lengths to stack as a tree. Adorn them with Christmas baubles or garlands. Then top with a golden star. Absolutely beautiful

You can also make a special green leafy arrangement of pine cones and fir tree leaves. Stuff them into an elaborate pot like this one in the photo. Adorn with poinsettia flowers for that pop of Christmas color. You can also strew some Christmas lights for a prettier effect.


Image source: pinterest.com

Got some wooden slabs that you no longer need? Turn them into these seriously adorable snowmen! These outdoor Christmas decors are so creative and so inexpensive to make. Just wood, some colorful scrap cloths, and paint!


Image source: elpozodeagua.com

These outdoor Christmas decors are both gorgeous and dreamy. They are tasteful and understated but succeed in making you feel all warm and happy inside. Welcome the holidays with this gorgeous Christmas wreath and equally gorgeous star. Adorn with Christmas snowflakes and Christmas lights.


Image source: memespp.com

How about Santa’s cute and happy elves? They’re not at all freaky looking like all the others I’ve seen in the past. These elves look so happy that it’s Christmas everyone who lays their eyes on them will break into a smile. If you’ve got little kids, they will surely love these cute fellas!


Image source: vovokan.com

This adorable little snowman is the perfect welcome party to your guests this holiday season. Dress up a snowman plush toy with a hat and a scarf. Adorn with gloves and other cute Christmas ornaments that you can find at home. The cuter the snowman, the better!


Image source: besthousedesign.com

Showcase that exquisite doorway with this fabulous Christmas wreath decoration idea. Pick the brightest red and the most eye-catching green. You can go as big as you want, too. You can also add some garlands and poinsettias for added color and texture.


Image source: auoutdoors.com

This is quite an ingenious idea. A red-nosed reindeer for a mailbox? Sign me up! Let me start gathering some rope straw, balls of red yarn, a scarf, and a Santa hat! This outdoor Christmas décor is just too cute for words.


Image source: homemydesign.com

Even a pair of red mittens can be a beautiful outdoor Christmas décor if you know how to work it. There’s just something striking about the color against the pristine background of snow, don’t you think? Just clip a pair of mittens on a tree branch with wooden clothespins. Sprinkle with snow dust for a more charming effect.


Image source: hogtownbbq.org


about a mini Candyland right on your lawn? Decorate your mailbox with oversized lollipops and candy canes. Add colorful ribbons and festoon with Christmas garlands. It’s a simple outdoor Christmas décor that can easily transform your front yard. The kids on your street will surely enjoy this!


Image source: patiosdepot.com

Decorate a beautiful street lamp with Christmas ornaments. You can make use of holiday ribbons and Christmas garlands. It’s very simple to do and very inexpensive to make. When nightfall comes — voila! You’ve got yourself a beautiful holiday lamp!

Pile giant boxes wrapped in holiday gift wrapping paper for another beautiful outdoor Christmas décor idea. The more colorful and the bigger the boxes, the better. You can place them on top of a nice wide-mouth vase, or on top of a makeshift table. We think they will be perfect right there at your doorstep!


Image source: lanakress.com



Image source: pinterest.com




Image source: pinterest.com



Image source: pinterest.com



Image source: daisymaebelle.com



Image source: findinghomeonline.com


Top 45 Christmas Gift Ideas They’ll Surely Love!

Most of us have a common problem during holidays. It’s not actually a problem for what it is. But surely, we all want to give the best and meaningful presents to our loved ones. Here are a couple of ideas on Christmas gifts.

Yes, Christmas is still a few months away. It’s never early in a year to think about what to buy for the upcoming holidays. Save yourself from crunching in the last minute for meaningful presents and get some fresh innovative ideas that may give a lasting impression to your loved ones the whole year round.

Stop shop-crashing before the last days of Christmas and get some ideas now. It’s about time that you enjoy the holiday for what it is and what it’s all about. Here are some ideas on Christmas gifts that will stop the brain-wrecking, nail-biting experience.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

Swiss Army Shades


Image source: etsy.com

The maker of this product, Wenger and Victorinox, are also the ones who built the Swiss Army knives – the personification of male angst. This kind of product is designed for a whole year round of elevated masculinity but with the benefit of eye protection. It’s a perfect Christmas gift that a man can wear on any occasion.

