20 Cool Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples

You must be looking for couples Halloween costumes ideas at this time of the year, Yes! It’s that time of year again when ghosts, ghouls, and goblins abound! That dark day, when the foul miscreants of the night, roam freely with men of mortal make and well, make merry till the wee morning’s light! It’s Halloween! Flowery words aside, it’s that special day when people, young and old alike, dress up to be their favorite creature of the night and party on!

But what if you’re tired of dressing up like Dracula for the nth Halloween? Or you’ve just plainly run out of ideas with who or what to look like this Halloween? Or maybe you just think you can’t rent or buy a costume because it’s too expensive? Fear not these mundane things, for we have various Halloween costume ideas for you, and your partner, with what to wear this spooky season. Fear them not, but fear the things that go bump in the night!


Cool Halloween Costumes for Couples

If you and your significant other, best friend or just any dynamic duo want to make an impression, these couples Halloween costume ideas are sure to get the average Joe talking and saying “Why didn’t I think of that?” Believe me, they’re not what you’d expect.

1. Couple Zombie Bride and Groom Halloween Costume

How about the traditional wedding couple look, only well, deader? These two are definitely not happily married, but are definitely together beyond “death do us part.” Third guy in the picture, optional.

2. The Shreks (Shrek and Princess Fiona)

Halloween is the perfect time for ogres to come out. And who are the most iconic ogres? Shrek and his wife Princess Fiona. Just be sure to use green water based paint on your halloween costumes.

3. Princess Peach and Mario


We all grew up playing the games on the Family Computer(remember that thing waaaaay before the ps3 or Xbox?). So why not dress up and pay homage to an icon? The bumpcar on his belly is a nice touch, but a bit on the extra. You can look good with just the red tights and the princess alone.

4. Wonder Woman and Captain America


Ok, maybe it should’ve been Wonder Woman and Superman, but who cares? Admit it, they look good together. That makes it a great halloween costume ideas for couples, right?

5. Roller Coaster Costumes

This halloween costume for couples is pretty hilarious. The visual illusion created by the props make it look like the couples are riding in a roller coaster ride. Pretty creative, right?

Homemade Halloween Costumes for Couples

Or for creatures of the night on a tight budget. Okay, say you and your partner want to look cool this Halloween, but it’s your budget that scares you, these are the Halloween costume ideas for you and your thrifty mate.

1. Google Map Icons


These costumes are so simple, it’s almost ingenious. Simple colored cardboard will do almost all the work for this look. It’s that cheap.

2. American Gothic

All you need are outdated clothes, and a big old picture frame. Including the pitchfork, you’re sure not to be spending much for this quirky, old country, quaker look.

3. Soap and Loofah

Well, they look squeaky clean indeed. I admit, the overall look isn’t really eye catching, but well, I guess this is definitely one case of getting what you paid for. These is definitely a thrifty look, not the kid of look that’ll get the heads turning.

4. The Grady Twins

How about homemade halloween costumes for couples? Here’s one of my personal favorites. This look is genuinely terrifying, yet surprisingly affordable. All you really need are stained red clothes or a lot of ketchup. Yet he overall effect is perfect for the holiday. What Halloween wouldn’t be complete without a lot of blood?

5. Mr. and Mrs. Mimes

Do you want a perfect combination this coming Halloween? Then you may want to try this Mr. and Mrs. Mime halloween costume. This is perfect for couples who want to be a little different this year. Just few white makeup here and there, black and white striped shirts, black caps and white gloves will complete your get-up.

Funny Halloween Costumes Ideas for Couples

They say comedy is hell. If that’s true, well then these couples Halloween costumes ideas have the devil’s stamp of approval.

1. The Smurfs


Face it. They look great in blue. The smurfs, with their cute, wholesome demeanor are sure to brighten up the usually dark Halloween.

2. The Boobsie “Cuples”



This is quite interesting. If you guys really want to “stand out” in the crowd then you got to have something big to flaunt. In this case, the boobsie truly stands out. Wanna try it?

3. She-Ra and He-Man

Face it again. This guy looks nowhere near He-Man but the idea is great. We all grew up watching these cartoons. It’s a good thing his muscles, and the swords, are clearly fake.

4. Adam and Eve



If you feel like you can be bolder when it comes to your halloween costumes, then this Eve and Adam costume is perfect for you. Just few leaves here and there, with some props of snake here and there, you’re good to go. For those who are not very comfortable showing their skin, skin-toned overalls are perfect.

5. Wife Delivery Husband



This is pretty hilarious! This one captured my interest and I am truly laughing out loud with this one. Can you dare to try this kind of halloween costume this year?

