If there’s one necessity on Halloween it is makeup. Great Halloween makeup ideas can go a long way in constructing the best Halloween costume. It’s necessary for being the perfect Ghoul, Clown, or Zombie especially for women.

In this article, examples will be given on the best ways to utilize makeup this upcoming Halloween. This includes fake blood, dark eyeshadow, and hair spray. Keep reading to find out some ideas on how to utilize makeup to accentuate and complete that spectacular Halloween costume ideas.

From the scary Vampires and Skeletons, to the cute Cat, to the outrageous Zipper Face we will take you on a fantastic Halloween journey. Although, not for the faint of heart! Take a look at these Halloween makeup ideas for women, or maybe for everybody!

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1. Scary Nun

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Hail Mary! There’s something just not right with this sister. Here we have a nun outfit but a not so common nun. Large scary teeth and contact lenses make her some sort of demon nun. If you see this the next time you attend mass…. RUN!

2. Queen of Hearts


Off with her head! The Queen of Hearts, one of the most unstable and dangerous characters in the Alice in Wonderland series. Use black pencil to draw a heart around the face. Then define the heart area with a nice bit of white makeup. You will be sure to command everyone’s attention this Halloween. Just don’t let anyone hand you a white rose!

3. Corpse Bride


Have you ever watched the movie of Tim Burton “The Corpse” bride? It is one of the best halloween movies of all time. You can be a scary yet beautiful bride by using this kind of halloween makeup idea.

4. Zipper Face


Oh my, what is under there!? Here is a gory and scary idea for Halloween. As you can see with this costume the skin is removable, all you need to do is unzip and then you have the scary insides.

5. Sexy Vampire

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Don’t forget your holy water and garlic. Here we have a sexy but dangerous vampire. A little pale makeup, dark under the eyes, and fangs will make you the most convincing member of the local vampire den.

6. Skeleton

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What’s more scary than seeing just our bones walking around? A skeleton is a wonderful Halloween costume. White makeup for the bones, and black makeup to create that negative space which is going to define the skeletal framework. Soon you will be a walking and talking pile of bones.

7. Zombie

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Image Source

They look just like you and us but are they? When you get close you realize there’s something not just right! Watch out, they will try and eat your brains. Everybody these days are zombie crazy. With a little bit of fake blood you can create head wounds or blood from your mouth as if you just fed. The black makeup under the eyes helps make that impression that you are part of the living undead.

8. Simple Yet Scary


9. Ghoul


What goes bump in the night? Here is a ghastly ghoul to frighten the small children and villagers this Halloween. Pale makeup with black under the eyes combined with a mostly white and black wig will transform you into this nightly terror.

10. Creepy Doll

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Image Source

What’s that creepy thing on the toy shelf? Here we have a creepy little doll that comes alive at night. White makeup on the face provides the canvas on which to work with. Then creating tiny lips with red makeup helps give the mouth a more doll like look. Freckles under the eyes and long dark eyebrows add to the effect.

11. Zombie Prom Queen


12. Avatar

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Image Source

Remember these big beautiful blue people from the movie Avatar? Now you can be one for this Halloween. Blue makeup and fangs will make anyone look like they come from off-planet.

13. Geisha

Geisha March Tokyo To Mark First Anniversary of Niigata Quake

An exotic choice from the Far East being a Geisha will make any woman look beautiful. Lots of white powder required.

14. Clown


Who doesn’t love a clown? Being a clown is a great idea for this Halloween. Just put on the clown white makeup and let your imagination take over when doing the rest. A red nose helps as well as using makeup to make that lovable smile larger.

15. Giant Demon Mouth


A truly scary Halloween costume. Wouldn’t want to put my arm anywhere around that! Here the effect of having a big demon mouth is achieved by making a mouth that extends well past the lower mouth. Everything inside the mouth area is blacked out.

16. Cruella DeVille

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Image Source

Where’s those puppies? Cruella DeVille wants nothing but to take your dalmatians and make a fur coat out of their hides! A little red lipstick and black penciled in eyebrows are what it takes to make the face. The wig is half black and half white hair separated in the middle. Hide your pups because Cruella is coming to town this Halloween.

17. Two Face


We’ll flip a coin on it. Here’s another dastardly villain in the form of Two-Face. Half of one side is normal and well respectable, while the other evil half is blue with yellow eyes and scarred beyond belief. Frighten all your neighbors this year by picking this costume and applying the makeup.

18. Scary Nurse

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Image Source

Let’s hope you don’t have to visit the hospital this Halloween. This Scary Nurse might just be there to “tend” to your needs. Here it seems that the face is just nothing but scar tissue with a very vague resemblance to the human face.

19. Raggedy Ann

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Image Source

Who doesn’t remember that lovable Raggedy Ann doll from their childhood? Black makeup to make the nose, eyes, and add simple freckles handles the face. Then a nice Raggedy Ann type wig completes the set up. How cute. Prepare for a lot of hugs this Halloween.

20. Cat

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Image Source

Here’s a cute idea for Halloween. Why not dress up as Halloween’s most lovable animals? A cat! Use some makeup to create the snout and whiskers and then add some cat ears. Meow! Everyone will want to pet you this Halloween.

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