Masterbuilt 30-Inch Electric Smokehouse Smoker


Image source: amazon.com

Who says that a man can’t be in the kitchen? This chunk of a gift will change an amateur into a pro and incidentally enough, it doesn’t lessen his masculinity. Smoking barbeque at home will be much fun with this smoker that meets the traditional barbeque-making with technology.

Oregon Scientific Time & Wireless Charging Station


Image source: oregonscientific.com

Put a charger, a clock and a wireless device into one machine and you get this innovation. It is unique combination of an alarm clock and a charging station that will come in handy the whole year round. And yes, it also has a temperature display.

Da Vinci Leatherette Backgammon Set


Image source: amazon.com

Do not judge this by its name. The words “Da Vinci” and “Backgammon” may seem like it will siphon all the juices of anyone brain but this seemingly-old fashioned game is brought to a new level of enjoyment that will shake boredom anytime and anywhere. Board games are always fun and handy.

Mapicases Tion iPhone 4/4S Leather Wallet Case


Image source: brookstone.com

Most guys find it hard to look for a place to keep their must-not-leave-at-home stuff when they go out. It doesn’t have to be a purse or a handbag if guys don’t want to. It doesn’t have to bulge and we know you don’t want it to. It can be this Mapicases Tion iPhone 4/4S Leather Wallet Case – a comfortable way to hide the stuff that guys in have to carry in wallets that protrude.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Women

Kate Spade Desktop Calendar


Image source: shop.nordstrom.com

The modern world is a place of women busying in work, school and leisure. With her hectic schedule, this Christmas gift makes it easier for a lifestyle that fits the fast-paced economy.

Williams-Sonoma Hot Chocolate


Image source: williams-sonoma.com

There’s a stereotype that women love chocolate in any occasion. This Christmas season, it’s time to prove the hypothesis again by giving her something to warm the holidays. After all, the best way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach.

One year Subscription of Vanity Fair


Image source: amazon.com

Every woman in the world would like to get her hands on this magazine. A one year subscription would be the best thing to give her leisure and an updated look on a magazine that views every trend there is – from pop culture to politics.

Recycled Windshield Bubble Vase


Image source: uncommongoods.com

At first it sounds a little off to give her a vase for Christmas, but sometimes the oddest things can also be the sweetest. Try giving her this non-conventional ornament that will make her Christmas memorable. And yes, this is also eco-friendly – perfect for girls who adore nature.

OPI Burlesque Holiday 2010 Nail Polish


Image source: amazon.com

Pamper her even more by giving her something for her nails. Make a girl sparkle for the Christmas season and on any occasion.

Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

Handmade Notebook


Image source: serenaolivieri.com

Aside from the fact that this is easier to make, this kind of Christmas present will also come in handy on any occasion.

Handmade Decorations


Image source: brotherbangun.net

Christmas won’t be a special holiday to end the year without decorations that will truly create a lasting impression for the whole family. Making handmade decorations can also turn into a bonding that the family will enjoy.

Homemade Fruit Extract


Image source: justputzing.com

The preparation for this gift is simple and thrifty. This Christmas present will also be useful the whole year round.

Wire Wrapped Ring


Image source: artfire.com

Innovative with a touch of personal creativity, making this gift is as fun and easy as giving it to the recipient. You don’t have to buy an expensive 34,987 karat of diamond or gold priced with six or more digits in order to give a ring as a Christmas gift.

Gift Basket

To celebrate the occasion for its symbolic importance, a gift basket is the easiest homemade gift the can be accomplished creatively with a variety of personal touches.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom

Candy Floss Maker


Image source: ebay.co.uk

Sometimes it’s not really all that bad to satisfy your kid’s sweet tooth, especially in occasion such as Christmas. This gift will save time and make any other occasion fun and memorable for the whole family and make the moments even sweeter.

Handbag Organizer


Image source: goodideasdubai.com

Especially if your mom’s not the kind that usually stays at home, she’ll need something that will organize her important stuff from office papers to baby bottles.

Hot Stone Therapy Pack


Image source: amazon.co.uk

Give your mom a day-off at home to relax by giving her this meaningful Christmas present that will pamper and make her feel the joy of the holiday.

