Sweet and Fun Engagement Party Ideas

Take a whiff of the sparkling top notes, sit down, shut up and start thinking about getting married but of course you won’t be able to tie the knot in the most memorable way without throwing an engagement party – and for that, you need a dozen or two of engagement ideas that will mark the first step in ending your singlehood. That is, if you are the one throwing the engagement party.

Have you ever had that romanticized feeling that you suddenly become prepared to spend the rest of your life with the person who’s holding your hand right now? Have you ever experienced suddenly being kneeled upon and asked for a hand in marriage? If you ever had these experiences, then it’s good to be you – congratulations, because not everyone can be as lucky as you have become.

Celebrate the significant moment in your life when everything in the universe has suddenly fallen into places. If you’re not the one throwing the party, then here are still a couple of ideas if you are invited to such an occasion. As the cheeky saying goes for all of us (engaged or soon-to-be engaged or not at all soon): shut up, keep calm and get married, an engagement party makes the moment last, so here’s a couple of engagement ideas for you (and yes, you may still find these useful even if you’re the guest and not the celebrant).

Engagement Party Gift Ideas

One Year Subscription of Fresh Flowers Bouquet


Image source: realflowers.co.uk

For the couple’s new home, there definitely is a need to ignite the feel of hearth and home. Help them in this light when they have to re-define their concept of home – from a bachelor’s pad to a family house. After all, fresh flowers never fail to brighten up anyone’s day.

Bottle of Champagne


Image source: drinksupermarket.com

Don’t panic, it’s organic. And: if you are thinking at the last minute on what to give the couple, then this is a little treat that they would love. After all, they’re bound to spend their honeymoon soon with a bottle of champagne to set the romantic mood.

Scrap Book


Image source: pinterest.com

If you want s DIY gift that is less expensive and guest-engaging, then this is a recommended gift. It may be a simple kind of gift, but the couple will find this sweet and memorable, especially when they check out the dedications of the guests for their soon-to-be married life.

Writing a Story


Image source: jessmountifield.co.uk

At first, you may think about what the heck to write. Don’t worry if you haven’t won any literary awards before, because the couple would still appreciate this, especially if the story is about their love life and who can write it better than you, a person who has seen them through the ups and downs.

Engagement Party Decoration Ideas

Fairy Lights


Image source: pinterest.com

Dreamy and romantic without the unnecessary frills, you may find this decoration idea unique and easy especially if you want to hold the party outdoors. This is a simple yet elegant idea that can stand alone even without the help of additional fluffy decorations.

Sweets Table


Image source: tlydesign.com

We want to please our guests to the fullest. This is also a tactical way to distract those sweet-toothed ants from raging over your sweet love bubble in the occasion. Shoo them away from feasting on the sweetness that the two of you are displaying by providing a sweets table.



Image source: etsy.com

Just like fairy lights decoration, this can also stand alone for itself and define the occasion – a mood setter that is elegant yet simple. Also, we need not say more with the notion that this makes things a lot romantic.

Engagement Party Game Ideas

Diamond Carving Time


Image source: bestbride101.com

This is basically a contest to make the best diamond engagement ring using a block of ice. Give your guests their blocks of ice and allow them to create a sculpture of the best diamond engagement ring that they can make. The judge will be the hot-seated couple.



Image source: kjkaraokejoe.com

Traditional, loud, freelance and fun – these all come with endless karaoke sessions that will literally rock the party – because we know that wedding bands and romantic violinists are never too loud.

True or False


Image source: westsidemagnet.com

This is a simple yet mind-boggling game. You each tell a story about yourselves and then each will also guess whether the story is true or false. The person with the most correct guesses wins.

Engagement Party Theme Ideas

Wine Tasting Engagement Party


Image source: youqueen.com

If you want an exquisite (and a little expensive) type of engagement party, then have this for a try. Your guests can freely choose their wine flavour choice and of course the fun and excitement will also be assured.

Cooking Class


Image source: huffingtonpost.com

Why hire a catering to do the food for you when you can have your guests cook their own food? Of course, it would still be a must that you prepare a snacks or sweet corner for your guests, but having this theme will also give them a more interactive environment. How to do this? You can hire a chef have a cooking lesson (or basically anyone who knows a good meal) and allow your guests to make their own food.

Retro Couple


Image source: bridalguide.com

This may also be termed as “movie-inspired.” Whether you want to Photoshop the couple’s face on the Hollywood Titanic poster or Romeo and Juliet cameo, it’s your choice. The idea here is to make the event look as if their love story is the one that’s now showing.

Engagement Party Ideas on a Budget

Outdoor Engagement Party

Sometimes the best thing to cut a little spending is to draw the occasion closer to nature – literally. Literally. This is the natural way to save yourself from the trouble of decorating and allow nature to do this for you – in the most natural way.

After-Dinner Party


Image source: designsponge.com

It’s your choice if you want to put the description in the invitation letter advising your guests to take their dinner before heading over to the occasion, but if you want to put it in a more dignified manner, then instruct your guests that this will be an after-dinner party, and that you will be serving snacks and sweets for that matter.

Buy-Your-Own Alcohol

If you will be finding it hard to do away with the alcohol in the occasion (especially if the bachelorette or stag party suddenly follows), then instruct your guests that you will be sponsoring only one bottle of beer for them – if they want extra, then they have to buy from the snack corner. They’ll understand.

Outdoor Engagement Party Ideas



Image source: pinterest.com

Always, vintage-inspired themes never fade away from the scene when we want something romantic and sweet but without the unnecessary frills. This is a recommend if you want something romantic and sweet – and outdoors.

“Ventura Country”


Image source: kbayerphoto.com

Just picture this: a couple of lined-up tables surrounded by fruit trees that infuse the air with citrus-smelling effects that enter your nostrils, making you feel comfortable with a nirvana-effect. This is the idea for an outdoor engagement party. After all, the point is to make your guests feel comfortable.

Beach Engagement Party

This is probably one of the most common if you want an engagement party that’s outdoors. You can do tons of stuff on the beach, not to mention that you can also spend the time watching the sunset for additional romantic effects.

Engagement Party Cake Ideas

L-O-V-E 4-Layer Cake


Image source: etsy.com

You wouldn’t want something “too much” for your cake. The design for this sweet goody is simple and imposing – obviously, when the guests see the four letters: L-O-V-E, it will be obvious that this is a cake for love.

Love Birds


Image source: flickr.com

A love birds cake for a love birds. The design on this cake is cute and romantic but without the unnecessary details – just an animated frosting that draws two love birds kissing each other’s beaks (although we know that love birds don’t really kiss).

Fairy-Tale Inspired

Not to worry. This will not make your cake look like Sleeping Beauty’s crown. This cake only holds an elegant white touch with a few decorations at the topmost layer that says ‘soon to be married.’

Engagement Party Invitation Ideas

Vintage Chalkboard Heart Theme


Image source: favorsandflowers.com

This invitation idea loosens the formality of the event and allows your guests to expect something more casual and engaging. The design involves having a heart-shaped imitation of a blackboard with chalkboard writings of the invitation.

Romantic Lips and Mustache


Image source: etsy.com

Easily understandable: your guests won’t find it hard to guess the nature of the event because the minimalist graphic art can speak for itself. Obviously, somebody’s got engaged.

Quirky and Fun: “Eat, Drink and Be Married”


Image source: etsy.com

A simple inscription that will fill the front of the invitation before they flip on to the next page that gives the details of the occasion – and for that, we only have one word to say: “’Tis.”