Unique Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples

If you want to look different, and stand out from all the creatures of the night, these Halloween couples costumes ideas are for you. Some are actually surprisingly very simple, so getting a couples halloween costume may not be a problem.

1. Red Queen and Mad Hatter

One of the coolest halloween costume available for couples, stand out from the crowd with this red queen and mad hatter. This is truly awesome!

2. Pacman Lovers

Have you ever played the online game pacman? Then you’re probably aware on what this halloween costume would be look like.

3. Jack and Sally Halloween Costumes

Have your watched the movie Nightmare Before Christmas? Then you probably know Jack and Sally, this can be a perfect costume for the halloween for you and your partner.

4. Woody and Jessie Costumes


Image: picstopin

How about the toy story movie? Meet Jessie and Woody on their costumes. This is quite interesting as costume right? Want to try?

5. The Simpson Couples

Well, be the Mr and Mrs. Simpsons and you will surely stand out for this Halloween costume ideas for couple. Just need some colors and make up and you’re good to go.

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Top 20 Halloween Makeup Ideas for Women 2014

If there’s one necessity on Halloween it is makeup. Great Halloween makeup ideas can go a long way in constructing the best Halloween costume. It’s necessary for being the perfect Ghoul, Clown, or Zombie especially for women.

In this article, examples will be given on the best ways to utilize makeup this upcoming Halloween. This includes fake blood, dark eyeshadow, and hair spray. Keep reading to find out some ideas on how to utilize makeup to accentuate and complete that spectacular Halloween costume ideas.

From the scary Vampires and Skeletons, to the cute Cat, to the outrageous Zipper Face we will take you on a fantastic Halloween journey. Although, not for the faint of heart! Take a look at these Halloween makeup ideas for women, or maybe for everybody!

Feel free to browse my list of Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas, too!

1. Scary Nun

Hail Mary! There’s something just not right with this sister. Here we have a nun outfit but a not so common nun. Large scary teeth and contact lenses make her some sort of demon nun. If you see this the next time you attend mass…. RUN!

2. Queen of Hearts


Off with her head! The Queen of Hearts, one of the most unstable and dangerous characters in the Alice in Wonderland series. Use black pencil to draw a heart around the face. Then define the heart area with a nice bit of white makeup. You will be sure to command everyone’s attention this Halloween. Just don’t let anyone hand you a white rose!

3. Corpse Bride


Have you ever watched the movie of Tim Burton “The Corpse” bride? It is one of the best halloween movies of all time. You can be a scary yet beautiful bride by using this kind of halloween makeup idea.

4. Zipper Face


Oh my, what is under there!? Here is a gory and scary idea for Halloween. As you can see with this costume the skin is removable, all you need to do is unzip and then you have the scary insides.

5. Sexy Vampire

Don’t forget your holy water and garlic. Here we have a sexy but dangerous vampire. A little pale makeup, dark under the eyes, and fangs will make you the most convincing member of the local vampire den.

6. Skeleton

What’s more scary than seeing just our bones walking around? A skeleton is a wonderful Halloween costume. White makeup for the bones, and black makeup to create that negative space which is going to define the skeletal framework. Soon you will be a walking and talking pile of bones.

7. Zombie

They look just like you and us but are they? When you get close you realize there’s something not just right! Watch out, they will try and eat your brains. Everybody these days are zombie crazy. With a little bit of fake blood you can create head wounds or blood from your mouth as if you just fed. The black makeup under the eyes helps make that impression that you are part of the living undead.

8. Simple Yet Scary


9. Ghoul


What goes bump in the night? Here is a ghastly ghoul to frighten the small children and villagers this Halloween. Pale makeup with black under the eyes combined with a mostly white and black wig will transform you into this nightly terror.

10. Creepy Doll

What’s that creepy thing on the toy shelf? Here we have a creepy little doll that comes alive at night. White makeup on the face provides the canvas on which to work with. Then creating tiny lips with red makeup helps give the mouth a more doll like look. Freckles under the eyes and long dark eyebrows add to the effect.

11. Zombie Prom Queen


12. Avatar

Remember these big beautiful blue people from the movie Avatar? Now you can be one for this Halloween. Blue makeup and fangs will make anyone look like they come from off-planet.

13. Geisha

Geisha March Tokyo To Mark First Anniversary of Niigata Quake

An exotic choice from the Far East being a Geisha will make any woman look beautiful. Lots of white powder required.

14. Clown


Who doesn’t love a clown? Being a clown is a great idea for this Halloween. Just put on the clown white makeup and let your imagination take over when doing the rest. A red nose helps as well as using makeup to make that lovable smile larger.