Mini Cupcake Maker


Image source: amazon.com

Making it easier to prepare those holiday cupcakes will be big help for your mom in the kitchen. Make this Christmas snow with cupcakes and give her this as a means to remind her that cupcake-making is always a bonding that the whole family can share.

Sound Asleep iMusic Pillow


Image source: amazon.co.uk

Tuck your mom to bed and give her a lullaby through this Christmas gift that will make her nights more comfortable and restful.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad

Monogamy Adult Couples Game


Image source: prezzybox.com

Warning: All outcomes of this game do not directly connote real-life events, people and possibilities. Simply put, this is an ironic adult game that will graphically, but not in actuality, tests the fidelity barometer. As a Christmas gift, this will create a new level of bondage between mom and dad.

Tea Infuser


Image source: walmart.com

Make your dad’s tea time different form the usual afternoon habit. The tea infuser is something that will make him relax and shake off that all-year round stress.

Personalized Pajamas


Image source: etsy.com

Now this kind of Christmas gift is actually very sweet to give to your daddy. It reminds him that you care about the most important part of to end his day: sleeping.

Portable Barbeque Grill


Image source: walmart.com

We all know that Christmas won’t be a holiday without having daddy to make barbeque for the whole family. Make your dad’s holiday by giving him something to perk up his barbeque-making abilities.

Cozy Laptop Work Station


Image source: qvc.com

Working doesn’t have to be crunch time for your dad. For the Christmas holiday, try to make him forget about work overload and stress by making him know that you care.

Christmas Gift Ideas Girlfriend

Design Your Own Perfume Set


Image source: prezzybox.com

Make this Christmas memorable by giving something that will please the senses the whole year round. This gift is something that is both unique and special, making this holiday even more memorable.

Underwater Light Show


Image source: amazon.co.uk

Bring out the childhood in her through this Christmas present. What better way to spend the holiday than spending time and frolicking in colourfully bright-lighted water.

Silver Heart Necklace


Image source: hsamuel.co.uk

A kind of Christmas gift of this calibre will make her holiday season romantic and memorable. Traditionally, girls like to be pampered with something that glitters. We’re just here to re-affirm that.

Chocolate Pills


Image source: prezzybox.com

If you’re looking unique to quench her desire for something sweet for the holidays, this is a strong recommendation. For one, there’s nothing more romantic for the Christmas holidays than chocolate.

Personalized Heart Key Rings


Image source: amazon.com

Nothing is more special than forging your promises for each other this Christmas season. These key rings with a personal touch will truly be a reminder of your commitment for each other the whole year round.

Christmas Gift Ideas Boyfriend

Panasonic Three Blade


Image source: amazon.co.uk

And because he will claim that it’s a man’s world, try hauling his ego through a gadget that uplifts manly dignity.

Heating Blanket


Image source: amazon.com

Because you can’t always be there to squeeze him when the frost bites, this may just do the job. It probably may seem unusual at first to give him a heating blanket for the holidays. But think about it, the holiday season will probably have a cold weather. He’ll need this to keep warm.

Chess Bottle Stopper


Image source: amazon.com

If your boyfriend is the type who likes to play board games, here’s a little something that he’ll truly want to keep. Even if your guy isn’t a a fan of chess, this will still be something cute to give him for the holidays.

Wireless Photo Printer


Image source: computershopper.com

Make those moments with him last forever by collecting the memorable images. We mean that without the usual flops of hassling over complicated applications to get the job done. With respect to the usual printer, this wireless photo printer is fast and is designed to capture every moment you spend with him.

Cuff Links


Image source: overstock.com

Don’t you think it’s about time you let the whole world know that he’s your man? Let out the sadistic girl in you and mark his fate the whole year round with these adorable and possessive cuff links, because chaining him never tends to work.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Wife

Personalized Anniversary Crest


Image source: uncommongoods.com

Remind her of your personal vows of forever and make this Christmas last. An anniversary crest never fails to pull a wife’s heartstrings. And yes, it is a promise of fidelity and ever-lasting love – just what a perfect Christmas needs.

Grow Old with You Terrarium


Image source: uncommongoods.com

As a Christmas gift for your wife, make sure that she is constantly reminded of your vows. A Christmas present to symbolize ‘forever’ doesn’t have to be expensive and glittery.