26 Stunning Wedding Decoration Ideas For Your Big Day!

After the stag party and the bachelorette party, there is one important preparation to think about: wedding decoration ideas. In order to make the moment perfect, it is impeccable to have the decorations set the mood on the day that will tie the knot between two people. Wedding celebrations are the best excuses to wear our hair down and become as grandeur as we can. After all, the world has seen enough wars and battles. It’s time to celebrate love, and weddings are the best venue for this.

Some of the best wedding decoration ideas, surprisingly, can be as cheap but unique. It is not necessary for a wedding to be expensive. The secret lies in creativity. Most people experience wedding jitters, especially in decorating the event. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Have fun. It’s a wedding, not a pressure cooker.

Wedding Table Decoration Ideas

Crystal Wedding Bubbles (Pink/Blue/Diamond)


Image source: cherlaan.com

We love anything the glitters. They add a little specialty and royalty for the event, but they don’t have to be pure diamonds (unless you want to give the royalty of England a run for their money). They can simply be crystal bubbles in any colour depending on the theme of the wedding.

White Scatter Table Pearls

Same point as the idea on crystal wedding bubbles. If you want something that can make the table look like royalty, you can also have something glittery or shiny to scatter on the table such as pearls. Aside from pearls, pink or blue diamond (can be Swarovski or not), depending on the theme. It’s a better decoration idea than scattering glitters on the table. It just isn’t right.

Diamond Napkin Rings


Image source: weddingdirect.co.nz

This is a creative idea for table decoration. You can mimic the napkin ring according to your engagement ring. Everyone can then have a piece of it.

Linked Hearts Place Card Holder

You can place the names of the guests here, according to their seats at the reception table. The design perfectly fits the event. Aside from this, this card holder will not over-shadow the design on the table especially if you want to put a centrepiece.

Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

Apothecary Jars


Image source: miteecrafts.com

Who says apothecary jars are only for pickles in the kitchen? They can also be a decorative idea for a wedding. Yes, they can be. If you don’t want the traditional flower centrepiece, then you should try this idea. Fill the jars with bright color combinations of flowers (depending on your theme) and have them as a background display on the food table. It’s a little appetizing to see them behind the food.

Chair Sashes


Image source: weddingthingz.com

No, this will not make your wedding look gay (unless it’s a gay wedding). There are ways to design the sash in order to make it look elegant. Having designs on chairs will also lessen the boring look, because chairs are usually given less decorations in receptions.

Crystal Garlands and Curtains


Image source: shopwildthings.com

If you’re tired of the usual floral centrepieces and flowers everywhere, then you can have crystal garlands to decorate the reception with. Garlands never fail to make an event look elegant. But be careful not to put too much detail when you use this because this decoration can stand by itself.

Cheap Wedding Decoration Ideas

Fresh Wedding Flower Centrepiece

In this aspect, choose a flower that may define the theme, so as not to make it look boring because fresh flowers are the most common centrepieces. Add a few more touches like seashells alongside the centrepiece and some scattered petals.

Handmade Paper Flowers

Origami: Is it a crane? No. Is it a butterfly? No. Is it a ribbon? No. Ever tried making flowers for the event by paper folding? If you want something cheap yet creative, then you can also use paper flowers. Being that they are handmade, you can personalize and design it according to your taste.

Floating Candles in Brass Bowl with Flower Petals


Image source: church4wedding.com

This is a classic wedding decoration idea. And a plus, it is easy to make. It also saves time in doing. Candles plus flower petals floating on water equals romance. This will never be a major fail.

Outdoor Wedding Decoration Ideas

Wedding Marquee Decoration


Image source: pinterest.com

Because the theme is “outdoor,” of course you wouldn’t want your guests to suffer too much heat or to get wet in case it rains. Put an all-purpose marquee that will make the event, not only memorable, but well-equipped in any weather. But of course, dress the marquee creatively.

Flower Vessels


Image source: etsy.com

This decoration idea can make the event look nature-friendly. What’s a better way to spend outdoors than with a bit of nature touch?

Fairy Lights


Image source: modernwedding.com.au

This will especially look good during the evening. Bits and pieces of lights hanging above the celebration makes the event look grand and alive. Instead of putting spot lights for the evening, try bits and pieces of lights that can make the celebration look like a rip-off from the Lord of the Rings.

Indian Wedding Decoration Ideas

Colorful Canopy

Indian weddings are specially adorned with bright colourful shades or purple and fuchsia, making the celebration seem festive and never boring. In contrary to the western pure-white theme, Indian weddings are bound to be colourful. It’s specially a good idea to revamp the colors on the canopy that will enshroud the guests.

Flower Garlands

Again, garlands are a good idea for an Indian wedding. First, garlands can stand alone to decorate the whole event; and second, it’s alright to create flower combos as decorations. Because it is an Indian wedding, there is no such thing as “over-decoration.”

Moonbeam Purple Custom Aisle


Image source: etsy.com

A unique aspect about Indian weddings is that you get to customize the aisle that the bride will cross. Phases of the moon is a phenomena special to Indians; thus, it can make the celebration more culturally in-tact. Purple, on the other hand, is the colour of royalty. No doubt, this idea can make the wedding memorable.

Vintage Wedding Decoration Ideas

Romantic Wooden Sign Just Married


Image source: dotcomgiftshop.com

When we say vintage, we mean it. Anything old becomes the trend. This design is simple to do. The older the wooden sign may be, then the better. After all, what’s vintage without a bit of moss and mildew. Wait, forget the mildew.

Three Tier Regency Cake Stand


Image source: emzo.co.uk

If you’ve seen Hollywood films that have settings in the Victorian era, then this is idea is something like that. A vintage theme never fails without the help of ‘the’ cake stand that can make the celebration look like your grandmother’s wedding.

Wedding This Way Hanging Metal Sign


Image source: pinterest.com

This is another vintage idea that will definitely be noticeable. The guests will surely look at this sign and of course, it may help in setting the theme.

DIY Wedding Decoration Ideas

Painted Vases


Image source: stylemepretty.com

It’s best to have this decoration idea in variety of colours, because having them in a monotonous tone will make the design a little boring. This will look especially good on the tables especially if you want to use painted vases with flowers as a centrepiece instead of the traditional crystal clear vase.

Floral Centrepieces (Water with Food Colouring Inside Vases)


Image source: bloompia.com

If you haven’t heard of this decor trick before, then here’s an idiot’s guide for you. If you’re probably wondering on how to make those flowers with colored tips, then this is the simple trick. Simply, put food coloring (of your preference) in the vase filled with water where the flowers will rest. Observe the results after an hour or two.

Origami Wedding Decorations

Now, it’s the time to let out those paper folding ideas. You may also want to buy a special origami paper for this. Your guests will have fun looking at the designs that you’ve made specially for their entertainment.

Beach Wedding Decoration Ideas

Stunning Blue Seashell Bouquet


Image source: pinterest.com

You’re probably wondering – why blue? It’s the colour of the ocean. Besides, blue has a calming effect. Why seashell bouquet? It’s a beach wedding of course. The best way to wear the beach is to decorate using seashells. The guests won’t have to point out the obvious.

Coral Beach Wedding Cake


Image source: cakecentral.com

Because we can’t get enough of seashells and corals in a beach wedding, let’s do more of the obvious. The last stop: the wedding cake. But don’t underestimate this obvious cake decoration for a beach wedding. You can find great images of this on a local store and on the internet.

Hand Wired Seashells, Pearl, Starfish with Swarovski Crystals (Hair Decoration)


Image source: etsy.com

Still not enough seashells – we want to see more and this time, on the heads of the bride’s maids. If this decoration idea is done with the proper arrangement, colour combinations and design variation (seashells, pearl, starfish, crystals), it will come out beautiful. It’s also a good idea to make your bride’s maids look like a part of the decorations. And please, do not use a live starfish for this idea.