15. Giant Demon Mouth


A truly scary Halloween costume. Wouldn’t want to put my arm anywhere around that! Here the effect of having a big demon mouth is achieved by making a mouth that extends well past the lower mouth. Everything inside the mouth area is blacked out.

16. Cruella DeVille

Where’s those puppies? Cruella DeVille wants nothing but to take your dalmatians and make a fur coat out of their hides! A little red lipstick and black penciled in eyebrows are what it takes to make the face. The wig is half black and half white hair separated in the middle. Hide your pups because Cruella is coming to town this Halloween.

17. Two Face


We’ll flip a coin on it. Here’s another dastardly villain in the form of Two-Face. Half of one side is normal and well respectable, while the other evil half is blue with yellow eyes and scarred beyond belief. Frighten all your neighbors this year by picking this costume and applying the makeup.

18. Scary Nurse

Let’s hope you don’t have to visit the hospital this Halloween. This Scary Nurse might just be there to “tend” to your needs. Here it seems that the face is just nothing but scar tissue with a very vague resemblance to the human face.

19. Raggedy Ann

Who doesn’t remember that lovable Raggedy Ann doll from their childhood? Black makeup to make the nose, eyes, and add simple freckles handles the face. Then a nice Raggedy Ann type wig completes the set up. How cute. Prepare for a lot of hugs this Halloween.

20. Cat

Here’s a cute idea for Halloween. Why not dress up as Halloween’s most lovable animals? A cat! Use some makeup to create the snout and whiskers and then add some cat ears. Meow! Everyone will want to pet you this Halloween.

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Top 15 Halloween Party Games for Kids

Do you know what is better than Halloween? Halloween parties, of course! Just be sure to find a space for your party, and cover it with tissue paper, stretched cotton, and cardboard cut-outs of the ~spooky~ beings that roam the night. Also, be sure to prepare blood red punches and Halloween finger food. Plus points if they really look like disembodied fingers. Negative points if they are really fingers. Remember, WillyWonka said that “Cannibalism, my dear children, is in fact frowned upon in most societies.”

Now, you almost have the best Halloween party, but it is still missing something. Do you know what it is? If you have guessed Halloween games, then you are right! (If you guessed wrong, better luck next time, pal. We all have our bad days.)

Here I will present to you a compilation of fun (and ~spooky~) Halloween party games for kids.

Mummy Wrap


In this Halloween game, you just need a white crepe paper, tissue paper, or fabric (although tissue paper works best), plus any fun Halloween songs.

Instruct everyone to find a pair, and give each pair a roll of tissue paper. When the music plays, one of them should wrap the other in tissue, mummy style. Instruct them to not put any wrapping on the head, and to separate the wrapping of the arms from the torso. When the music ends, the ‘mummy’ should hop towards the finish line while ensuring that the wrap stays on them. The first one to reach the finish line wins.

Learn more about Mummy Wrap Game from Spoonful.com

Skeleton Scavenger Hunt


In this party game, you’ll need a cardboard cut-out of a skeleton, a large paper to paste it into, a marker, and some tape.

Do this before the party starts! First, trace the outline of the cardboard cut-out, then dismantle the bones of the skeleton. Now, scatter the bones into different areas of the venue.

Now, when the party starts, ask them to help you fix Mr. Skeleton. (Or Ms. We just don’t know.)

Learn more about Skeleton Scavenger Hunt Game from Spoonful.com

WitchStews Game


In this Halloween party game, you need straws, construction papers, and two bowl.

Before the party, cut-out ~spooky~ beings. Your pick on what kind of ~spooky~ being you want. It could be bats, deranged pumpkins, ghouls, your ex-boyfriend’s picture, whatever! When you are done, divide the ~spooky~ beings into two starting bowls. Place another two bowls on the other end of the room.

Now, this is your classic relay game. The instruction is to suction a ~spooky~ being and to transfer it from the starting bowl to the finish bowl. The first one (or, team) to transfer all the ~spooky~ beings wins!

Learn more about Witch’s Stew Game from Spoonful.com

WitchHat’s Ring Toss


To set up this game, you need a piece of cardboard, party hats, black paint, and toss rings.

Just cut circles big enough to insert the party hats. Draw a circle around each party hats. This will be the bottom of the witch hat. Also, make sure to color the party hats black. Just allow the paint to dry, and your party now has a toss game!

Learn more about Witch Hat Toss Game from Sometimes Creative Blogspot

Halloween Matching Game


In this game, you need cut-outs of ~spooky~ things, two copies each. Paste each picture on flash cards. Set-it up on the floor, and watch the search for ~spooky~ pairs.