Anniversary Journal


Image source: uncommongoods.com

If you’re wife watched the film adaptation of ‘The Notebook’, she’ll probably like this. Keep every moment in track and preserved all throughout your lives.

Nest egg Necklace


Image source: etsy.com

The egg may be a symbol more on the Easter holiday than on the Christmas season, but egg is symbol of new life. This unique necklace would remind your wife of new life despite extreme cases. It is also a way to show her the willingness to forgive and start a-new. This will probably work if the two of you are under a grudge. Just lessen the drama.

Sari bag


Image source: uncommongoods.com

Colourful and unique, try to give her a taste of oriental for the holiday season with this sari bag that never fails to awe the beholder. This is both economical and special. Truly a must-have for a season filled with joy.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Husband

Business Cases


Image source: ebay.com

We know that the typical husband leaves at home with a business case for work. But this kind of Christmas present does not go out of fashion for your hubby.

Sports Autographed Memorabilia


Image source: steinersports.com

Especially if your husband is a fan of a variety of sports, giving him memorabilia will really make him feel the joy of Christmas. Even if he isn’t such a big fan, memorabilia are not exclusive to fanatics. It will always be fun to ornament your home with.

Travel books


Image source: gadling.com

How to best spend the holiday with your hf (hubby forever) than to be in a place far and away here the two of you have never travelled before. Create new moments sweeter than your honeymoon with a get-away trip. A travel book to scout for the best places will be a truly handy gift.

Business Card Book/Binder


Image source: amazon.com

This will come in handy if your hubby’s job is particularly connected to business management and entrepreneurship. Make his personal profiles organized and findable by giving him this for the Christmas season.

Home Theatre Speaker System


Image source: klipsch.com

We know you want it too. There’s more than food to get into a man’s heart. And that is by spoiling him with a home theatre speaker system that amplifies his daily viewing of news, entertainment and basketball. This is also something that the whole family can enjoy the whole year round.

Easy Nail Art Designs for Christmas

According to studies, Christmas is the most celebrated holiday in the world. This is evidently true as seen on how much people pour their efforts in preparation of the holiday. Every facet of this special occasion is something to prepare for. That is why, no doubt, Christmas is such an important celebration for many.

Parties, events and other gatherings will always be there as the Christmas season sets in. Most of the times, these are not just your ordinary get-togethers. More often than not, these are annual events that require everyone to look and be at their best game.


Make sure you got everything perfect, including your nails too with these easy-to-do nail art designs. The styles are all apt for the holiday season. These designs are not just fitting the Christmas theme – they are lively and cheerful. Give your nails the trendiest of colors and party with a style.

White hand-painted snowflakes intricately drawn on glistening blue background is definitely of Christmas. The snowflakes stand out on the blue black draft. It’s simple yet gorgeous. It’s glittering but yet trendy.

This simple nail art design shows all the classic colors of Christmas. The stripes of red, green and gold are definitely apt for the holiday season. To make it more pleasing, choose the rich vivid ones. It’s definitely the perfect combination of nice and simple.


Image source: pinterest.com

This Santa Claus nail art design is absolutely suited for the holidays. The glittering colors are nothing short of a sparkling beauty. The main theme is that of Santa’s belt. You could also turn those fresh French tips into this easy nail art piece.


Image source: pinterest.com

This Christmas nail art design is definitely made just for the holidays. One finger of different style complements the rest of the designs. The sparkling red color is truly astounding. The gold ribbon embellishment definitely stands out.


Image source: the-nail-network.com

Bring the Christmas spirit on right on your fingertips with this stunning nail art. It’s a mix and match of different iconic Christmas figures – Santa, Rudolph and Snowflakes. Opt for the light base polish. The glittering green tip and the red spots underneath are the perfect décor.


Image source: polishpedia.com

Reindeers as your nail art for those holiday parties are definitely awesome. Make your own Rudolph by using red polish as the nose. The rest of its glittering colors are definitely festive. It’s cute and adorable both at the same time.


Image source: pinterest.com

This cartoon-inspired nail art design absolutely sings the Christmas tune. The variations in style in each of your fingernails arenot just trendy but also hip. The white designs on the red base background are absolutely lovely. It is definitely easy to do with just some few steady strokes.