Rustic Wedding Decoration Ideas

Pretty Pomes

How do you define pretty pomes? First, if the design is made in perfect pomes; and second, if the pomes is in the right shade. If you have a classic black-and-white theme, then have the pomes in the same colour. If the theme is rustic, then have them in warm colours. Pomes, just like garlands, can also stand alone. So if you don’t have any more idea on how to decorate your rustic wedding theme, pomes is the answer.

Hanging Pinwheels


Image source: thehappyhousie.com

Who would’ve thought that you can use what have learned in your elementary art class to make rustic decorations? Pinwheels are easy to make. Moreover, they can look very decorative for a rustic themed wedding. Especially if the wedding is outdoors, just imagine how pretty this will look when a breeze approaches.

Wheat Centrepiece


Image source: ruby-weddings.co.uk

For a rustic wedding theme, flowers are overrated. Instead of having a flower centrepiece, you can surprise your guests by having a wheat centrepiece. This can especially look good because the colour palettes of wheat are not too over-powering. Imagine a wheat centrepiece on a brightly painted vase: perfect.

25 Brilliant Bridal Shower Ideas That She’ll Definitely Love!


image source :http://www.mazelmoments.com/blog/

Bridal shower ideas are all about love and bidding farewell to a person’s single life (awww) before she strides to the red carpet of match-making heaven (again, awww). A few days from now, she’ll be officially hitched. But before those final walks to single-dom, you’ll need to whip something to celebrate the last days of her single status. As her future hubby goes gaga over his own stag party, why not entertain her in her own bachelorette party, which doesn’t always come with a huge cake with a Magic Mike stripper inside. On the other hand, this can come after the bridal shower. Let’s take things in a light and soft manner first before heading on to the wild side of things. Here are a couple of bridal shower ideas to choose from. Magic Mike can wait.

Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

Luggage & Honeymoon Guidebooks


Image source: amazon.com

A new married couple may be a little awkward to talk about when and where to spend the honeymoon (including the things you can do to set the honeymoon mood). Of course, they can sort this out on their own. But every rookie needs an idiot’s guide, so here’s one for them.

Breakfast in Bed Tray and Pajamas


Image source (Pajamas): cpsc.gov (Bed Tray): amazon.com

After their marriage ceremony, expect long hours of frolicking in bed. Surely, they would want to spend a lot of time lounging around and watching television (the bills can come later) together. Something that they can make their lounging about will be most appreciated.

Champagne Glasses


Image source: amazon.com

This is a traditional romantic gift idea for a newly-wed. It’s inevitable that they might find this useful especially during the honeymoon dinner date.

Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas

Lingerie Bachelorette Party

If you want to adapt something funny and sexy without the frills for her bridal shower (to hell with magic-mike-later scheme), then this is a recommend. All of you girls can wear your favourite lingerie for the party. And yes, you may change before and after the party.

Oversized Long Stem Flower


Image source: etsy.com

A flower fit for a queen. Because this is her bridal shower, give her something that will catch the eye – a big red flower with a long stem. This is her symbol of specialty for the party. Add her to the decors.



Image source: amazon.com

Still not seeing the future bride? Well, here’s a sash to introduce her. This can go well with the oversized long stem flower.

Bridal Shower Favor Ideas

Personalized Condoms


Image source: pixelonomics.com

Don’t panic. After all, it’s a bridal shower. We all want ways to contribute to a pro-choice pregnancy. If it ain’t your time to procreate, use a contraceptive if you can’t control the raging endorphins. So we guess the chocolates have to go then.

Lip Balm


Image source: musingsofamuse.com

Beauty goodies are the most common favour to be given in bridal showers. If you don’t want something that’s too explicit like personalized condoms, here’s a cute and sweet little lip balm for the girls.

Glass Love Coasters


Image source: amazon.com

We want anything that can spread the love and that applies even on the food table. This is something that your guests can use even at home and not just for display purposes.

Bridal Shower Game Ideas

Two Truths and a Lie


Image source: listsbuzz.com

This game is simple: gather the girls and each have to think about two truths and a lie about them. On each turn, everyone has to take the centre seat and allow everyone to guess which of your statements about yourself are lies and true. It’s a race-to-guess game so the first person to speak her guess gets the point. The girl with the most points wins.

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

Divide the group into pairs. Each pair will pick a “bride” and a designer. In 20 minutes, the designer has to make a stylish wedding dress using the toilet paper. The celebrant of course has to be the judge on the winner.

How Old Was She?


Image source: pinterest.com

Simply, collect the past photos of the celebrant and post them on the wall. Give each guest a piece of paper and allow them to write down their guesses on the celebrant’s age per picture. They can do this while munching on a meal. The winner can be announced at the end of the shower.

Bridal Shower Food Ideas

Egg Salad Crostini


Image source: leafandgrain.com

The best thing about this food is that it’s not too heavy on the tummy, but just the right punch. It’s not too strong on the flavour either so your guests won’t notice if they’ve already munched on the lot on the table.

Frosted Sandwiches


Image source: myrecipes.com

Again, this food idea is as merciful on the tummy just as the egg salad crostini is. It only has a stronger flavour because it is a sandwich. But if your guests would want some punching flavours that can fuel their energy for the whole bridal shower, then here’s a sandwich for them – and it’s frosted.

Chalk-board Style Glasses


Image source: southernliving.com

No, the flavour is not chalk-board style. It only describes the design for the glass containers. The flavours can vary according to your likes. The idea of chalk-board style glasses is to literally label each drink according to their flavour so that your guests could get interested.

Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

The Yoga Shower

We all want to get her all ready for “the-moves” for the move. It’s time to relax her and stretch her stubborn ligaments and make sure that her stamina lasts for the honeymoon. If she’s also having wedding jitters, then here’s a dose of yoga-shower for her.

Bridal Shower Ideas


Source  : http://theknot.ninemsn.com.au/

The Shower Shower


Image source: karaspartyideas.com

A shower for a shower: ‘tis. Have a beach or pool bridal shower before she hits the wedding carpet. It’s perfect idea if you plan on having the bachelorette party after. After all, what’s a shower without a little water? Girls always have fun when on a swim.

Movie Starlet


Image source: bridalguide.com

This is the perfect excuse to become the goofiest and most stylish Hollywood or local actresses that you’ve dreamed of. The bride-to-be will surely have fun with this as well as the guests. This is the proper time when mimicking Jennifer Aniston’s hairstyle will not make you look like a fanatic.

Bridal Shower Cake Ideas

Wedding Dress Cake


Image source: flickr.com

At least it’s obvious that the occasion is a bridal shower, even the cake is dressed for the event. This cake style is easy to make (if you plan on having it homemade), delicious to look at and decorative for the shower.

Bridal Cake With Rose Petal Frosting


Image source: whippedbakeshop.com

This design is luscious, almost sinful, to look at. At first, you just want to head to the cake and lick the petals away, but you can’t. This is gorgeous to look at and everyone can also have their pictures taken with this artwork before the licking demoralizes the designer.

Bridezilla Mini-Cake and Cupcakes


Image source: honeyandsoy.com

If you don’t fancy on a traditional cake for a cake’s sake, then why not use cupcakes that can vary in designs and flavours? If you also have a three tier cake stand, then having these cupcakes arranged there will also make them look like cupcake heaven.