Learn more about Matching Game from BHG.com

Pin the Tail on the Cat


Here, you need a cat cut-out (minus the tail). Make the tail of the cut out of foam board and put a double sided tape on it.

During the game, have one of the kids blindfolded, make them turn around ten times, and watch as the audience instructs them on how to pin the tail on the cat.

Learn more about Pin the Tail from BHG.com

Catch the Doughtnut


Now, this is a good alternative than just giving candies to the kiddies when they go trick-or-treating. Hang some donuts using some yarn some clothes hanger or a rod, and when the kids knock on your door, tell them that they will play a game. Hang the clothes hanger or the rod on the doorframe (just make sure to install some hooks on your doorframe so the rod won’t fall on the poor kiddies’ faces) and watch the kids gobble up their donuts. Just instruct them to not use their hands.

Learn more about this Halloween Party Games for Kids on easyday.snydle.com

Mix-and-Match Pumpkin Patch Game


In this game, you have to prepare pumpkins of various shapes using orange construction paper (or you could use other colors as well. Your choice. I certainly want to see a cookies n’ cream flavored pumpkin.) Also, prepare enough eyes, noses, and mouths to go with all of the pumpkins. Then, pin the pumpkins onto a wall.

To play this game, ask the kiddies to glue each pumpkin with a pair of eyes, a nose, and a mouth. But they could glue it however they want. Hey, we don’t want to mess with their creativity now, do we?

Learn more about Mix and Match Game from Spoonful.com

Guess the Ghost


Ask the kids to pick an It, and have this It blindfolded. Instruct the other kids to form a circle, and place the It in the middle of the circle. Then, play some ~spooky~ music. While the music plays, the kids will circle around the It, and when the music stops, ask the It to reach out and touch the kid in front of him, and the kid that the It touched should let out a ghostly sound. (It could be the standard ‘Boo!’ or something like ‘I’m a ghooooooost~ A scary ghooooost~’ Just let the kids’ imagination run wild.) The It then will have to guess who the ghost is. If the It’s guess is correct, then the ghost will be the new It. If not, then he’ll still be the It for the next round.

Image: Howstuffworks

Pin the Stem on the Pumpkin


The steps on how to construct this game is the same as in #6. Just make sure that you cut a leaf out of the foam, not a cat’s tail. Pinning a cat’s tail on a pumpkin would be silly. (What would that be called, though? Pumptail?Tailkin?Catkin?)

Learn more about Pin the Stem from Womansday

How manywords ?

It is exactly what it says on tin. Give the kids a word that is related to Halloween, like Jack-o-lantern, scarecrow, or even Halloween itself, and ask them to list the words that could be made from the given word. The kid who lists the most number of words would be the winner. The prize? Candy, of course!

Bobbing for Apples


This is a classic game. Just fill a tub with water and fill it with apples. Now, ask the kids to line-up, and each one will get a chance to bob for an apple. You can give it a twist by saying that everyone who catches an apple will get to marry, or those who are not able to get any apples will be visited by Sadako at night. Your pick. Just don’t scare the kids too much.

Learn more about Halloween Party Games from easyday.snydle.com

Black Cat Treasure Hunt


Of course no Halloween would be complete without talks about the Salem Witch Trials. In this game, you have to hide a treasure (which of course will be candy). But instead of normal treasure maps, your clues will be written on cardboard cut-outs of black cats or black cat stuffed toy with a clue tied to it. The guests will have to follow the cat’s trail to find the treasure.

Learn more about Black Cat Treasure on Spoonful.com

Squash Bowling


Make the pins by sticking vinyl tapes around the squashes. This is to make no acrylic paint will touch your squashes. Just in case that you are still planning to eat the later.
Paint over the vinyl to number your pins. Then, arrange your pins. A pumpkin will be your bowling ball on this game.

Learn more about Squash Bowling from Martha Stewart

Hide and Clap

Of course this is a game that we all know from the movie The Conjuring. And whether you believe it or not, this game is really fun to play!

You need to select an It among the players, and have them blindfolded. The other players will then go to their hiding spots while the It is spinning around. After the tenth spin, the It will now search for the other players. The It will have to locate the other players through claps. Just be sure to stay away from haunted closets though.

With that note, I am going to end the blog post here. I hope that you will enjoy that games that I suggested here. Pro tip: Do not say ‘Let’s play a game’ while wearing a mask. It will give everyone an aneurysm.

Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas

homemade-halloween-costumesHomemade Halloween costume ideas aren’t that difficult to come up with. Whether you want to add a personal edge to your scary frock or you can’t be bothered to spend all that money on a costume you’ll probably use only once or you just can’t stand the thought of contributing to the growing pile of once-used garments and plastics in landfills, making your own Halloween costumes is a great idea not only in terms of money but also in personal style. Think about it. Those generic store-bought costumes might be snazzy and sharp, but there’s always the huge possibility of walking into a party and seeing the exact same costume on someone else. It’ll only get worse if that other person wears it better than you. Yikes!

Once upon a time, people made their Halloween costumes by themselves. They had no other choice. But then stores started offering witch hats and fairy wands. Before anyone realized it, stores everywhere were selling complete Halloween ensembles. Homemade costumes are one of a kind. You can personalize it as much as you want. It’s a fun and creative way to get ready for Halloween. So what are you waiting for? Get inspired by these homemade Halloween costume ideas and unleash your inner ghoul this Halloween!

Image: TheDailyGreen

Best Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas

Here are some of the best halloween costume ideas that you can make yourself. No need to buy in the stores and spend a lot on Halloween costumes.

Scare Crow

This is a nice halloween costume that you can create by yourself. All you need are old pair of jeans, some sewing skills, old checkered shirt and tattered hat and tada! You are now a scarecrow. Scare those kids who are doing the Trick or Treat!


Scare your neighbors off with these snakes on your head. You can easily achieve this if you have plastic or toy snakes and decorate your hair with them

Ice Queen

With the proper pieces of clothing and some touch of white makeup and powder, you can be an ice queen in no time.

Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas for Adults

Who says dressing up is just for kids? Halloween is that time of the year when you can walk around with a crown on your head or a bloody mask over your face and not be judged. Everyone should take advantage of such a great opportunity.

Cardboard Dinosaur/Reptile Costume

Image Source: Flickr

Image Source: Flickr

Want to get rid of those pesky unused cardboard boxes up in the attic? Why not try recycling them instead? With a few snips and folds and a little bit of tape, you can turn a boring old cardboard box into a fierce dinosaur costume. Or perhaps a crocodile instead? Cardboard is great to work with because it’s sturdy and foldable. Be as creative as you want!

The Ring Girl


Image: Craftster

Are you a horror movie aficionado? The Ring is a popular horror movie that has terrified audiences since it first made it to the big screen. The movie’s antagonist, the long-haired girl, is a particular favorite of many. You need only a tattered white dress and a long and messy jet black wig and you’re good to go. Put on some eerie white and pale make up and you’ll definitely give your friends a good scare.

Pirate Costume

Image: Ehow

Image: Ehow

Avast, me hearties! Pirate costumes are one of those classics that everyone just can’t get enough of. Landlubbers can look like a weathered pirate with a few modified household items. Sailor pants or worn out jeans can be used. A striped top should do ye s’me good. An eye patch, an empty brown bottle labeled “XXX”, and a pirate hat (easily made with black construction paper or cardboard) with a jolly roger will make you look like an authentic buccaneer. And don’t be forgettin’ to speak th’ pirate lingo, matey.

Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas for Women

Want to scare your friends with a spooky costume? Or do you simply want to dress up (and who could blame you?) and be the best dressed witch in town? Homemade costumes will definitely win you some shrieks or cheers. Strut your stuff and sharpen your fangs, ladies! Halloween is a time to shine!

Homemade Candy Costume

For sweet-toothed gals, dressing up as your favorite dessert is as easy as A, B, C. Tights and leggings (in the color that suits the sweet treat, obviously) will be your base costume. A recycled laundry basket or a loop of wire and some fabric should complete it. Get those sewing kits ready and show us your needlework skills. Pastries are generally fluffy so some cotton or other material should help. Trick or TREAT indeed!

Homemade Witch Costume

A classic! However, you can be one heck of a fashionable witch with a little bit of imagination. Black is often associated with witches but don’t be afraid to add a little more color to your dress. A papier-mâché cauldron, a customized wand (can be made with a single chopstick, a glue gun, and beads), and a witch hat made of either carbon or cloth will complete your look.

Cat Girl Costume

Meeeeow! Dress up as a cute little kitten or a sexy and fierce feline this Halloween! The ears can be made from construction paper glued on a head band. The tail can be just a stretch of fabric sewn on or pinned on your back. One of the best things about this costume? Face paint! You can either just add a few lines on your cheeks for whiskers or you can go for a more dramatic approach and become a seriously sassy kitty with a fully painted face.

Homemade Skeleton Costume

Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

For the little tikes going trick-or-treating, nothing beats a good homemade costume. They’ll have a blast walking around in their personalized costume all night!