Image source: beautyttt.com

This elegant holiday nail art is such an easy theme to recreate. The white snowflakes are in sync with the festivities. The velvety look of the base polish connotes style and elegance. Add some white dots for a more stunning effect.


Image source: pinterest.com

Those cute and cuddly minions are not just for the kids to enjoy. These nail art inspired by these lovable creatures are just too delightful to look at. The red and yellow colors of it are lively. It’s casual yet so trendy.


Image source: pinterest.com

Make your nails your friend’s envy this holiday season with this charming nail art suited just for the holidays. The alternating colors and design on the lollipops are definitely hip. The glittering colors of these lollipops complements with the festive mood. The contrasting hue and tint of the background polish makes it stand out more.


Image source: ink361.com

The iconic gingerbread house makes your nails a whole lot brighter this holiday season. The white bottom part with those colorful mini circles is positively jolly. The door drawn from the tips definitely made the catch. Color the rest of the house with some beige polish.

Nothing says “It’s Christmas” than those Christmas trees! Use your fingernails to create the perfect tree with this unique nail art design. Some velvety polish for the tree would do the trick really well. Add colors by putting pieces of studs on it and star topper to complete the tree.


Image source: kelsiesnailfiles.com

Red polish is always the staple color for manicures. Make this classic choice more cheerful this yuletide season with this easy to do nail art theme. Use some glittering silver polish to draw the stars. Some glistening swirls on them make the difference.


Image source: polishyoupretty.com

This nail art piece is absolutely festive for the yuletide cheer. Some chocolate shade on the bottom part makes the perfect contrast for the white tips. The red dots on the tip resemble the Christmas hollies. It’s positively attractive and yet so easy to make.

Red and green are definitely the perfect colors fit for Christmas. Instead of using the good old red color, give it that soft feminine touch by using pink background. Use some glistening green polish to make the tree. Silver polish makes the best star topper and ball ornaments.


Image source: chosefashion.com

This easy to make nail art is definitely of the yuletide theme. The sparkling red tips are astounding. The lone Santa hat design sure stands out. It’s minimalist yet still captivating.


Image source: nailgirly.com

The red and green colors of this nail art are definitely suited for those holiday parties and events. The varying design on each of your nails makes one chic design. It’s easy to do yet it is just simply wonderful. The different Christmas symbols and figures are just completely likeable.


Image source: pinterest.com

This astonishing nail art design is definitely just suited for the holiday cheer. The deep blue shade is just marvelous. The white tips and dots aims for the snowy effect. The lone Christmas tree design is definitely enticing.


French tips always connote style and elegance. Add some Christmas spirit to your nails with this quick fix. Place small circles on the edge of the white tips with red and green polish. Use some nail art accessories to make the Christmas hollies.


Image source: pinterest.com

Some nail art decals would do just fine for this theme. The reindeer faces on your nails utter nothing but Christmas. Use white polish for the base and background. This allows the design to be highlighted just fine.


Image source: pinterest.com

Gum drops glittering brightly on your nails will sure make the holidays a lot more stylish. The light tint of the base polish allows the gumdrops to be perfectly emphasized. Colored textured glittering polish would be the perfect lollipops. Add further adornment by drawing some white small circles and a line for the stick.


Image source: pinterest.com

The different styles on each of your fingers are sure trendy. Each finger designed with different iconic figures. It is colorful and definitely cheerful. To make the figures stand out more, use white polish for the base.


Image source: etsy.com

This nail art theme is definitely cool and fun. The different styles on each of your nails are definitely awesome and splendid. The rich deep blue color of the base paint makes these winter symbols stand out. This one fine piece is definitely a show of art.


Image source: pinterest.com

This nail art theme definitely shows the Christmas spirit. This beautiful design can be easily recreated right at the comfort of your own home. All you need is one light polish for the base. Then, stick some black Christmas sweater nail decal once it dries out.


Image source: pinterest.com

This easy-to-do manicure piece definitely has that positive tone. The different symbols make it more attractive. The light neon green polish as the back draft emphasizes the drawings wonderfully. It’s fine, attractive and light.