Bridal Shower Invitation Ideas

Here Comes The Bride


Image source: minkcards.com

And so, she is… but not after we do the lingerie bridal shower and make a Magic Mike star dance for us. This invitation can feature her cropped face picture on a cartoon drawing that’s holding a bouquet and wearing a gown. Truly, here’s comes the bride… but again, not after we give a shower.

Mimosas Script Bridal Shower Invitation


Image source: paperstyle.com

Looking for vintage or classic? Here’s a bridal shower invitation for you. If you’re familiar with the 80’s carnival ticket lay-outs, then the design of this invitation is also something like that. Carnival!

Chalkboard Love Bridal Shower


Image source: elli.com

This can be homemade. It’s fun to make and the best thing about it is that you can customize it. You can simply buy green chalk boards on the local store, cut them in invitation letter sizes, put them in frame and seal the writings with plastic covers.

Top 20 Wedding Theme Ideas To Try!

With the rapid advancement of technology and the constant innovations in fashion and style, there are literally thousands and thousands of wedding theme ideas to choose from. No longer are couples satisfied with the simple, formal theme of white and beige (and a touch or two of other colors). That just won’t do anymore!

When you tie the knot with the person you love, of course you’d want to make it as memorable as possible – in a good way, that is. You don’t want people to remember your big day as a catastrophe of clashing motifs and outrageous colors. Weddings should be remembered fondly so one has to be very careful in choosing the best theme that suits the happy couple. Remember, behind every successful wedding is a great wedding theme idea.

Latest Wedding Theme Ideas


Image source: weddingideas.biz

Contemporary couples prefer to go for wedding themes that will really say something about their personalities. Colorful (literally) themes and mini menus are all the rage this year. Couple also tend to celebrate their big day the way they want to, preferring to deviate from traditional practices like white wedding gowns and holding the ceremony at a church.

Vintage Wedding Theme Ideas


Image source: wedcow.com

For most, the styles of the past are considered as the most beautiful, which is probably the reason why vintage is so popular nowadays. Couples who wish to be reminded of the days gone past would be delighted to have a vintage wedding. Elegant and classy, this theme is surely a blast from the past!

Beach Theme Wedding Ideas


Image source: wmletter.net

Who doesn’t love the beach? The sun, the sea, the sand, the absolute thrill of it all – beach themed weddings are perfect for couples who love the sea with a passion or who want their wedding to be unique and breathtaking. You can get really creative with this theme. Seashells and corals are gorgeous on most of the décor and those soft beach colors are simple but very nostalgic and lovely.

Wedding Theme Ideas for Summer

wedding-theme-ideas for-summer

Image source: lovewedbliss.com

Summer is the warmest time of the year and is often the most happiest time too. Of course couples would want a summer wedding. Bold and vibrant colors are great in summer themed weddings. They’re refreshing as well as exciting! And since it’s the warmest season, outdoor venues are perfect to stay cool.

Wedding Theme Ideas for Spring

Often considered as the season of growth and change, spring weddings are symbolic of the upcoming changes the bride and the groom will soon accept as they say their vows and slip on their wedding rings. Pastel colors are recommended for this theme. Soft and delicate tones and motifs will really declare that it’s spring. Don’t forget the flowers though – lots and lots of blooming, beautiful flowers!

Winter Wedding Theme Ideas


Image source: wedsociety.com


Have you always fantasized of getting married in a winter wonderland? Well then, this theme is definitely for you! Picture it: the bride in an immaculately white gown and wrapped beautifully in fur; the groom in a classy white suit; snow softly gracing the happy couple, as if heaven was sending out its blessing. Absolutely gorgeous! With its cozy styles and elegant hues, a winter wedding is great for romantic couples.

Wedding Theme Ideas for Fall


Image source: designsnext.com

Summer has passed and winter is coming. The air is crisp with the oncoming chill, the leaves are turning gold. Autumn is an enchanting season that’s perfect for weddings. Evoke the fall theme with golden hues and warm accents and lusciously glowing fruits.

Purple Wedding Theme Ideas


Image source: gpsdecors.com

The color purple is often associated with royalty and elegance. This theme will give your wedding a sharp but delicate appeal that will be the envy of your guests. Different shades of purple should be employed for a richer theme.

Indian Wedding Theme Ideas


Image source: pinterest.com

Namaste! This theme is perfect for those who love Indian culture. This exotic theme makes use of daring color combinations. Bizarre motifs are distinctive of Indian wedding themes. Don’t forget about the traditional Indian symbols like elephants and abundant jewelry.

Black and White Wedding Theme Ideas


Image source: iweddingssss.com

For a more sophisticated wedding theme, consider going black and white. Nothing screams au courant better than the classic black and white theme. It may be simple but it’s unmistakably very stylish. Anyone can pull it off!

Butterfly Wedding Theme Ideas

butterfly-theme-ideas for-summer

Image source: pinterest.com

Butterflies are charming and beautiful creatures that are great for weddings. Regardless of their designs, be they colorful and intricate or simple and classic, butterflies are loved by everyone and are fairly easy to put together. Butterfly invitations, butterfly table decors, butterfly candles – they are beautiful wherever they flutter!

Country Wedding Theme Ideas


Image source: bashcorner.com

If you adore the simplicity of country life, this theme is for you. Earthy palettes and homey flavors, country themes will make your guests feel relaxed and comfortable. This theme is perfect if you’re looking to have a very refreshing and charming wedding.

Blue Wedding Theme Ideas


Image source: maharaniweddings.com

The color blue is very fresh and cool. It’s modest but, if put together right, makes any wedding distinguished. Blue is easy on the eyes and is a favorite of most so you can’t go wrong with this theme.

Beauty and the Beast Wedding Theme Ideas

Are you a Disney girl at heart? Always dreamt of a magical wedding? Get inspired by one of the most romantic classical stories of all time. Think of golden and elaborate designs reminiscent of the Renaissance era. Consider adding Belle’s favorite things, like books, as ornaments or favors or invitations. And, of course, let’s not forget the roses! Red

Cinderella Wedding Theme Ideas


Image source: beyondsignatures.com

If you’ve always fantasized of having a fairytale wedding (complete with your own Prince Charming), a Cinderella theme is just perfect for you. Grand wedding decorations, a horse-drawn carriage, a beautiful ball gown – it will be a dream come true. You don’t have to worry about Cinderella’s midnight curfew though. Your wedding might be magical but it won’t wear off at the stroke of midnight. It’s all real.

Western Wedding Theme Ideas


Image source: weddingfanatic.com

Going for a western theme will give your wedding a very rustic charm. This theme is simple and relaxed. Your bride can walk down the aisle in cowgirl boots, or your guests can wear cowboy hats, or you can even have an old fashioned barbeque. Be creative, partner!

Romantic Wedding Theme Ideas


Image source: weddingnya.com

By definition, weddings should be a romantic event. Whether the couple prefers a classic romantic wedding or a more unconventional romantic wedding, a couple’s wedding day is the dreamiest day of their lives. It’s the day their love is united for good, after all.

Nautical Wedding Theme Ideas


Image source: weddingelation.com

For couples with a love affair with the sea, a nautical wedding theme will definitely suit them. Navy colors like blue and white will set the ambience. It’s also a good idea to have your wedding somewhere near the sea. Better yet, if you really want to make a statement, celebrate your big day on a boat! Tie the knots with actual knots and drop the anchor because your love isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

Alice in Wonderland Wedding Theme Ideas


Image source: bronzebudgetbride.com

Charmingly surreal and beautifully extraordinary, having your wedding held in a wonderland will make your guests go mad – not mad as a hatter, hopefully. Think of eccentric motifs and top hats and rabbits and coattails. Be as whimsy as you want!