Homemade Clown Costume

Colorful and oversized clothes will make your child look like a clown. Face paint or make up should be applied excessively! For that clown nose you can use a small, red rubber ball. Just make a cut on one side (big enough for the nose) and voila! A cute little clown of your own.

Homemade Bunny Costume

Image: About

Image: About

This hopping mad costume is very cute and very easy to put together. Floppy ears can be made with construction paper or, if you’re handy with the needle, bits of fabric. Make sure to stick them properly to a plastic head band. The cotton tail can be made out of an old powder puff or a pom-pom.

Homemade Fairy Costume

An old little dress can be jazzed up with some sequins and glitter and the wings can be made out of construction paper or, for the extremely artsy, from some wires and fabric. Fairy wands are easy to make with a long stick, some glue, and glitter.

Funny Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas

A great thing about Halloween is that it’s not just about the scary costumes and eerie decors. There’s also the numerous outrageous and hilarious costumes people come up with every year. Either ironic costumes or downright crazy frocks, Halloween has become more than just a day of scares. It’s a day for laughs too!

Bag of Jelly Beans

Image: CostumePop

Image: CostumePop

This deliciously cute costume consists of a large plastic bag, an assortment of colorful balloons, and a ribbon. The balloons will be the jelly beans so they need to be blown up. The bag, as expected, is the large plastic bag. Make sure to cut leg and arm holes on the plastic bag – that’s what you’ll be wearing. Once you’ve put on the bag, place the balloons inside the bag and then tie the ribbon stylishly around your shoulders (wouldn’t want those jelly beans falling out, eh?).

Crash Test Dummy

Image: Racelleb

Image: Racelleb

After the crash! Put on some sweats (worn out and sooty) and add some bandages and you’ll look like you’ve just been through a collision. A mask is also optional for this costume.



Image Source: Flickr

Show the world your love for technology and dress up as an iPod! You can decide which model you wish to be. Cardboard boxes and some paint are the integral materials for this costume.

Homemade Couple Halloween Costume Ideas

A couple that dresses up together, stays together. Couple costumes are great for lovebirds who love to do things together and dressing up in whacky costumes.

Zombie Couple

The current generation seems to have a certain obsession with zombies. Couples can dress up as a zombie couple out to eat some brains. Just wear tattered clothes (as in really tattered. You just came back from the dead, remember?) and put on some creepy make up. Fake blood is also a huge plus.

Skeleton Costumes

Funny Couple


Mario and Luigi

Everyone is familiar with these two brothers. For couples who adore classic video games, dressing up as Mario and Luigi is recommended. Their attire is pretty simple. A blue jumper, matching t-shirt and hat (red for Mario, green for Luigi), white gloves, and a fake moustache will do great.

Peter Pan and Wendy

This Disney-inspired costume might seem like it’ll take some time to put together but you can actually just use a long blue dress and a blue ribbon for Wendy and an oversized green shirt (cut a large zigzag pattern on the shirt’s end), a brown belt, green tights, and a green cloth hat for Peter.

Easy Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas

Pressed for time? Can’t get a hold of proper materials? Not to worry! There are countless easy-to-make costumes that can be put together in a jiffy.

Homemade Ghost Costume

Image: LoveToKnow

Image: LoveToKnow

A timeless classic. Just get a white table sheet, cut some eye holes, and put it on. It’s that simple! If you want to pump up the ‘spook’ factor, you can get a black (or any color of your choice) eye shadow and put some color around the eyes to really give your ghost a haunted look.

Homemade Ragdoll Costume

An old dress can be used for this costume. Put on a white apron over it and wear long striped socks. That’s it! It’s cute and easy.

Homemade Mummy Costume

The one thing you really need for this costume? Bandages. Lots of it. Cover yourself from head to toe (though make sure you’re comfortable and it’s securely tied) and there you go. For best results, make sure that the bandages look a dirty and tattered.

Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas for Men

Guys dress up on Halloween as much as girls do. It’s a time for craziness, after all. You’re never too old to enjoy Halloween.

Labor and Delivery

Chuck Norris

An all-time favorite action hero. Get that “I-will-kick-the-living-daylights-out-of-you” look by wearing a camouflage shirt and jeans, a bandana around your head, and dirt and grime (or just make up that looks like dirt and grime) on your face.


You’ll need a couple of boxes for this costume. And tinfoil, if possible, for that metal sheen. This costume is relatively easy to make but it can’t be said that it’s easy to take off. You’ll want to have emergency precautions in case nature calls.

Mad Scientist

Evil minion optional. A long lab gown is used for this costume. Make sure it’s stained with various colors, er, evil chemicals. Goggles and crazy wild hair is highly recommended. While you’re at it, you can also wear thick black rubber gloves. You don’t want any of those diabolical concoctions to burn your hands, right?