Garden Wedding Theme Ideas


Image source: galswedding.com

Breathtaking flowers and a serene background – just the thing for garden weddings! This theme is both romantic and casual, classy and relaxed. The fresh air blowing on your face, the cool grass cozy on your feet, garden themed wedding are perfect for romantic brides who haven’t given up on their own fairytale happy ending.

24 Stunning and Must-Try Wedding Hairstyles Ideas For Brides

One of the main things that all brides stress out over when planning her big day is getting the perfect wedding hairstyle. With all eyes on you, you’ll want to look perfect from head to toe. Details are everything! Too true when it comes to one of the biggest events of your life. Nothing accentuates a bride’s wedding gown than their hair.

Pick the wedding hairstyle that embraces your personal style and features. Get a do that will show the world that you’re ready to say “I do!”. Whether you choose the classic updo or opt for loose tresses cascading down your shoulders, wedding hairstyles are as diverse and distinguished as the brides that wear them.

Latest Wedding Hairstyles


Image source: blockrogue.com

Dreamy and elaborate updos are in style nowadays, a modern twist to a lovable classic. Curls have been getting a lot of attention lately too. Look beautiful and angelic with lovely waves flowing down your back. Braids are also back on the trend, perfect for a more relaxed but avant-garde feel.

Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair


Image source: weddingshome.com

Women with long hair have a great advantage when it comes to hairstyles – their choices are significantly greater than those with short hair. They’ll be able to mix and match different styles, try out all sorts of trimmings, and be as creative as they want with their hair. Look like a princess with wavy locks decorated with flowers and buds. Feel like a fairy with ethereal tresses pinned up delicately behind or on one side of your head. Make those features stand out with a gorgeous bun or with a low French braid.

Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair


Image source: short-haircut.com

However, short-haired beauties will look just as stunning on their wedding day with the perfect hairdo. Bouncy waves and cutesy curls will give the bride a sophisticated, chic look. Blowing and teasing out your lob or pixie will give you that messy but fabulous appeal. It’s also a good idea to pay attention to your bangs. Hair accessories are great for subtly accentuating your pretty tresses.

Wedding Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair


Image source: at-haircare.com

Mid-length hair is great in layers. You’ll look cool and refreshing with layered hair, perfect for summer weddings. If you want to add a dash of elegance, try giving your hair light curls at the tips or pinning on some stylish clips.

Wedding Hairstyles for Shoulder Length Hair


Image source: hairnext.com

Look stunning in a twisted bun garnished with delicate swirls. Intricate braids are also great if you’re the daring type who’d like a more zesty look. Soft curls and floral clips are also in fashion and are great for those with shoulder length hair.

Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyles

With its rising popularity, the half up and half down style is great for those who can’t decide whether they want to look prettily prim or confidently casual. Ideal for those with lengthy hair or those who want to feel like royalty. This style can dazzle anyone.

Indian Wedding Hairstyles


Image source: indianbeauty.tips

Whether you’re Indian or an enthusiast of the striking fashion of India, this style is sleek and glamorous and perfect for your wedding. Traditionally, Indian brides put up their hair in a clean bun touched up with accessories. They go for voluminous hairstyles that harmonizes with the bride’s personality and features. And don’t forget those jewelries!

Wedding Hairstyles Updos


Image source: starhairstyles.us

Probably the most formal style around, updos are great for looking dignified and prepared. There are different variations to choose from with this style. For a neater look, the slicked back updo would be great for you. But if you prefer to look more natural and outgoing, the gently tousled bun would be better. Plates and waves are also great with this style.

Vintage Wedding Hairstyles


Image source: cuded.com

Vintage hairstyles will never get old. They’re timeless and breathtaking, just perfect for brides looking for a more unconventional glam. The thing to pay attention to if you want to go for the vintage look is your hair’s volume. Puffy curls or blown buns are examples of vintage hairstyles. Adding some texture will also give your hair some flair.

Beach Wedding Hairstyles


Image source: dailyhairstyles.net

Beach weddings mean that your hair has to endure the sun and the salty air. The simple but sassy ponytail is a great option if you want to keep your hair at bay while still looking fabulous. Embellished braids are also stunning as well as undeniably gorgeous for perky brides.

Wedding Hairstyles with Veil


Image source: firstwedd.com

A simple bun or chignon can make any boring veil extraordinary. The veil will be complimented better if you keep your hair styled up. A tasteful selection of accessories and fascinators will do your veil wonders.

Wedding Hairstyles for Black Women


Image source: behairstyles.com

Black women often have naturally thick and textured hair. Sweeping your hair back will enhance your facial features wonderfully. Walk down the aisle in style with a glamorous pompadour that will make you the envy of women. Floral accents are recommended for a softer, ethereal look.

Curly Wedding Hairstyles

Who doesn’t want to have to die for curls on their wedding day? This style is great for all lengths of hair. Soft and loose spirals give brides a flirty delicate look. Closer curls are more romantic and chic.

Wedding Guest Hairstyles


Image source: hairtipsglobal.com

Of course guests have to look glamorous too. However, you might want to amp down on the glam on wedding ceremonies. You’ll want to look stylish without upstaging the bride. Go for cute but simple hairstyles that will harmonize with the theme of the wedding.

Braided Wedding Hairstyles


Image source: amercal.com

Fans of braids and plaits rejoice! Braids are gaining popularity in the bridal scene once more. This style looks great on anyone and can be personalized in numerous ways. You can have a braided updo or a low side fishtail or an embellished French braid. Get creative and start braidstorming for ideas!

Simple Wedding Hairstyles


Image source: summerweddingtips.com

The humble side ponytail is simple yet effective. It gives the bride a down-to-earth appeal. Letting your hair hang loose with a few sprits of mouse or hair spray to puff up those locks is sexy and casual. And curls are always a good idea.

Celebrity Wedding Hairstyles


Image source: brides.com

Celebrities are often our fashion heroes. Kate Middleton is practically a deity when it comes to perfect weddings. Get inspired by fashion divas like Beyonce or Rachel McAdams and flaunt your locks like a star. Just remember to embrace your own unique characteristics and add your own personal touches.

Wedding Hairstyles for Bridesmaids


Image source: wedding-hair.org

Bridesmaids have to compliment the bride’s beauty. They need to have hair that coordinates with the bride’s. Showy hairstyles should be minimized because all attention should be on the bride. Softer styles are recommended.

Wedding Hairstyles with Flowers


Image source: dicandiafashion.com

Weddings and flowers go hand in hand. The blooming bride needs blooming blossoms. A large flower headpiece should be preceded with caution. You need to wear it somewhere where it doesn’t obstruct your face or your hair but balances with everything. Little flower pins should also be strategically placed. They should enhance your do, not overpower it.

Romantic Wedding Hairstyles


Image source: victorhugohair.com

Your groom will be speechless when he turns around and sees your perfection in a dreamy and out of this world hairstyle. Casual, loose tresses will make you glow and will amp up the romance in your wedding. Chignons are perfect for achieving that elegant but genial look that all brides aim for. Your man will find it impossible to tear his gaze away from you with hairstyles like these.

Side Wedding Hairstyles

For stylish brides who want to look classy but bohemian. Be trendy with a side bun that will make the crowd go wow. Or consider the sexy side part and walk down the aisle like celebrity. Or how about the fearless side updo, perfect for brides who will take over the dance floor after the ceremony.

Elegant Wedding Hairstyles


Image source: pinterest.com

Putting your hair up gives off the air of sophistication. However, letting your hair flow freely also shows off your graceful, chic side. You’ll want to make sure that your hair won’t go wild on your wedding day though so hair accessories are a must.