Group Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas

Want to dress up with the gang? Consider some of these ideas.

Scooby Doo and the Gang

A nostalgic cartoon indeed. Who doesn’t love Scooby Doo? This is a simple costume idea because the gang’s attires are relatively easy to imitate. As for Scooby Doo… well, you can always bring along your trusty canine companion.

Loofah Girls

The Breakfast Club

A nod to the popular movie. Again, this idea is easy to achieve because the Breakfast Club’s outfits aren’t too complicated. You can get similar outfits anywhere, or at least get the closest match to them.


Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! The group should wear beige overalls that is the signature wardrobe for the Ghostbusters. Their gear can be made out of all sorts of materials found at home and painted with a black finish.

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Pumpkin Carving Patterns and Halloween Pumpkin Carving Designs

pumpkin-carving-patternsOne of the most integral Halloween customs is the carving of jack-o-lanterns and first things that you have to come up with is the pumpkin carving pattern. Both eerie as well as playful, these carved pumpkin portraits are probably the most distinctive symbol of Halloween. Jack-o-lanterns basically sum up the spooky holiday’s impish side. They are made by scooping out the inside of a pumpkin and carving a creepy face on the hollow pumpkin’s outer surface. A lighted candle is placed inside the shell to add a scarier effect.

Originally, turnips or potatoes were used instead of pumpkins. Jack-o-lanterns came from the Irish ghost figure, Jack of the Lantern. Legend has it that the name “jack-o-lantern” came from an Irish menace known only as Stingy Jack. The story goes that this evil fellow Jack tricked the devil into promising that he won’t claim his soul when Jack dies. Eventually, Jack passed away and, of course, was not allowed in heaven. True to his word, the devil did not take Jack’s soul to hell, cursing Jack to roam the Earth forever. It is said that Jack was given a burning coal of hellfire to light his way across the night. Stingy Jack put the ember inside a carved-out turnip and has been wandering the world ever since.

Now, pumpkin carving is a Halloween ritual that everyone looks forward to. Pumpkin carving patterns have evolved from simple triangle eyes and zigzag sinister smiles to elaborate schemes that are great fun to do.

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Scary Pumpkin Carving Patterns

These are the traditional approach to pumpkin carving ideas. Scary pumpkin carving patterns can range from the usual evil grinning faces to stenciled creepy illustrations like a haunted house or a wicked witch on a broom. Your guests and all the passing trick-or-treaters will shriek in fear mixed with delight when they see these terrifying pumpkins emitting their creepy glow.





Disney Pumpkin Carving Patterns


Because of the holiday’s versatility, you can also go for a less spooky pattern. If you’re an avid Disney fan, why not carve a hidden Mickey on your pumpkins?

Image: WallGC


Or if you prefer to maintain the Halloween spirit, a Disney villain could be considered. Remember how you used to tremble at the sight of Aladdin’s nemesis, the evil magician Jafar?

Image: BumpinPumpkins


Remember the shiver that ran down your spine whenever Cruella de Vil’s menacing face appeared on the screen?

Image: Spoonful

And how about the soul-collecting sea witch, Ursula? Disney doesn’t just have the prettiest princesses or the funniest characters… it also has the scariest villains.

Easy Pumpkin Carving Patterns

If you aren’t quite familiar with pumpkin carving or don’t have the same dexterity and precision as others, you can get the simpler and easier pumpkin carving patterns. There are a lot of easy-to-carve patterns that will look just as good on your pumpkin.




Halloween Pumpkin Carving Patterns

Pumpkin carving is considered to be a Halloween staple. The patterns for Halloween pumpkins are not just limited to the scary-looking faces either. They can be funny and witty patterns or downright strange depictions.


Images: MasterpiecePumpkins


Image: MarthaStewart



Image: TheArtofDoingStuff

Funny Pumpkin Carving Patterns

Your guests will howl with laughter with these pumpkin carving patterns. Goofy faces instead of spooky faces have become more and more popular. You can carve silly expressions on your pumpkin like one that has its tongue out to one side or one with mismatched eyes or, if you want to be more creative, caricatures of famous characters.




Image: InspirationsforMoms

Cute Pumpkin Carving Patterns

Or how about having adorable pumpkins instead? You can stencil a pattern depicting a cute animal like a kitten or a puppy or a penguin, or a pattern inspired from cute girly designs with hearts and swirls.


Image: AllYou


Image: Craftynest


Cool Pumpkin Carving Patterns

If you’re up for it, you can go for really elaborate patterns to have the coolest pumpkin on the block. Depict famous movie icons or come up with your own unique and wacky design.




Or how about instead of completely carving out the inside of the pumpkin, incorporate the insides to your design? It’ll make your pattern more 3D and cool.

Simple Pumpkin Carving Patterns

If you think only elaborate patterns are the most impressive, think again. Sometimes, if done right, the simplest patterns can be the spookiest or the most extraordinary. Simple patterns are not only easy to carve but also makes your pumpkin look more charming.


Jack O Lantern design by Casey Fleser of a mathematical sympbol Pi.

Image: DIYNetwork

Advanced Pumpkin Carving Patterns

Ambitious pumpkin carvers have come up with some really elaborate patterns. The most advanced patterns are the ones that look amazingly realistic.

Halloween Pumpkin

Image: PunchBowl


Image: Tinkatolli


Some of these patterns are so incredible that it’s difficult to believe that they’re actually carved by hand!

Pumpkin Carving Patterns for Kids

Are the little ones eager to carve their own pumpkin this year? There are a lot of easy patterns that will be perfect for them. Generally, kids should stick to making faces on their pumpkins because they’re the easiest. Whether they want their pumpkins to look sinister or friendly is up to them.



Small Pumpkin Carving Patterns

Whether you aren’t the type of guy to go all out on his pumpkin carving or you simply can’t risk carving too much on your pumpkin, smaller patterns are recommended. You know what they say: small but terrible!


Harry Potter Pumpkin Carving Patterns

Are you a hardcore Potterhead? Carve a stunning silhouette of The Boy Who Lived on your pumpkin this year. Or how about the Golden Trio?


Better yet, the beautiful and magical Hogwarts! But if you prefer a more simpler design, you can always carve Harry Potter’s signature round glasses and lightning scar.

Snoopy Pumpkin Carving Patterns

Who wouldn’t want the lovable beagle on their pumpkin?


Snoopy is relatively easy to draw. Compared to other cartoon characters, his design is simple so it’s perfect to carve on your pumpkin.

Image: WanderLustScarlet

Vampire Pumpkin Carving Patterns


Now here’s something you can really sink your fangs into. Vampire patterns are very trendy. I mean, who doesn’t love vampires? You can either carve the sharp fanged vampire in his long coat form or in his bat form.

Image: Molempire

Toy Story Pumpkin Carving Patterns


Probably one of the best Pixar films ever made, Toy Story-inspired patterns are great for all ages. Whether you choose to carve Woody, the loyal toy sheriff, or Buzz Lightyear, the brave space soldier, or any of the lovable characters from the movie, your pumpkin will have a creative as well as an ingenious edge.

Image: Flickr

Dog Pumpkin Carving Patterns


Dogs are man’s best friend. Carving doggy faces on your pumpkin will surely have your guests delighted. You can choose a simple dog pattern or a complicated, detailed dog pattern.

Image: GoldenRetrieverForum

Dinosaur Pumpkin Carving Patterns


If you’re a fan of Jurassic Park or simply a fan of the extinct reptiles, dinosaur patterns are for you. There are plenty of types of dinosaurs to choose from too! The cutesy dinosaur patterns are preferable if you aren’t that confident in your carving skills.

Image: Toxel

Haunted House Pumpkin Carving Patterns


A typical Halloween pumpkin pattern, haunted house patterns are easy to design and fun to carve. Just make sure the house has a lot of angles. And add a few tombstones or bats as details.

Star Wars Pumpkin Carving Patterns


Fans of the phenomenal movie franchise will love these patterns. A Darth Vader pattern is relatively easy so long as you’re careful. Other characters like Princess Leia or Han Solo will look great too. But if you’re really handy with the chisel, you can even make your pumpkin look like the Death Star.

Image: ForkParty

Owl Pumpkin Carving Patterns


These wide-eyed birds will be a hoot at any gathering. Some patterns are designed to look cute while others look creepy and spooky. Owls are, after all, creatures of the night and are often associated with Halloween.

Skull Pumpkin Carving Patterns


Give any onlookers a feeling of dread with this particularly morbid pattern. Skulls are symbolic of death and horror. There are many skull designs to choose from too!

Image: SkullDay

If you’re a pirate fan, you can carve a jolly roger on your pumpkin. Or you can go for the classic hollow eyes, jagged square teeth, and triangle nosed skull pattern.

Werewolf Pumpkin Carving Patterns


Image: Nashoba-Hostina

This fierce supernatural creature will definitely impress your guests. The patterns are a bit tricky though so be cautious. Also, for added effect, you can add an outline of a full moon in order to emphasize the werewolf’s spook-tastic design.

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