Wedding Hairstyles with Tiara


Image source: pinterest.com

Feel like a princess with a tiara adorned on your hair. It not only keeps your hair in place but also gives you a regal appearance. You’ll sparkle twice as much with a tiara!

Wedding Hairstyles with Bangs

Bangs can really make a difference. Take into careful consideration how you want to style your bangs. You can puff it out if you’re going for something retro and cool. Or you can sweep it to one side if you’re going for a more conventional but cute look.

22 Wedding Cake Ideas and Wedding Cake Designs with Pictures

Wedding cakes are an important aspect in the celebration that ties two people’s commitments forever. Today, you may find different kinds of cake designs that are intended not just for eating but for artwork’s sake. It’s a fact in the development of leisure and lifestyle that food technology has also been mixed with today’s yolk of arts. After the wedding ceremony and the reception proper, we head to the most crucial part for our taste palettes: the cake. We can’t deny that the cake for the occasion has a very meaningful spot; otherwise, we wouldn’t take pictures of the newly-weds as they spoon-feed each other with slices from the cake.

In times like these, we need a cake that will not only satisfy our craving for sweets that can match the occasion. We need a pretty darn good cake that is also picture perfect and palette satisfying. We need a wedding cake that can make the church bells ring for the second time around.

Cupcake Wedding Cakes


Image source: weddingsofjoy.com

This type of cake is usually preferred in you don’t want a dashing three-layered heaven that can occupy a lot of space in the food table but can’t be as thrilling as you want it to be. When the guests finally will have a taste of the wedding cake, they can dig in into separate cupcakes that make up your cake. Having a cupcake cake resting on a three tier cake stand adds a little excitement to the guests

Simple Wedding Cakes

Usually when we mean a simple wedding cake we mean something that doesn’t have to be a three-layered multi-coloured architecture that can over-power the buffet. Sometimes, wedding cakes can be as simple as having only one layer with only two to three colour-combinations (usually, white is the main coating) and with a single flavour to topple it with.

Amazing Wedding Cakes


Image source: weheartit.com

Aside from having a reality show that is entitled as Amazing Wedding Cakes, this idea basically gives a hint that the cakes have to wander away from the ordinary abstract arrangements of putting together a some slabs and decorating them customarily. These are the type of wedding cakes that try to paint an image for the on-lookers. Some examples are castle cakes and three-storey lace cakes.

Square Wedding Cakes


Image source: pinterest.com

These types are easier to decorate in abstract form compared to the customary round shaped because the edges help in dictating more precision and angles. For more, some prefer having square cakes rather than the round counterpart because the first is easier to distribute in cuts to the guests compared to the latter.

Vintage Wedding Cakes


Image source: weddingindream.com

When we say vintage, this theme points in using designs straights from our grandparents’ closets: laces, ribbons and floral. This idea applies even in having a vintage-inspired wedding cake that makes use of intricate vintage touches – floral and lace patterns that gives a sense of traditional but classy feel.

Mexican Wedding Cakes


Image source: cakecentral.com

This is a different kind of wedding cake, that when you search it on the internet you’ll find small round pieces of bread-like and cookie-like images that are toppled with confectioner’s sugar. This goes by many names such as Russian Tea Cake and Italian Butter Nut because of the ingredients and flavour inside – crunchy butter-flavoured balls with minced peanuts.

Black and White Wedding Cakes


Image source: hotweddingcakes.com

This is a contemporary wedding cake idea that tries to mix the modern wedding cake with the traditional white. Since the bride and the groom are also draped in black and white wedding outfits, the cake should also follow suit. The design can be in stripes or in checkers (but this is rarely adapted). Some makes use of the colour black to make a ribbon that embraces a pure white cake.

Fall Wedding Cakes


Image source: trusted-host.com

This time of cake is autumn-inspired. The most common designs you can see with this is autumn-leaves inspired. For this one, more earthy colours such as dark green, brown and dark orange are used in order to make the autumn feel. The idea is to make the cake look as if it’s been under an autumn tree for a long time, that the leaves have managed to land on its sweet persona.

Purple Wedding Cakes

As the name goes, the cake is dominantly purple – but of course, the colour is stretched with additional colors that can complement the purple shade and usually, the purple is does not overpower the rest of the additional colours. The function of the supplementary colours, usually black, blue or white, is to balance the combination and lessen the overly purple look.

Elegant Wedding Cakes


Image source: weddingwire.com


Sometimes, the lesser the details the more elegant a cake may look and this holds true. Some of the most elegant-looking cakes have less colour combinations – usually they are only in white and black themes – and have a minimalist design. In this case, some elegant wedding cakes are chiffon-inspired and lace-inspired.

Cheap Wedding Cakes


Image source: serengeticom.com

Who would’ve known that cheap wedding cakes can also come as elegant as competing wedding cakes? If you think that being cheap means cutting the colour combinations and patterns in the cake, well it’s a false idea because you won’t really notice the price tag once the finished product is already there. But just to sure you are on the budget-easy track, you can have accomplish wedding cakes by adapting a traditional white chiffon design or a square floral-inspired that only does with two colours.

Rustic Wedding Cakes


Image source: cakecentral.com

Put rust, wood, orchid and cake in one mix and what do you get? A rustic wedding cake: most designs have common themes that draw the design closer to nature. Some designs may have a wood-inspired theme, having a third layer imitating wood with a natural orchid to topple the top-most layer.

Beach Wedding Cakes


Image source: cakeswebake.com

This is also similar to underwater / under-the-sea / mermaid wedding cakes – as there are similarities with the designs and colour combinations: sea shells, pearl, corals in blue or aquamarine cake colour idea. Ideally, this cake is supposed to share a sense of “ocean” feel. The cake colour may vary, but to make the cake beach-inspired, the starfish, sea shell, coral and pearl never disappears.

Small Wedding Cakes


Image source: cakecentral.com

As the saying goes, big things come in small packages. This is particular kind of wedding cake is preferred if the newly-weds would want the wedding cake to be theirs alone. Of course the guests could dig in a different type. Small wedding cakes, because of the limited perimeter, have the chance to be playful with the shapes – some may have heart shapes.

Chocolate Wedding Cakes


Image source: mainwedding.com

Traditionally, wedding cakes are supposed to be white and vanilla-inspired for that matter that it would seem as if having a chocolate wedding cake would be the greatest violation in the tradition. But actually, this cake theme can work in some aspect especially with the exquisite and special designs if your guests would fancy a chocolate cake instead of a plain vanilla one.

Modern Wedding Cakes


Image source: comebg.com

We are trying to think out of the cake box when we say “modern,” and this holds true in the concepts. Some cake designs have the biggest layer on top, while having the smallest underneath. A rectangular wedding cake may be aligned in a lopsided manner to make it look more post-modern.

White Wedding Cakes


Image source: galswedding.com

In the presence of a chocolate-inspired cake, there is also a white wedding cake to counter it with. And true enough, the traditional wedding cake is white because this symbolizes purity and holiness. In a couple would want a traditional wedding theme, white wedding cakes are still the most preferred.

Camo Wedding Cakes


Image source: theweddinghouse.info

Who would’ve thought that the idea of camouflage will apply even to a wedding cake? This concept works best for nature lovers and environmentalists. This can give the occasion more identity. Some designs feature the colour combination that imitates the environmental or earthy colours and some would have imitations of fallen leaves.

Winter Wedding Cakes


Image source: pinterest.com

The main identity of a winter cake will be the decorations, minimal or not, on it because the adapted colour will still be white; thus, it will be hard to distinguish it from the rest unless the decorations will stand out. Usually, a winter cake has decorations such as snowflakes, real pine cones and snowman.

Traditional Wedding Cakes


Image source: galswedding.com

White, floral, lace with a touch of vintage is the traditional images of a wedding cake. The point of this type is to set the mood in the celebration. Usually, the layers are in multiple with an ceramic image of the newly-wed at the top-most layer.

Western Wedding Cakes


Image source: weddingcakesidea.com

These types are usually inspired by the wild west stereotype, so you’ll see a couple of cakes like this that are inspired by cow hair colours, ropes, cowboy and barns. The perfect combination of a cake for this theme is chocolate, now this is an example of a theme that works better with a chocolate cake than with a plain one.

Funny Wedding Cakes


Image source: 9gag.com

The point of this kind of wedding cake is the message, which highly-depends on the ceramic designs or hardened frosting drawing. This is meant to put a little humour on the event and will make the cake even more entertaining. Some design will show a ceramic image of the couple dragging each other or sleeping the booze off at the top-most layer.

20 Lovely Bridal Shower Invitation Ideas

bridal-shower-invitationsWhat better way to start your party right than with the perfect bridal shower invitation? Rooted from traditional dowry practices, bridal showers are centered all around the bride-to-be and what the future holds for the lucky gal. Gifts are given, advices shared, stories told, the future bride is celebrated by her closest friends and loved ones. Bridal showers are the perfect time to not only bond with her girl friends, but also the time to really find out what married life is all about. Before you tie the knot and get your well-deserved happy ending, you have to be prepared for the changes that are in store for you.

Bridal showers are often spontaneous and casual so formal invitations aren’t particularly observed. However, invitations can give any gathering a certain specialness. It makes the party more genuine and sentimental. For romantic brides willing to make sure that her first step to happy ever after won’t be stingy, bridal shower invitations are of vital importance.

Cheap Bridal Shower Invitations

Image: Pinterest

Image: Pinterest

Saving up for the big wedding? Don’t worry! You won’t have to sacrifice your personal taste and style on your invites. There are plenty of lovely and affordable bridal shower invitations out there. Their modest designs and clean appearance are great for any kind of party.

Free Printable Bridal Shower Invitations

Image: Source

Image: Source

Customize your own invites! You can find hundreds of easy to personalize bridal shower invitation templates online. Just add your unique tweaks and print! It’s that easy.

Inexpensive Bridal Shower Invitations

Image: Etsy

Image: Etsy

You don’t need to spend much on your invitations. Shops across the country offer a wide variety of inexpensive yet enchanting bridal shower invitations. But if you really want to save, consider making your own invitations. They won’t cost much and will do the job better than store-bought invites.

Vintage Bridal Shower Invitations

With their enduring appeal and meticulous details, vintage bridal shower invitations are great for stylish brides with a penchant for classic style. Their elegant curves and sophisticated icons will surely impress your guests. They’ll be dying to go to your shower.

DIY Bridal Shower Invitations


Image: Etsy

It’s unarguable that the best way to really make your invites more personal is to make them yourself. Get your creative juices flowing and design your own invitations. You don’t need to have Picasso’s eye for detail or van Gogh’s ingenuity to wow your guests. Your invites should reflect your personal style.

Tea Party Bridal Shower Invitations

Image" Source

Image” Source

Whether you’re hosting a tea party or a fan of the delectable brew, this theme is perfect for that graceful look. Teas are calm and refined drinks that will ultimately show your guests just how stylish and elegant you are. Warm up your guests with a cup of tea!

Around the Clock Bridal Shower Invitations

Image: Source

Image: Source

Can’t wait for the big day? Start counting down the days and hours and seconds to the bride-to-be’s wedding day with an around the clock themed party. Guests will love it and will want to keep their invites around even when the party’s over!

Unique Bridal Shower Invitations

Image: Source

Image: Source

Showcase the bride’s individuality with an invitation that stands out. Experiment with the invitations texture by adding glitter or sequins or other trinkets that will really impress your guests. Try out daring designs and bold colors to make the invites as unique as the bride-to-be.

Fall Bridal Shower Invitations

Image: Source

Image: Source

What’s more romantic than the stoic colors and chilly atmosphere of autumn? Shades of oranges and grays and reds can give any invite that fall theme. Fall is a season of maturity. Gals ready to settle down (but not slow down) will love this theme.

Homemade Bridal Shower Invitations

Image: Source

Image: Source

Generic invitations aren’t nearly as cozy as homemade ones. Invites made at home are special. It makes your guests feel more welcome and loved.

Purple Bridal Shower Invitations

Image: Pinterest

Image: Pinterest

For that majestic look that screams sophistication, going purple is the way to go. Ladylike but not at the risk of looking commonplace, purple is the perfect color for those who want a chic but not over the top invite. Make your invitation classy and sassy with this design.

Country Bridal Shower Invitations

Image: Source

Image: Source

Are you a country mouse? Charm your guests with a snug and comfy country theme! Give them a taste of country life with natural colors like green and yellow and ornate but gentle patterns and frames. Yee haw!

Peacock Bridal Shower Invitations

Image: Pinterest

Image: Pinterest

Peacocks are showy birds with brilliantly colored fan-shaped tails. These birds like to show off their extravagantly patterned tails to impress. Their flagrant design will make your invites pop and snap! A great way to show your guests that you mean business.

Couples Bridal Shower Invitations

Don’t forget, the groom is getting married too! Celebrate his and her upcoming wedding and send out couples bridal shower invitations. A silhouette of a romantic couple, a pair of lovebirds, twin wine glasses – these are just a few ideas of what you can have on your invitations. You can even take a step further by adding in the bride’s and the groom’s personal style, blended tastefully, of course.

African American Bridal Shower Invitations


Image: Source

Image: Source

Fun and feisty brides deserve invitations that speak their personality. Go for bubbly colors and cute designs for playful gals. But for classier brides, elegant tones and stylish patterns are recommended.

Sunflower Bridal Shower Invitations

Image: Etsy

Image: Etsy

Dazzle your guests with this intense design. Sunflowers are known for their bright yellow petals and warm appeal. Your invites will have that heartfelt charm that comes naturally to sunflowers.

Nautical Bridal Shower Invitations

Image: Etsy

Image: Etsy

For gals who can’t get enough of the brilliant, blue sea. Welcome your guests aboard with a nautical themed invitation! They’ll love to be part of your exciting voyage to happiness.

Wine Themed Bridal Shower Invitations

Image: Source

Image: Source

Wine connoisseur or not, this style will definitely give your invitation a sweet and scrumptious taste. The smooth red color and curvy wine glass are lovely sights to behold for wine lovers. Mouths will water with this theme.

Western Bridal Shower Invitations

Image: Etsy

Image: Etsy

Take a trip to the wild, wild west! Cowboys and lassos and boots and hoedowns – who doesn’t love the lively west? Indulge your gal pals with this fun and cool theme.

Black and White Bridal Shower Invitations

Image: Source

Image: Source

Very stylish yet simple. This gorgeous theme is perfect for elegant ladies who like the clean-cut look. Black and white is a classic that will never get old.

15 Creative Wedding Favor Ideas

Tying the knot is always completed by a group of loved ones and friends attending as witnesses to the celebration of marriage. Their presence is an integral part not only in rejoicing, but in attesting to the love expressed, and the vows exchanged by newlyweds. Guests form a huge part of all nuptial preparations, no matter how small they come in numbers.

Of friends and flowers, a wedding is a day of happy and beautiful things. Extending gratitude to wedding attendees is done mostly by verbally thanking them during reception speeches. Traditionally, however, it is also gestured by giving tokens of appreciation or souvenirs. In addition, they would be a good reminder of that day of unison, the start of forever.


Source: etsy.com

This wedding memento is not just personal for being handmade, but is also very unique and tasteful – literally. Coffee never goes out of fashion. Wrapped in a beautiful paper packet and bound by a string, twine, or ribbon or choice, these coffee beans surely will make any guest perked up with excitement.

Preparing wedding favors does not require spending too much to me memorable. This homemade souvenir suggestion is simple but iconic – and drinkable. A mixture of lemon juice and vodka on a pretty clear jar is both appealing to the eye, and quenching.

Cap your wedding celebration by giving your guests this very classy token. An antique, old-fashion styled key would be remindful of a large mansion or castle. A symbol of a fairytale-like wedding. It can also be used as a bottle opener. A symbol of merriment. Just add a thank you tag and you will be thanked in return.

The most remembered gifts are those which can actually be used. These personalized water bottles are not just unique wedding favors. They are also very useful. They may come in a classic variety of silver or white. Have them printed with you and your spouse’s initials, plus the wedding date, and all that is lacking are the thank you tags to go with them.

Your wedding keepsakes may be uniform in material but each guest will receive a 4-letter message apart from the rest in this Scrabble-tiles wedding favor idea. Just glue each tile with a magnet and have the letters stick in a tin container. There will certainly a buzz from comparing guests. The day ends up poetically.

Spread the love and the sweetness of your wedding day by giving your guests edible remembrances. This idea is a cool layering of sugar, cocoa powder, powdered milk and salt in a clear pint-sized jar. Before capping, add crushed peppermint candies and marshmallows. Supply with ribbons and tags of choice. No guest would not smile in this token of appreciation.

Source: Evermine

Source: Evermine

“Sugar, spice and everything nice” literally comes in these bottled wedding favors. For “sugar and spice,” a bottle can be filled with a sweet and spicy rub while you can use curry for the “everything nice” bottle. Two bottles of flavorful and colorful spices, boxed together, designed, and tagged for each guest.

This wedding favor idea is definitive of how grateful you are to your guests. A labor of love, they are of classic and elegant quality. Porcelain is always precious. Especially if made out of scratch. They can be personalized my metallic ink and stamps and may be pierced for a ribbon to hang it with.

These boxes of souvenirs contain both elegance and fragrance. It makes use of the grand peacock feathers and personally-made soap. House them on boxes of same stylishness and adorn them further with studs and ribbons, and you guests will surely not forget your wedding.

This organic idea of a wedding favor is very colorful, inexpensive, and easy to do. Birdseeds give a rustic palette of colors. Mix them together with binding agents of flour, water, gelatin, and corn syrup. Mold them in heart-shaped cookie cutters and you are ready to let dry your one-of-a-kind wedding favor.


Source: elli.com

Ignite fire on your wedding favors by giving out matches labeled personally. Theming on chalkboards, you may circle on them when printing out your designs. Being the “perfect match” that you and your spouse are, these keepsakes will definitely make your guests smile.


Source: showcse.com

You can handmade your wedding favors by preparing bath soaps. Lavish and fragrant as they are, satin ribbons tying them steps it up further. Tags, twines, and other decorative add-ons can set the theme similar to the rest of your wedding.

Stuff your favor boxes with covered almonds. This wedding favor makes uniform colors for the boxes and the almonds depending on your motif. Not just pleasant to the eyes, these edible goodies will surely be a hit to your guests. Bind them with sailor strings where you can hang your thank you tags.

On your wedding, you may give out mini wine bottles. They may represent your love growing only sweeter with age. You may personalize them by labeling them with your lovely couple photos captioned with the date of your wedding or any message you wish to extend to your guests.

Message in a bottle is what this wedding favor is all about. But the message is actually on the tequila bottle, not inside it. You may commission bottle printing services with thank you messages and designs of choice. Seal it up with cork and embellish it with a ribbon that suits your motif.

13 Homemade Wedding Favor Ideas To Personalize Your Favors!

The “wedding somethings” of old, new, borrowed, and blue can also be applicable in coming up with great wedding favors. “Something old” can be a classic giveaway symbolic to the love of the newlyweds. “Something borrowed” can be keepsake ideas of others, tweaked a little for personalization and variety. Depending on the motif, they can definitely be “something blue.” The following wedding favor plans will definitely give something new.

This simple wedding favor idea makes use of Coca-Cola bottles (with contents). Simple, sweet, inexpensive, but very unique, these giveaways are adorned with red ribbons, red-and-white striped straws, and “cheers” tags. Definitely a sweet household treat your guests would love to have anytime.


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This is a very cute and delicious wedding favor idea. All that is needed to be done are baking and stacking. Bake cookies the shape of buttons (with holes). Pile them up and bind them together by letting a ribbon sew through the button holes. This is a thoughtful treat to grace your wedding day.

Silverwares can be good wedding favors. Using measuring spoons the shape of hearts, your gratitude to your guests for their presence can never be measured. So is your love for your better half. Keep them on their box and add tags with messages suitable to the occasion. And every guest will go home with a beautiful wedding favor which is also very useful.


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Classic, fragrant, and useful (in its nature or as a decoration), these candle wedding favors are hard to ignore. They come in transparent so a flower inside can be a beautiful addition. You may house them on a glass-like clear plastic box. All that is left to be done are knotting a ribbon and attaching tags.

Share your most favorite recipes as a couple to your guests by giving recipe books as wedding favors. You may design your own cover by layouting it with a couple picture and the date of your nuptials, and other relevant captions. You are spreading the love through the dishes you enjoyed together.

Coaster can make great wedding favors. Simple but decorative and useful, they also come with statements. And they are not hard to find. You may personalize them by adding laces, ribbons, and tags where your thanksgiving remarks are written.

These silver place card holders are screaming LOVE. The perfect word to summarize your perfect wedding day. You may make use of them as wedding favors by holding a card indicating table assignments for each guest. That way, it becomes extra personal.

A cool wedding favor can come in the form of a wooden spoon. Classic, iconic, and actually useful, wooden spoons even are not hard to find and not tedious to craft with. Wrap them with a ribbon of preference and a tag and you have a souvenir dear to everyone.

Here is a great idea for a wedding favor. It is unique because it is a living souvenir. A small plant. You may choose from aloe vera to basil and lavenders, there is quite a wide array of pot plants. They are only sure to grow as your marriage progresses. Don’t foget to label them up, so your guests would know which date their garden has start.

There are definitely strings attached in this milestone event. And that can be perfectly symbolized by your wedding favors of strings. These colorful string bracelets would really be remindful of your wedding day. Since they come in different colors, delegate to your guests the act of choosing what they prefer. You can set up a wedding favors nook in this regard.

If you want a unique wedding favor which is depictive of your wedding, you may consider these wine bottle stoppers. They are household useful, and their designs are a groom’s tuxedo and a bride’s wedding gown. You may sort them into the gender of your guests. A sure smile bringer.


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Sunglasses are great wedding favors. That is something new and functional especially on a midday garden or beach wedding. If that’s the case, party favors should be handed on the first part of the celebration. The uniformity in your guests would also look good in pictures.


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A box of sweet meringue can make a good wedding favor. It is summarily descriptive of how a wedding should be – sweet, colorful, and well-prepared. You may choose colors according to your motif, and what could be complementary to your box, ribbon, and tag. Newlyweds may surely melt with overwhelming love on their wedding day, but at least their sweet, edible party favors do not.